Even Shroud is shocked at his Twitch viewer count after returning

First-person shooter banner Michael Grzesiek, much better understood by Shroud, returned to Twitch on Wednesday and was rewarded with an incredible number of audiences.

Grzesiek’s Twitch stream peaked at around 516,000 audiences, who ended up viewing him fiddle with his audio and bit rate settings. After making sure that his stream was up to par, he started streaming Valorant, enhancing the game’s live viewer count on Twitch substantially. During the livestream, Grzesiek stated he just expected around 200,000 fans to tunein


The enjoyment around his return isn’t surprising, as he was formerly one of the most popular livestreamers on Twitch before inking an offer with Mixer. Following the closure of the Microsoft-owned streaming service, fans hypothesized about where he would stream. After a month of silence, he started to tease his go back to Twitch via Twitter.

“I don’t know why there are so many of you here, but I appreciate it,” Grzesiek stated on stream. “I’m just a normal dude who likes to play games a lot. It’s crazy, man. Crazy.”

Regardless of the buzz, Grzesiek informed audiences to not expect anything outrageous from the stream, mentioning DrDisrespect’s highly-produced YouTube stream that consisted of a fancy Lamborghini intro. By contrast, Grzesiek’s livestream was much more lowkey All the very same, Grzesiek’s return eclipsed almost everybody else on the livestreaming service, with other popular Twitch streams as of this writing just reaching around 50,000 audiences.

Grzesiek first acquired prestige as a Counter-Strike banner before joining Cloud9 to play the game expertly. After a brief professional profession, Grzesiek transferred to streaming full time, where he ended up being one Twitch’s most popular banners, with a focus on battle royale games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Pinnacle Legends, in addition to other multiplayer shooters.

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