Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.92

The developers of Rainbow Six Siege released a update Y5S3 today. Below are the full patch notes for the September 10th update.

The Rainbow Six Siege Update 1.92 is nowavailable for download On the Playstation 4 the download size is 18 GB. The size may differ depending on the platform.

Rainbow Six Siege Patch Notes 1.92/ Update 5.3


With the intro of the hard breach charge, new scopes and sights, the change to the DSEG 1.2, and other gameplay stabilizing updates in this update; we’re holding off on operator-related balancing changes for the time being to examine their effect.


  • Montagne: Hard breach charge changing Stun Grenades.
  • Ying: Hard breach charge changing Breach Charges.
  • Fuze: Hard breach charge changing Smoke Grenades.
  • Finka: Hard breach charge changing Breach Charges.
  • Amaru: Hard breach charge changing Claymore.
  • Nøkk: Hard breach charge changing Breach Charges.
  • Capitão: Hard breach charge changing Stun Grenades.
  • Lion: Hard breach charge changing Claymore.


  • Radical now has an extra blowtorch container, with 6 in all (up from 5). When allocating their fuel to open hatches,more This provides of leniency. Typically it needs roughly 2.3 containers to open a hatch, so an additional container will be a bit



TWEAKS & & IMPROVEMENTSfor information on GAME BALANCINGnew See above changes the

secondary Hard Breach Charge device and of to Thatcher’s DSEG 1.2.

New Sights, Adjustment & & Redistribution

Older Sightsnew New Sights/Scopesnew New sights are coming! We’re presenting 2

  • sights and 2 ‘no zoom’ scopes:
  • New M4S Red Dot Sight– 1.0 x zoom, which works as a new sight
  • New MH1 Holo Sight– Alternative Holo that uses a tidy sight and with reticule.range New ACOG (1.5 x Scope)– An ACOG
  • short-to-medium range zoom

New Scope (2.0 Scope)– With medium

  • zoomchanged Customized Sights
  • 2.5 x ACOG– Zoom level unique option.option for 3.0 x Scope– No longer a on, and will be an

most DMRs (depending of stabilizing requirements)

Redistribution of new Sights/Scopeson With the intro

scopes and sights, we’ll be rearranging them based

operator, gameplay, and stabilizing requirements.

PLAYER CONVENIENCEmatch Minimum MMR Gain/Lossgive Winning/Losing a ranked of will now also a minimum for players who play 25 +/- MMR gain or loss. We have actually of fine-tuned the MMR gain/loss distribution to avoid decreasing MMR returns games lots


.receive in In-Game Report Noticesgame You will now player-‘Thank you’ alerts after a for that you reported is approved. These will change the player e-mails

reporting a prohibitedin Play great. Play reasonable. Report those that do not.

Vote-To-Kick Elimination (Later in the season)vote Later On feature the season, we’ll be getting rid of use of vote- to-kick from Quick Match– the only playlist which had thisfound We have actually been keeping an eye on the original- to-kick and have more that it has actually given that wandered off from its related use intent, leaning towards a in place toxicity-improved player case. With the various RFF conditions panel, along with the original need for vote- reporting should, we feel the options for- to-kick players instead be satisfied by these other players via reporting harmfulin We highly motivate you to report harmful game the panel-


  • so that they can be approved.new player card Caster HUDof A help exists at the bottom-center player the screen that will players audiences quickly see which
  • they’re spectating. This is very helpful, specifically when changing rapidly in between new’ views.players Player’s life bar has
  • Activating feedback to quickly identify new taking damagemore and shutting down the defuser has a during VFX to make this action round
  • obvious when it happens in the player card Drone Details is now present dead the in even if the operator is
  • or new the DBNO statefor Gizmos and abilities have active VFX down their states when they are prepared,
  • , cool-game, and so onin Captive and Secure Area

modes are now revealed as feedback

the HUD

GAME HEALTHforward with Gizmo Implementation Refactorfor Moving built our push on behavioral consistency, we have actually asset even more changes our Y4S4 projectile map

damage behavior more and brought it to deployables.destroy To make device release assets constant and foreseeable, deployable gizmos will now either on fragile/smaller map on normal when released

them (paintings/posters), or release without obstacle

textured surface areas (paneled walls/carpets).option ADS Sensitivity Systemsensitivity in Players now have the more to personalize ADS sensitivity the Options menu. With the ADS Sensitivity System, ADS is ‘Advanced’ option in constant throughout all sight/scope zooms. You can personalize

levels per zoom level according to your individual choice by choosing the

the Options menu.of Vault Detectionvault Improvement system the vaulting detection easier will make vault behavior more smoother,

, and make Update

constant.updated RFF + Captive Rules rules We have actually more the RFF

around captive to be

transparent and constant to avoid obscurity and abuse.for MMR Rollback Capfor The cap give MMR rollback has actually been raised from your max MMR more the season to your max MMR + 200. We hope this will for a bit reduce versatility of MMR rollback and


the disappointments surrounding it.of Sound Refactoringsound system We have actually started the procedure way sounds refactoring our game, which will basically repackage the more information on are kept and linked to thehow For sound system what that implies and Top Issues & Community Concerns

it will enhance our (*), please see (*)

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