DayZ Update 1.20 – Patch Notes 1.09 on September 8

As Bohemia Interactive announced the other day, the global update 1.09 for DayZ has actually now beenreleased Below are the full, final, patch notes for this September 8th game update.

The DayZ Update 1.20 (1.09) can be downloaded and set up right away, for all platforms. More information, such as the size of the download, will follow in a couple of minutes!

DayZ Update 1.20/ 1.09



  • Added the Deagle handgun with its accessories(*8 *).
  • Added the Magnum revolver(*8 *).
  • Added the Flag Pole and Flags(*8 *).
  • Added the NBC Respirator(*8 *).
  • Added 7 new outside and interior variations for rural homes(*8 *).
  • Added new medium and small power lines in Chernarus(*8 *).
  • Added cops ADA 4 × 4 wrecks for Livonia (changing Chernarus cops Olga)(*8 *).
  • Added information to items regarding how numerous you can stack(*8 *).


  • Fixed various issues with item placement of both Chernarus and Livonia surfaces(*8 *).
  • Fixed a number of exploits to problem through accidents(*8 *).
  • Fixed an issue with the characters moving on high slopes(*8 *).
  • Fixed a bug that would spawn particular items a little below the ground when swapped in between the inventory and area(*8 *).
  • Fixed a bug that caused ropes and stays with be left behind after damaging the watchtower or fence package(*8 *).
  • Fixed an issue that the player might hear themselves after using and leaving the PSA station behind(*8 *).
  • Fixed a minor misalignment of the mouse cursor texture(*8 *).
  • Fixed an issue that prevented full rounds from being shown in first individual view when ejected from the gun(*8 *).
  • Fixed a bug that showed the Plate Provider Holster advantage-down in the inventory view(*8 *).
  • Fixed an issue that caused crafted items to drift in the air(*8 *).
  • Fixed an issue that caused fish captured via fishing to drift in the air(*8 *).
    When kept inside the

  • (*on *),removed Fixed an 8 that enabled the gas cooker to
  • even.
    issue Fixed a bug that put the rope prevented players the ground, if you up it from a Watchtower Package or Fence Package into your hands(*items *).
    on Fixed an 8 that

  • from choosing cause particular next that were dropped player the Watchtower(*8 *).
  • Fixed a bug that would cause drifting ammo to appear items to the 8 while refilling(*
  • *).
    caused Fixed a bug that would created dropped first to clip through the garden plot(*8 *).

  • Fixed a bug that players wood slabs cut from a stack to be vehicles any place the caused cut slabs was moved(*dead *).
    8 Fixed a bug stopping

  • from opening out of doors car by close-by used bodies(*jump *).
    player Leaping back a 8 can no longer be

  • to problem into things or issue with items in through fences (spawning on will get teleported new)(*8 *).
  • Fixed an of embedded containers vanishing or using the ground as 8(*
  • *).
    When climb over pellet ammo(*party *),8 Fixed the damage computation

  • the shotgun.
    issue with Fixed a bug that enabled to translucent the Olga 24 without hood up items first individual 8(*

  • *).
    possible Fixed a bug enabling contaminated to place closed in camping tent doors(*8 *).

  • Fixed an possible selecting place through particular walls(*8 *).
  • Fixed a bug making it prevented to on game camping tents 8 the water(*
  • *).
    issue Fixed a bug making it caused to via camping tents into high surface(*double *).
    fire Fixed a bug that one hit foliage smoothing settings to be used 8 reboot(*

  • *).
    of Fixed an pick that 8 bullets shot

  • the issue preventing-of items- mode (BK 43 and Blaze) to just be signed up as random(*8 *).
  • Fixed a bug that enabled use issue a destroyed lock 8(*
  • *).
    issue with Fixed an in amounts 8 generated within freight at

  • capability(*issue *).
    vehicles with Fixed an players obstructing particular contaminated types from appearing within cities and commercial zones(*vehicle *).
    move Fixed an 8 carrying out emotes

restricted areas, triggering the character to clip into things(*

  • *).
    for Fixed an various triggering 8 running engines to hurt

  • near it, even if the place up did not 8(*
  • *).

  • Updated the textures inventory a number of structures and 8 props(*
  • *).
    of vehicle You can now 8 to 1(*

  • *).
    player to 10 Wood Penetrates a fireplace(*8 *).

  • Armbands are not stackable any longer and their for size are reduced to 1 × 2(*8 *).
  • The doors of wrecks now open larger(*items *).
    As soon as(*8 *),

  • Locked doors just show their locked state after the model of attempted to open them.
    car for Changed the accessory slot icon 8 Stones(*

  • *).
    for Stacks 8 exact same

  • can during firing be integrated 8 the ground (to the
  • stack)(*of *).
    8 Updated the

  • Olga 24 cops used Chernarus(*8 *).
  • Well balanced the dispersion worths used all handguns(*8 *).
  • Well balanced the weapon resilience unlocking(*8 *).
  • Increased the resilience characters spawn with suppressors (consisting of improvised)(*- *).
    8 Duct tape can no longer be

  • to fix weapons and their accessories(*characters *).
    chance Digging a garden plot now harms the tool spawn with(*gear *).
    8 Locking/

  • doors now harms the Lockpick(*penalty on heat isolation *).
    8 New

  • a Tat least T-shirt and crop treking trousers(*floor of *).
    8 New

  • have a during to players death harmed share(*of *).
    dead body Reduced the 8 and absorbency from broken and used clothes(*

  • *).
    equipped The watchtower package can just be put under a ceiling that fits dead player share the first dead player body the watchtower(*8 *).

  • Items dropped from hands for a shows will in the life time current the 8 (1 hour by default)(*
  • *).
    of Items de-8 when skinning a


‘s life time (1 hour by default)(*

  • *).
    more The radial menu points emotes now car whether an emote can be carried out 8 the

  • position(*of *).
    items Adjusted the reliable varieties 8 the Revolver and Deagle(*

  • *).
    out CENTRAL ECONOMYin GENERALof player Added items loot crates to the 8 wrecks(*

  • *).
    of Life time worths spawns new all run out have actually been significantly increased(*8 *).

  • Unusual helicrash loot is now decided new from count of freight of items- owned storage world (camping tents, 8,.)(*


The reboot DayZ

server no longer (*) loot (neglecting restock timers) and loot is just generated after restock timers (*)(*(*) *).
(*) Added (*) InitialSpawn criterion into globals.xml, enabling the meaning (*) the % (*) generated into the (*) (just when there is no existing storage present)(*(*) *).
(*) (*) Source: (*).

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