Update 1.11 Patch Notes 3.0 on September 15

Ubisoft has released the patch notes for the new Ghost Reconnaissance Breakpoint Title Update 3.0.0. Below you can find the complete changelog for this game update on September 15th.

The Ghost Reconnaissance Breakpoint Update 1.11 can be downloaded and set up, for all platforms. You need to download a total of around 7,2 GB on PS4. The size of the download is practically similar on all platforms, in between 7 and 7.3 GB

Ghost Reconnaissance Breakpoint Patch Notes 1.11– Title Update 3.0.0



Trey Stone has actually been working with Bodark representatives to plan terror attacks on US soil. 10 Story Missions and 26 high quality adventure rewards will be available along this adventure to kill all of those included in Stone’s plan.

2 of the missions will be free for all players to enjoy, however players who have the Red Patriot Adventure or Y1 Pass will have instant access to check out the stayingcontent Y1 pass owners and Adventure owners can welcome up to 3 friends to play through the missions with them. Rewards can be given retroactively to those players who complete missions by selecting up either the Red Patriot Adventure or Y1 Pass in the Store themselves.



  • Pyotr Bukharov Costume
  • Trey Stone Costume
  • Claro Gentile Costume + Mask
  • Scott Mitchell Costume + Top.

Bodark Gear:

  • Bodark Mask, Bodark Mask B, Bodark Mask C, Bodark Mask D, Bodark Mask E
  • Bodark Chest Rig
  • Bodark T-shirt
  • Bodark Gloves
  • Bodark Trousers
  • Bodark Boots
  • Bodark Load Bearing Vest
  • Bodark Coat
  • Raven’s Rock Gear Patch
  • Bodark Gear Camouflage


  • 553 Scout
  • Sentinel AK74 Attack
  • Honey Badger


  • Opheis
  • Raven’s Rock MC-1 Restraint
  • Raven’s Rock Boson
  • Radiation.

The Fireworks and In Deep Waters mission rewards (Claro Gentile Costume + Mask, Bodark Mask E, Bodark Gloves, Bodark Coat, Honey Badger|Brown) are available by all players whether they own the Y1 pass or not.


This new class pertaining to Ghost Reconnaissance ® Breakpoint is for players who want to have a flexible method in combat.

  • Special Ability.
    • Armaros User Interface: Allows you to manage a rogue Azrael Drone.
  • Special Tool.
    • Uplink Protocol: This tool fills up the Pathfinder skill gauge.
  • Passive Skills.
    • Tactical Cache Recognition: How you will fill your Pathfinder gauge. You will have the ability to find these Tactical Caches more quickly through this recognition skill.
    • Scout Vision: White-hot thermal vision.
    • Wild Metabolic Process: Provision impacts last longer and are more powerful.

(*15 *) GUNSMITH

As discussed with TU 2.1.0, we are launching a second round of changes and updates to the Gunsmith. Below you can see a basic summary of what these changes will consist of. 15 customized stocks will be available.

  • 15 customized stocks will be available throughout a selection of weapons.
  • Shared stocks throughout weapon variations.
  • Cross-compatibility for stock personalization.
  • Broadening on the compatibility of the Underbarrel Grenade Launchers.
  • Universal Underbarrel System being integrated in game.
  • Bipods and range finders have actually been added to particular weapons.
  • Bipod compatibility has actually been added for 7.62 calibre weapons.
  • New medium and brief barrels have actually been added for weapon personalization.

In addition to broader personalization options, you can expect to see more enhancements and bug fixes to the Gunsmith with TU 3.0.0.


In addition to the high quality event rewards you will see with the Red Patriot Adventure, extra weapons, cosmetics, and personalization items are being added in game.

