Dauntless Update 1.34 Patch Notes Confirmed

The Dauntless update 1.34 patch notes have actually been confirmed today by Phoenix Labs, which is now available to download for PS4, PC and Xbox One. Get the full information on the Dauntless patch notes below.

Dauntless Update 1.34 Patch Notes


  • Camera distance is now configurable.
  • Camera view is now more constant.
  • Vertical FOV is now fixed, making the horizontal FOV auto- change when altering the screen element ratio. A larger screen now just suggests having the ability to see more on either side of you.
  • Reduced the amount the FOV can be changed to 75-85 °,(*********************************************************************** )from 35-120 °, preventing fisheye.
  • Camera distance and FOV sliders are now available on consoles.


  • You can now connect with the portal driver to view the new Ramsgate cutscene.



  • Reduced the knockback on Lesser Leviathan attacks.
  • Reduced the amount of damage it requires to stagger Lesser Behemoths.



  • Fixed a bug that prevented The Hunger from producing Special meter while in Overdrive.
  • When using the sword,

  • Fixed an unusual crash that might occur.


  • Full-Bore Chamber’s projectiles no longer deal damage constantly after striking a leviathan or the ground.
  • When using the Full-Bore or Salvo chamber,

  • Fixed a bug that might cause a crash.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented buffering of inputs during the uppercut combination.



  • It’s now easier to browse the cell list with a controller.
  • When communicating with weapons in the Training Premises or with vistas,

  • Removed the bending animations.
  • Reduced the range at which you can activate the ram-headbutting animation.
  • Presented numerous enhancements to localized text to avoid it from overlapping or leaving its UI aspects.
  • Removed tooltips from the character creator.



  • Activating Gush Shield on a player who already has a shield now properly uses the shield.
  • Fixed a bug where Hunt Pass bonus loot wasn’t being dispersed at the end of a hunt.
  • Fixed an area where it was possible to get stuck on the cavern island.
  • Fixed a bug that might cause aether vents to appear interactable regardless of being diminished.
  • Fixed a bug that caused other players to render inadequately at long distance while using emotes.


  • Fixed a bug where crowns may not be revealed after altering circumstances.
  • Fixed a bug that might often cause beards to be the wrong colour.
  • The music for the “Dance Crazed” emote no longer continues playing after the emote ends.
  • The paneled lantern skin’s textures are no longer brighter than planned.
  • Fixed a bug that might cause your head to vibrate.


  • Fixed a bug that prevented quest and bounty progress from showing at the end of a hunt.
  • Fixed a bug where obstructing somebody didn’t eliminate party invites from them.
  • When browsing the Journal,

  • Fixed a bug where the background emphasize didn’t follow the mouse cursor.
  • Fixed a bug that let you choose weapons from the armour selection screen.
  • Fixed a bug where acquiring a flare or banner material from the Character menu didn’t clear the lock icon.
  • Fixed a bug where going to the next Journal entry may not properly reset your scroll bar.
  • When using a keyboard to browse,

  • Main menu tabs no longer remain highlighted.
  • Fixed a bug that caused loadout options to remain highlighted after altering screens.
  • When you complete the Hunt Pass introduction quest,

  • The Vault tutorial slate no longer shows.
  • When quickly altering screens,

  • Fixed a bug that might cause the background of the main menu to vanish.
  • Fixed a bug where Thrax weapon mastery icons were shown as Torgadoro weapons.
  • Fixed a bug that might cause the Berzerker Vision radiant eyes to appear in the background of the main menu.
  • Fixed the positioning of various UI aspects and icons.


  • Improved armour clipping on Trainer Rosk at the Training Premises.
  • Xelya’s pendant no longer breaks as she moves.
  • When seen from a distance,

  • Improved Xelya’s armour.

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