Devious Dungeon Collection Is Now Available For Xbox One

Devious Dungeon:.

Under orders by the King, players presume the control of a Knight advised to head into the catacombs underneath the Kingdom, to slay the fowl monsters and monstrosities that have actually gotten into the dirty depths.

You should venture deep within the dungeons getting rid of the danger!
Slay monsters, gather loot, level up and update yourgear
Just a true champ will be triumphant!

* Level randomization.
* 5 worlds.
* 68 levels.
* Slay monsters and gather loot!
* Lots of weapons andgear
* RPG styled upgrades.
* Boss Battles.
* Missionsystem
* Accomplishments.

Devious Dungeon 2:.

It is stated that great experiences wait for behind the walls of this dark castle, Devious Dungeon 2 is a middle ages concentrated action platformer title.
The castles ever moving halls are filled with deadly monsters! Treacherous traps have actually declared the lives of lots of travelers! It is rumoured the castle consists of treasures beyondimagination
It is also the domain of The Summoner and he does not look kindly upon unwelcome visitors!
Slay monsters, gather loot, level up and update your gear, you can play with 3 various playable heroes, each one with their own specialability

* Level randomization.
* 3 various playable heroes with their own specialability
* 6 various worlds with a finalboss
* 12 mini-bosses
* RPG styled upgrades.
* Missionsystem
* Lots of weapons and gear

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