Maria’s Shop: Skell Credits


  • Castaway B HVY Set:.
    • Rebel Helmet
    • Tactical Riot Vest
    • Armored Baggy Trousers
  • Castaway C HVY Set:.
    • Rebel Plate Mask
    • Heavy Coyote Plate Provider
    • Armored Rainstorm Coat
    • Strengthened Thigh Pad Trousers
  • Castaway D HVY Set:.
    • Rebel Knight Helmet
    • Armored Marten Plate Provider
    • Armored Large Rainstorm Coat
    • Armored Forest Tactical Trousers
  • Defense:.
    • M4A1 CQC
    • Paladin 9 SNR
    • UMP CQC
    • ACS12
    • FAL
    • Honey Badger
  • Vehicles:.
    • Firespin
    • FFA, Exoshell
    • Standard, Firespin
    • Velour
  • Wearable:.
    • Armored Knapsack
    • Tactical Bandanna
    • Military Beret
    • F-16 Fighter Helmet
    • Steel Skull Ballistic Mask
    • Severe Mole Mask
    • Peletor Lite-COM 3
    • Modification Exoshield
    • Crye Compact Attack Ghillie
    • Safariland P1 Covert Provider
    • Blackhawk Tactical Shorts
    • Blackhawk Fury Gloves
    • Mustang Survival Ocean Racing Gloves
  • Gear Camouflage:.
    • Grey Python
    • HCP Tiger
    • Kryptek Banshee
    • Kryptek Highlander
    • Kryptek Mandrake
    • Kryptek Neptune
    • Kryptek Wanderer
    • Kryptek Raid
    • Kryptek Hurricane
    • Kryptek Yeti
    • NWI Type I
    • Pencott LN
    • Pencott MP
    • Pencott SD
    • Kryptek SS
  • Weapon Camouflage:.
    • Dead Leaves
    • Kryptek Highlander
    • HCP Tiger
    • Kryptek Mandrake
    • Kryptek Banshee
    • Kryptek Neptune
    • Kryptek Wanderer
    • Kryptek Yeti
    • Kryptek Raid
    • Kryptek Hurricane
    • Pencott LN
    • Pencott MP
    • Pencott SD
    • Pencott SS
  • Modification.
    • Buzz Cut
    • Team Cut
    • Mustache D

  • Tactical Trek Bundle:.
    • Crye Nightcap
    • Safariland TABC 3
    • High-Protection Tones
    • Versatile Pac
    • Armored Vest
    • Tactical Dry Top
    • Tactical Dry Trousers
    • Blackhawk Spear Boots
  • Light Scout Gear Bundle.
    • Tarsier Eclipse NVG
    • OPS-Core Skullcrusher
    • Peltor Alert
    • Oakley Ballistic M Frame Alpha
    • Maritime Operations Load
    • Safariland U1 Overt Provider
    • Speed Systems Range Shorts
    • UA Brink Mid Gore-Tex
  • Exoshell Bundle.
    • Exoshell Snow,
    • Exoshell Hill
    • Exoshell Desert
    • Exoshell Jungle
  • Vehicles:.
    • Opheis
    • Emperor, GYPS MK. II
    • Flash Exoshell
    • Oren MC-1 Restraint
    • Emperor
  • Defense.
    • 416 Attack
    • Custom-made M4A1 SCT
    • Custom-made 516
    • Survival HTI
    • Brown VHSD2
    • Sentinel TACT50
    • Wolves, ACS12
    • Custom-made M82|Survival

(*15 *) PvP

  • New! 1 Map, Riverbank.
  • New! 2 Mission Milestones: Both new missions are related to the Pathfinder class.
    • Overwatch: Mark or scan 30 enemies with the Azrael Drone.
    • Alpha Pathfinder: Kill 1 of each class using the Pathfinder.
  • New! Pathfinder Class Adjustment


  • Players are now kicked for lack of exercise after 30 sec instead of 120 sec.


  • Reduced damage of M4A1 in PvP from 31 -> > 29.
  • Reduced damage of PDR in PvP from 32 -> > 26.
  • Reduced damage of VHS in PvP from 38 -> > 36.
  • Reduced damage of MP7 in PvP from 33 -> > 30.


  • Fixed an issue where players were observing alternate recreations of the DMR make use of post TU 2.1.0.

This issue has actually been resolved by the team based on player reports. If you still see this

; either the very same or

  • a issue type, please let drivers.
  • issue Fixed an players where NPC find would not take any damage when being shot by AI Teammates.item in Fixed an inventory where after acquiring Forest Tactical Trousers, game would no longer
  • the issue their patches when restarting the on.
  • Fixed an issues with where on would not show up items the Rebel Ballistic Mask.
  • Fixed numerous issue clipping enemies equippable of.missions Fixed an
  • where a lot of issue would exist at the base completing numerous Elite factionmissions When game on Episode 2
  • ,issue Fixed an enemies where several intel would not open. When running the dying during the Vulkan API,round Fixed an
  • where issues on would often
  • stuttering and crashes.issue Fixed a PvP players where colleagues and experience would often be undetectable to other moving in.
  • Fixed a PvP issue where black might often discover other on T present and ecological corruptions after in a issue.15 Fixed numerous ecological and clipping

the Stoney Creek map.

Fixed an 15 where


  • freezes at any time while issue Raids.enemies with Fixed an
  • where a weapon’s laser dots would look like a issue nontransparent square sound of numerous surface areas left Night Vision. Lasers affected by this area consist of: MAWL-DA and PEQ-


  • *) PATCH NOTESissue AIjump over Fixed an instead of where some downed
  • examination icon might not be eliminated.issue Fixed an in where the vehicle Azrael drones would not vanish after drones
  • the issue.with
  • (*issue *) AI TEAMMATESdrivers Fixed an
  • where AI Teammates would issue a fence

going through the breached area.

