Rumor – Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered Can Be Pre-Ordered At UK Retailer

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It appears that the Mass Effect Trilogy Remaster has the ability to be pre- purchased at UK Retailer Game according to a new Reddit post.

Waymantis on Reddit has actually apparently had the ability to pre- order the game at his regional GAME store after several reports emerged over the past couple of days that it was available on theirsystem And, sure enough, he had the ability to pre- order a game with N7 in its title. ‘DEP’ stands for deposit. The URL for this listing on GAME’s official website also causes an error page, recommending it isn’t live today.

This follows an image was found with GAME internally describing the trilogy as‘N7’ That image also offers the release date as September 29, however we are less positive in that holding true currently, with the trilogy potentially being postponed.


This is definitely intriguing and you should not take the release date as aguarantee The fact that the exact same listing can be found both online and in-store recommends that we may be getting an announcement at some point soon, perhaps at Gamescom at the end of the month. A new art book for the games is set to be released and relatively distributed the trilogy’s presence.

The Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is expected to release on PS4 before April 2021.

Source– [Reddit]

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