5 Popular Videos From History That We Can Take Lessons From Even Today

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From the first moving picture shot in 1888 (Roundhay Garden Scene) to 2020, where every device is buzzing with videos, we have come a long way.

Someone wisely said, “History repeats itself”. Some of the habits of our ancestors were the best for our lifestyle. Not many would disagree with that.

Similarly, for videos too, we can learn from those that made an impact in the past. Some brilliant videos were made in the recent history that is worth watching and learning from.

These five videos from history are just what you need to see today and get inspiration for creating a successful video.

Exemplary Videos From Past & Recent History

These videos from history are watched today. There is a reason for that. They are timeless, moving, and just what the people want. Here goes.

  1. Charlie Chaplin’s Speech: The Great Dictator

We know Chaplin is known for his comedy. But a few understand the tragedy that lies hidden in his comic streak. This video, where Chaplin looks like Adolf Hitler, was all about a common man voicing his pain.

He talks about how in Hitler’s regime, the people suffered and he says that beautifully. He becomes the voice of everyone who is watching the video and that’s the secret of its success.

Lessons learned:

  • If you want to connect with the people, make a video that they can relate with. Talk about issues that are affecting them.
  • Keep it simple. Nothing complicated.
  • Be emotional. Contrary to what everyone says, emotions are the only thing that moves people.
  1. Carl Sagan’s Pale Blue Dot

It’s a speech. But is not. The video is about planet Earth — its vastness and smallness. Carl Sagan requested NASA’s Voyager 1 to take a photo of planet Earth that appears as a really small dot in space — about the size of a pixel.

Lessons learned:

  • Portray something that appeals to every world citizen. Go global.
  • Show something that is never seen before.
  • You can make a video with a collection of photographs too using a video maker and it will be as effective as the one that is shot.
  1. Blind Melon “No Rain”

Directed by Samuel Bayer, the video is nostalgic and fresh. A 90s hit, the music video gives out a happy hippie vibe with a group of people in bee costumes, enjoy nature.

The beginning of the song got very famous because it had a girl dressed in a bee costume, tap dancing.

Lessons learned:

  • Think out of the box, break conventional standards
  • Experiment with your videos
  1. Nike Ad Featuring Ronaldinho

This was advertising done right – back in 2005! The ad features the footballer, Ronaldinho, showing off his mad skills after wearing Nike shoes.

Before that, he is shown sitting on the ground, tired and hurt. Wearing Nike shoes gives him power. That’s the message that any viewer watching the ad leaves with.

Lessons learned:

  • Get a celebrity featured in your video, advertising your products or services
  • Less talk, more action
  • Focus on your product’s USP
  1. Any Video From “The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows”

This channel is popular because they offer words for different feelings and emotions that we feel. These words are not recognized by the dictionaries like Oxford but are still widely used by people.

All the videos are very well done. It looks like they use a storyboard and then create videos. Each video beautifully depicts an emotion conveyed by a word.

Lessons learned:

  • Offer something new, something unique.
  • Once again, appeal to the emotions.
  • Keep it short.
  • Use a simple but effective amalgamation of visuals.

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Combine Old Wisdom & New Technology

These lessons are timeless and can be incorporated in your video strategy even today. Use the wisdom from these old videos and combine it with state of the art technology.

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