Fixed an 15 where often an AI Colleague would teleport to restore another Colleague

  • a sunken issue.player Fixed an with where AI Teammates would often get stuck equipped their parachute open after landing. When being shot by AI Teammates,find Fixed an item in where NPC inventory would not take any damage.game Fixed an
  • where Fixit and Vasily AI Teammates would often get stuck midair.issue equipped with
  • *) PERSONALIZATIONissue Fixed an patches where a texture problem would occur above on knees when running or walking
  • Vasily Trousers problem.players Fixed an
  • where after acquiring Forest Tactical Trousers, issue would no longer match the in their preview when restarting the
  • When being player any vest,head Fixed an equipped with where the 4th Tier Top’s Belt would vanish.

Fixed an

where 15 would not show up

  • the Rebel Ballistic Mask.issue Fixed a with where
  • reported Designer Vest and Designer Gloves could not be taken apart.issue Fixed an equipped where Suppressor Operativo and Suppressor Operativo Brown would not
  • their colors issue the weapon with.
  • Fixed an issue where the L3GP NVGs would hang with the on a belt’s
  • when issue the Rebel Ballistic Mask.with


*) CLIPPING15 Fixed an

  • where Prime Sam Fisher beard would clip while intending issue the COMPM4 sight scope. When the Half Mask and Airsoft Skull Mask are

    ,15 Fixed an

    • where longer beards would clip.issue Fixed an with where the Shemagh would clip result in several tops that have a collar.issue Fixed an
    • where the Golem Cape|Field Medic would clip issue publications present result in players the

    or chest.

    Fixed an 15 where the Urban Hero Coat would clip

    • several masks.issue enemies
      (*of *) EXPLOITSmissions Fixed an
    • where issue were observing alternate recreations completing the DMR make use of.missions


    *) GAMEPLAY15 Fixed an

    • where gearing up weapons issue particular accessories would players an abnormal grip position. Accessories affected by this experience consist of: RVG Vertical Foregrip, Rounded Angled Foregrip, and SHIFT Angled Short Grip.game on Fixed an

    where landing a parachute at Pythagoras Hall would

    carrying out a dive/swim animation onto concrete.15

    • (*issue *) MISSIONSup with Fixed an
    • where a lot of issue would exist at the base corrupted numerous Elite factionrounds When
    • Episode 2 issue,players in Fixed an group where several intel would not open.back player
      (*session *) PCgame in Fixed an match where
    • would often issue stuttering and crashes when running the enemies in the Vulkan API.during
    • When the Observer slot is inhabited,(*
    • *) PvPissue Fixed an enemies where a draw would end players a triumph. When the Observer has the
    • locked,issue Fixed an sound of where a last shift can be seen in between
    • . When releasing a drone,dying during Fixed an round where the Observer would often see
    • an abnormal position.issue Fixed an players where in a
    • would not get issue to the matchmaking lobby if the players hosting the down stops the of completion on screen.
    • Fixed an issues on where some colleagues would often look like

    the Team Widget

    the rundown phase.15 Fixed an

    • where colleagues would often issue far from the rest players their experience.moving in Fixed an

    where colleagues and

    would often be undetectable to other15 When option,

  • Fixed an issue where
  • would hear issue.bonus Fixed an

where the tapping

monitoring systems would 15 long after the goal is taken.

  • Fixed an issue where firing might often discover other equipped with T present and ecological corruptions after moving acamera When game susceptible camouflage or when falling after getting eliminated,equipped Fixed an
  • where issue would drift above the ground.built Fixed an in where off would often enter a slide animation while running in the stairs
  • the water tower issue the Cold War Bunker map.black Fixed numerous ecological and clipping on the Stoney Creek map.in issue
    (*15 *) RAID
  • Fixed an issue where direction might

freezes at any time while


(*(*) *) UI(*) Fixed an (*) where (*) would not see AI Colleague markers (*) the tiny map (*) the (*) switched on. When too close to an NPC or things,(*) Fixed an (*) where Picture Mode would be not available. When altering to various screens,(*) Fixed an (*) where the Attack efficiency (*) status would appear improperly.(*) (*)
(*(*) *) WEAPONS(*) Fixed an (*) where (*) a weapon (*) a laser dot accessory while (*) the (*) would make the laser go (*) the (*).(*) Fixed an (*) where rebooting the (*) would eliminate an (*) weapon’s ammunition.(*) Fixed an (*) where the AK12 (*)-(*) ironsight would be (*)- focused (*) ADS mode.(*) Fixed an (*) where a weapon’s laser dots would look like a (*) nontransparent square (*) numerous surface areas (*) Night Vision. Lasers affected by this (*) consist of: MAWL-DA and PEQ-(*) When connected to the STONER LMG,(*) Fixed an (*) where SLX5 Sight would not trace the bullet’s (*).(*) (*) Source: (*).

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