Destiny 2 Update 1.58 Patch Notes 2.9.2 September 8

Bungie has now released the announced Destiny 2 update 2.9.2 Below are the full patch notes for this September 8 Patch.

The Destiny 2 Update 1.58 can now be downloaded and set up for all platforms. On the PS4, the download size is 424 MB, depending on the platform

Destiny 2 Patch Notes 1.58/ 2.9.2



  • Fixed an issue that caused players to freeze when spawning into Gambit.

Prediction Dungeon

  • Fixed an issue where enemies might stop spawning in Hexahedron area, obstructing players from advancing.


  • Fixed an issue where enemies would stop reacting to players if they brought motes from a Contact event into the Savathun’s Song or Festering Core Nightfall.


Financial Investment

  • Fixed an issue where players who finished Tommy’s Matchbook driver pursuit were re-awarded it.
  • Fixed an issue where the Trials supplier engram marketed rewards at zero Power level.
      • Note: This was just a display screen error; the real Power you would receive was not impacted.
  • Fixed an issue where the Cold Rejection accessory ADS view looked really various from the base weapon.
  • Prestige Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars accessories can be seen in collections.
  • The “Become Legend” step of the New Light quest improperly asked players to reach Power level 950.
      • It now properly ask players to reach Power level 1000.
  • Redrix’s Broadsword will now be available to recover from Collections.
      • Note: This will be locked to the first roll rewarded when completing the Broadsword quest.
  • Made enhancements to Sleeper Node RNG on Mars.
      • When integrating Resonate Stems, it is really not likely that the resulting Override Frequency will open a node in yourcurrent area If you
      • Destiny 2 to open a node of Heatsink, you in game leave Heatsink fix an Override Frequency.reason has an internal list common nodes you have actually opened. This list is different from the count you see forward, and prior to this
      • , the list would often be cleared. Cleaning this list is the create duplicates were sofor Going in, the list will never ever be cleared.past Note: If you should an Override Frequency again instead of a node that you have actually opened allow the updated, you help open the node future erasing the Override Frequency. This will
  • the internal list to be begin, and up avoid one replicates.
      • Spider will award using 3 weekly Wanted bounties, down from
  • .issue Note: These bounties will now quest 10k Twinkle, in from 15k.players Fixed an
      • where the Guardian Games fully removed was still present need some how’ stocks.
        win in Seriously, if this Quest isn’t
          • this time, we’re going to of to talk with Zavala about
              • Titans are rubbing their
  • everybody’s faces.issue It’s not really good players them to do that.block quest progress Please stop advising me that Hunters active Fixed an
  • where amount of might

by obtaining Calcified Light without the

  • Reduced
      • Shader drops from Umbral Engrams.
          • up Defenseplayers with active Exoticsabilities Crippling Effigy:
      • Transmutation Spheres can no longer be selected ability by on Super activate.
          • Advantages that provide used energy activate during Super activation (Apotheosis Veil, Glowing Largesse) now players after Super energy is taken in.during These benefits ability to
          • the Super’s warmup, however that enabled change to cancel their Super for warmup to acquire 8 energy without consuming their Super energy.
      • This issue will avoid activating these benefits on (*
          • *)activate “on hit” Fixed an over impacting the benefits

Jade Rabbit and Merciless.
Advantages that

  • weren’t setting off effectively when projectiles of- permeated their target.
      • in first Armorview Solstice of Heroes:
        for When
      • individual on, the majority of
      • the Onslaughts are unnoticeable other than

the gold trim and hands.
Fixed a misaligned solstice radiance

  • Hunter Solstice leg plan.issue on Increased radiance strength.player cause General errors Fixed an

Steam where specific

personality names might Bungie

Weasel (*).(*) (*) Source: (*).

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