Team Liquid Opens Alienware Training Facility for eSports

Team Liquid is happy to work together with Dell Technologies to open its most recent Alienware Training Facility in Utrecht (AWTF EU), the dynamic university city and flourishing tech center of the Netherlands. The facility is a monolith to Team Liquid’s starting in Utrecht and supplies a peek into its future as a 20-year- old organization poised to remain at the leading edge of market development. Opening a couple of months shy of the 10-year collaboration milestone in between Team Liquid and Alienware, the AWTF EU will function as Team Liquid’s European head office and local capital for the organization’s pro teams, skill and personnel.

Team Liquid acknowledges the significance of both physical and psychological health for its players, and the AWTF EU embodies that approach. The 1060m2 state-of- the-art facility was designed from the ground up to provide a sustainable and healthy environment for esports training, performance and total health. To name a few highlights, the building features several dedicated locations for players, personnel and the community, consisting of:

  • First-rate practice and scrim spaces to help with boosted training
  • Onsite professional athlete lodgings and gym permitting for rest and recovery
  • State-of- the-art technology from Dell Technologies & &(* )improving the performance Alienware every spaceof Custom-made
  • and brandingTeam Liquid art 120-person watching
  • zoneparty Bullpen-style open
  • A office
  • – time executive chef to provide healthy dining offeringsfull Sustainable building and construction by Venhoeven CS & & AHH Architects,
  • recycled and bio-based using, an effective cooling setup materials, and wise acoustic and system systems. It is light situated also minute from Utrecht’s one centre and main train station, decreasing travel rangescity Bryan de Zayas, Global Marketing Director at Dell Technologies,

: says For even

“Our goal with the Alienware Training Facility was simple: provide Team Liquid with top-of-the-line technology so they can continue their winning legacy. This world-class facility is outfitted with the best Alienware hardware and end-to-end solutions from across the Dell Technologies portfolio. We congratulate Team Liquid staff and players on this amazing accomplishment, here’s to many more years of big plays and winning!”

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