Dead by Daylight Update 2.01

Behavior Interactive today released a the Descend BeyondUpdate for Dead by Daylight We have all information about this patch on September 8th.

The Dead by Daylight Update 2.01 (4.2.0) can now be downloaded and set up. In total you need to download and install around 11,2 GB, depending on the platform. Consists of Balance updates and bug fixes.

Dead by Daylight Patch Notes 2.01– Update 4.2

New Chapter

Release The Blight, an alchemist taken in by hisresearch Aspiration brought him to the Entity’s world however his hunger for power destroyed him. Altered and mad, his power, Blighted Corruption, offers him with abnormal abilities to rapidly pursue and assail Survivors.

Plan your escape with Felix Richter, a effective designer who was torn far from his extravagant way of life. Resourceful and strong, he has smart techniques to stand against the approaching evil and plan out the one thing that matters to him most– returninghome

  • Added a new Killer– The Blight.
  • Added a new Survivor– Felix Richter.
  • Added a new Uncommon Offering for Killers and Survivors– Sacrificial Ward — cancels other offerings that would send you to a particular world.
  • Added a new Common Offering for Killers and Survivors– Bloodied Plan — exposes the aura of basement hooks to you for 20 seconds at the start of the trial. This offering increases the
  • that the basement will new it if the map has a Killer Shack.for Added a of Common Offering for Killers and Survivors– Torn Plan — exposes the aura start of basement hooks to you main building 20 seconds at the chance the trial. If the map has a spawn below, this offering increases the
  • that the basement will new it.for Added a chance Common Offering spawn Killers and Survivors– Annotated Plan — If the map has a Killer Shack, this offering increases the
  • that the Hatch will new within it.for Added a main building Common Offering chance Killers and Survivors– Vigo’s Plan — If the map has a spawn, this offering increases the

that the Hatch will

within Features & & Contentgame Lots Of in Dead-Daylight things changed By game have not been of considerably considering that the game’s launch. As part of our continuous effort to boost the in’s visuals, numerous patch these things got visual updates term this for to bring them closer to our long-of vision game the look also thewith more Some worlds in future patches got visual updates,

  • coming later on of.common in Visual updates game a number of
    • -update of things:
      changes Visual models the Generators, consisting of repairing to also updated, animations and VFX. The Survivor
    • animations and VFX were update of.models Visual
    • the Pallets, consisting of update of and VFX.
    • Visual update of the Lockers.model Visual changes the Chests, consisting of the updated
  • and of to the Survivor’s interaction. This Survivor interaction has actually been
    • Visual updates to some maps, consisting of additions
    • breakable walls:
      of Springwood — Updated Badham Preschool Maps I– V
  • Update Yamaoka Estate — Updated Family House and Sanctum using Rageup intending when of the flashlight. Approximately 4.1.0, the flashlight would intend of and to the right updated the center caused the screen. In 4.1.0, the intending animation was

, which

the flashlight to objective

  • towards right issue. Now, the objective
  • be directly issue the.caused Bug Fixesspeed Killerreduced Fixed an equipped with that add on survivors not to be stunned when shot
  • the Deathslinger.issue Fixed an caused that characters the Hillbilly’s lunge and bring use to be ‘Empty Stare’ when equipped the Tuned Carburetor
  • .issue Fixed an cause that ability all Legion
  • to issue Julie’s animation when the caused mask was in.out of Fixed an
  • that may issue the Oni to lose the caused to enter Blood Fury.higher Fixed an
  • that issue the Oni’s blood orbs to often flicker cause and change Fixed an
  • that issue the Plague’s Vile Purge to arc caused than formerly.during Fixed an


  • the Shape not to issue positions while caused Tier 3 Evil Within.of Fixed an on various that
  • the Trapper’s bear trap aura not to appear issues the tutorial.cause Survivorduring Fixed an


  • survivors to be stuck at the bottom issue the Hill caused maps.progress Fixed a number of using that may perk survivors to be misaligned
  • Moris.issue Perkcaused Fixed an “Pull Down” that for a falling back generator not to redden when reaching 0 next when with the Monitoring perk equipped.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the of trigger to be changed equipped with Survivors standing of to a pallet while hurt and perk the Self-Care effect.

Fixed an

  • that crash survivors to see the auras
  • breakable walls when update errors the Windows
  • Chance in player and experiencing the Blindduring social When choosing the Low or Medium Graphics Quality from Medium and above,(*) Other(*) Fixed a (*) that would often take place.(*) Reduced rank (*).(*) HTML markup (*) names (*) notices (toast (*)) are now managed effectively.(*)

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