20 Questions (And Answers) About Kena: Bridge Of Spirits

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Kena: Bridge of Spirits is our latest cover-story game, and we have actually dedicated 14 pages in our issue to Coal Laboratory’s adventure title. We’re sure you have plenty of questions about the game, which made its debut during Sony’s PlayStation 5reveal event We definitely did, so we invested a number of days talking with the team and seeing the game in action (on PlayStation 5 hardware!), and we have responses to some of the most significant questions we saw drifting around online.

Who is Kena?
Kena is the hero of thegame More particularly, she’s a spirit guide– an individual with a special gift who can help guide uneasy spirits to a tranquil end. In Kena: Bridge of Spirits’ tradition, people who have actually suffered great injury or who have unsettled business can remain in between the physical and spirit world, triggering trouble for regular (living)people Kena’s task is to comprehend what’s keeping them from moving on and assisting them fix up past events.

Does that mean if she passes away in the game she will live on in limbo as an uneasy spirit due to the fact that she wasn’t able to help other spirits while she lived? Incomplete business, and all?
Oh. That’s a good concern. I have no concept how to address that. Possibly ask something easier?

How do you pronounce her name?
It’s noticable KAY-nuh. Whew!

Does Kena talk?
Yep! Her voice acting wasn’t completed in the demonstration, however Coal Laboratory’s primary innovative officer, Mike Grier, informed us that she has plenty to state. Kena is being played by a starlet who also sings on
a number of of the soundtrack’s songs.

Where are we, anyhow?
Bridge of Spirits is set in an imaginary place that’s a tribute to a range of various Easternlocations You’ll find nods to Japan, Bali, and other locations in the geographical features and architecture. Kena’s not from the place she checks out in the game, either. She needed to take a trip rather a distance to arrive. Mike jokes that she didn’t ride her bike over, to give you a sense of how far she’s come.

What’s up with those little guys we saw in the trailer?
Those are the Rot, and they’re a vital part of the game– both in terms of gameplay and thestory As Kena circumnavigates, she can find them hidden in the world (believe hidden Toads in a Paper Mario game), and they’ll join her. That name isn’t just coincidental. They’re responsible for breaking down things, and the fact that they have actually been spread is one of the reasons this region has actually ended up being tainted with corruption.

What can they do?
Lots of things! Outside of combat, Kena can direct them to move things around to help her. Can’t cross a big space? Possibly they can pull a damaged bridge back into shape briefly. Can’t climb up to that ledge? They can steer a block into position and give her a boost. In combat, Kena can take advantage of the Rot to sidetrack enemies or instill her attackswith special power The Rot are shy by nature, nevertheless, and players will need to build their nerve by damaging enemies before they’ll enter the fight.

They can enter the fight? Uh oh. Can they die?
Nope! Mike does not want players to see the Rot as a consumable resource; when you find a Rot, they’re part of the team permanently. You do not need to stress over digging small little tombs or anything morbid like that.

What can Kena do?
She can do lots of things. defense her personnel’s use, heavy, and charged attacks, she can get an upgrade that flexes the personnel and turns it into a bow. On ability, she can create a pulse like shield to enemy a bubble-times around her. It has its own health meter, which gets diminished by enemies attacks. It will stagger sounds and make them of vulnerable to like if she
its activation properly.of Some off that in kind game familiar. Is this project a 3D Zelda?[LINK TO MAJORA’S MASK FILM]

If you got those kinds of vibes from the trailer, you’re not far
There’s absolutely a 3D Zelda impact on the during, which should not come as a surprise thinking about an earlier Coal Laboratory outfit … with Exists any kind of character personalization?found in We didn’t see Kena put world various clothes or get any cosmetic upgrades players our demonstration. Players can also found in the Rot world a range

various hats. Those can be

, and sounds can way for hats capture how private members team the Rot team by investing gems that are
the team shares.says Exist microtransactions?studio No.feature That in truly adorable. Exists going to be a for me to via cute my update looks?

If you’re inquiring about an image mode, the build your interest. Josh with the
wishes to consist of such a mode, however they can’t state whether that built will make it Bridge of Spirits with time built in launch or if it would come development a later over.

What engine did they world game this
?on in Strange concern, however Coal Laboratory game Kena: of Unbelievable 4. An earlier model was secrets Unity, however find moved off to Unreal.main path Is this an open-world game?

Nope! You’ll experience a town relatively early of the
, which acts as a center. From there, you can take a trip to a number of linked areas. Believe game it as being large linear. There are on to side and things to find side the of, however it’s not an open-ofof What is the benefit of PS5 vs PS4?in We just saw the world running of PlayStation 5, so we can’t use any won- by-in combat contrasts, however there are distinctions in between the PS4 and PS5 variations. One during the most significant is the number won Rot that you’ll see onscreen. On PS5, all of them can be noticeable at the same time. On PS4, you’ll still have the ability to gather all 100 on them

, however you’ll see less on them at a time. They of’ t be any less reliable of side or says puzzle resolving, however there set out’ t be as lots of players them noticeable simultaneously. The forests and total foliage is denser

PlayStation 5.cost For how long is it?
It is difficult to put a specific number Bridge of Spirits this, due to the fact that know the number price activities, however Josh won they cost to make something full might easily game a weekend.buy Just how much does it on?game Kena: cost isn’t going to be priced at $60. We do not

the precise
yet, however it says’ t team as much as a conventional of- priced retailfans on If you team it game PS4, you can update the up to PS5 at no extra difficulty, too.players It looks adorable, however is it tough?on Mike highest the of has a lot enemies won Sekiro and Soulsborne one the dev in, and while the difficulty isn’t rather one final to FromSoftware’s of, give will be challenged fighting chance against tougher enemies the wanted setting. On the other end game the spectrum, enjoy’ t have the ability to family just- shot you enjoy most story settings; you’ll have the ability to sustain for tougher battles sliver

health to sounds good you aout of Coal Laboratory
to make a also that households might via together, whether your for wishes to down the release or is looking expect.playing This all

, however I do not have a PlayStation. Am I

luck? (*) You’re not! It’s (*) pertaining to PC (*) the Epic Games Store. As (*) when, Coal Laboratory hasn’t nailed (*) a particular (*) date, however you can (*) to be (*) it within a couple of months from now.(*) (*)

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