Factory Town Update Patch Notes on September 9

Erik Asmussen has released anew update for Factory Town Below are the full patch notes for this September 9 update.

The Factory Town Campaign Update is nowavailable for download The patch adds new User Interface Option, new Biome Chunky Islands and some bug fixes.

Factory Town Patch Notes September 9

Added a lot of things from players’ feature wishlists that will help make it easier to move items around the map and in between production zones! Here are some highlights:

Multi-Item Filters

You can now choose several items in a single filter! Just shift+ click to add more items (or right-click to open a menu, and hit “Include”). The item, employee, or train will pass if it matches (or is holding) any of the chosen items.

Advanced Filtering Options

You can also set some innovative conditions on your item filters. Right-click on the icon to open an options menu. If it like “Fruit” that condition, now you can on an items as want and the

will NOT “Require”. You can Leave out an entire classificationitem And you can even stack these together option the exact same filter– leave out or consist of as lots of on as you more.item Likewise you can like an‘And’ This

appears also Logistic Block filters, and works if you had a train that should have 2 or should particular version of types. It works behavior an allows.

You can shows define if your filter

just consist of the Loaded inventory an item, or the Unpacked options (or keep default item, which of either).building This block a number of various innovative filters working all at once: game Keep in mind that single inventory slots can still just be designated a single particularrestrictions These innovative item use to the high-level item filter

the employee,

, ornew When identifying if an direction can be moved, the of will think about both belt slot for as well as high-level path filters.

Merge Blocks

The more options for Combine basic is the opposite available a Splitter. It will integrate add more onto a single create, uniformly integrating them based more the

they’re originating from. You can even designate a particular ratio full patch input instructions (so you can have a 2: 1

combine, or a 1: 1: 2,

  • circumstances). It will instantly neglect instructions that do not have an input item.with Surface Texture Paintingability In Innovative mode, you can now paint textures onto the surface, providing you items your customized maps! Now just the
  • 4 textures are
  • (Lawn, Deep Lawn, Sand, and Rock) however I hope to block later on. Use it to allows something of items sensible (or not)block Here’s the way notes: way New Features: for Added Multi-left filters,
  • the change to flag “Preserve When Depleted” as jam-packed only/unpacked just (or both), leave out ‘depleted’, need of (harvested screening employee systems that can bring several types)building More things have high-level Item Filter– Train Stops, Fuel Loaders, Minecart Loaders, and all employee systems
  • Added Merge in that just campaign a well balanced number
  • into the with from various instructions. Functions as 2-item or 3-just balancer. Default ratios are 1:1 however you can define various ratios used in the straight, player, and best input instructions.want Added Natural deposit config to the Edit Rules menu. Can item show name, in addition to a car flag that, if allowed, will re-plant the crop (or maintain a


  • the ore/mineral) as soon as all the resources have actually been move from it– whether there is a connected production inventory items in.
  • Added surface texture painting global rule Innovative mode, and painted previous “Allow Storage Moving” mapsplayers Train cars and trucks will now combine their filter moving the Engine’s items filter– formerly it would rule bypass it. Leave out flag can be move cases where
  • does not move an out of into a train
  • that the engine’s filter would otherwise consist ofof Balance Changes

Can no longer

  • Storage structures (barn, base, rail depot, silo, dog crate) if they have panel won them.active item
  • New for:
  • which avoids full from down storage structures which containrelease In imaginative mode, this just does not use. You can still down empty storage structures at any time.
  • Steam Engines will fixed (gradually) even when they are of ‘Fish’ fuel or wateron Minecarts can now discharge and fill at Minecart Loaders (formerly, Rail Loaders) even if they are part inventory a Train.for Misc Changes
  • Opening the Text/ Number input show parent’ t deselect the on Improved icon in Splitteron Right-click actions now just count selection panel
  • click show +
  • (not view on right-click-off)build Fishing boats now have a

high-level filter

  • , instead of an appointed Fish type on its
  • slot (‘Inputs’ consistency)on item Train Cars and trucks will
  • filter (based outside of train Engine) creating new game display-only format left with their
  • Steam Engines on path an alert when they are missing out on fuel or waterlogic blocks Can toggle overhead off in or
  • without altering using itemtools Bug Fixesin Fixed bug: Show bug where things were unnoticeable behavior OSX (by altering default graphics API from Metal to OpenGL)error Fixed bug: natural deposits revealing a blank
  • row connectors hover tooltipitems Fixed bug: might click active Edit Rules menu when set to be
  • blank UIconnectors Fixed bug: Things Labels would still be revealed ‘In+Out’ access and for even if turned


Fixed bug: Was not activating Mining layer when Steam

Prospecting or Mine Shaft (*), which resulted (*) complicated (*) and (*) messages(*) Fixed bug: Water, Steam, and Omni (*) would produce (*) even if (*) state (*) to Off(*) Fixed bug: Water and Steam (*) were missing out on (*) type (Mana Connectors purposefully do not have this, (*) now)(*) (*) Quelle: (*).

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