Evertried Kickstarter Adds PS5 And PS4 Version Stretch Goals

Evertried, the turn-based roguelite title from Lunic Games, has revealed that it has added a new stretch goal for the game’s crowdfunding campaign for a PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and Xbox One.

PS5 And PS4 Stretch Goals Contributed To Evertried Kickstarter

The game’s Kickstarter campaign introduced on August 24 with a preliminary goal of $5,000, which it smashed in 34 hours and raised over $11,000. The next target is $18,000, which will protect the game a release on the consoles in-depth above, although there’s just 15 days to go.

Have a look at the official Evertried blurb below.

Evertried is a tactical rogue-lite where the player rises through floorings of a strange tower by defeating all enemies in turn-basedcombat Each floor provides a unique challenge to be dealt with wits, strategy and creative positioning. In Evertried the player’s actions determine when enemy systems move, in other words, whatever moves after you.

This makes the game play out as fast as players want, regardless of still having a turn-based actioncombat system Players need to make creative use of attacks, motion, Skills, Dash, Focus, Dangers and modifiers to clear each floor of enemies and continue higher in The Tower.

If you’re interested in backing the project, then head over to the Evertried Kickstarted page here.

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