Outbreak: Lydia’s Nightmare Is Now Available For Xbox One

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Lydia’s nightmare started on a cold fall night as the world was surpassed by an undead epidemic. Experience her torture as you fight through 2 survival horror experiences, Break out: The New Nightmare and Break Out: The Nightmare Chronicles!

Follow Lydia’s journey out from the city to the safety of the countryside in Break Out: The New Nightmare, a co-op survivalhorror adventure Featuring fixed camera angles and timeless survival horror gameplay, you’ll need to fight your way out of the infection zone and effort to find sanctuary within the mountains. Lydia and her fellow the survivors will find out a terrible experience Lydia’s fight for the procedure … Including the in Story mode, the wave based Attack Nightmare and the all dedicated story experience with Experiments mode which of a horror survival need.

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Chronicles as she is separated from the survivors and required to check out a deserted manor alone. Including a (*) all the features (*) timeless survival (*), you’ll (*) to check out, hunt and (*) the undead to make it through. Consists of the additional Battle Mode where you should (*) your (*) through each space towards the exit (*) really minimal resources.

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