Conan Exiles Update 1.62 – Isle of Siptah Patch Notes 2.0 on September 15

Funcom today released the Great Isle of SipathUpdate for Conan Exiles We will have all pertinent information about Patch 2.0 on September 15th.

The Conan Exiles Update 1.62 can now be downloaded and set up. The patch will appear for the PC version first, the consoles will need to be patient.

Conan Exiles Isle of Siptah Patch Notes

Temperature Level system overhaul!

We have actually remodelled how building pieces and clothes impact your character ecological protection, and also improved how temperature level changes are passed on to you on screen. Gone are the calming enthusiast and insulation and temperature level protection statistics, and in come Cold and heat enthusiasts and defenses. For more information on how this works, read here!

Progression re- balance

We have actually stabilized experience and event gains throughout the board, and making them be the new default. For how this impacts you, either if you play solo, in an official server or run your own private server, read here!

Combat and PVP changes!

We are altering how recovery items are taken in and work to make combat more visceral and your actions more purposeful. PVP server settings have also experienced a facelift, with new personalization options, in addition to a new Dynamic Building Damage setting to tailor offline raiding, or disable it entirely!
For how this impacts you, either if you play solo, in an official server or run your own private server, read here!

Isle of Siptah DLC growth!

Isle of Siptah is without a doubt the most significant addition to Conan Exiles to date. You’ll have an entire new world to check out, new legends to find, new enemies to beat– and a totally revamped endgame, including rises of magic, island vaults and a new ecological challenge: the Maelstrom.
Consisted Of in this growth is the new Isle of Siptah, a place full of new challenges and content for you and your friends to find. 2 new building sets are also consisted of: Flotsam and Stormglass. 3 new armor sets and new weapons, in addition to the new rhino install which will allow you to tame and ride a magnificent new install: the rhino!
For a full description of what this DLC growth includes, check out the Steam store page! 7
Access to these new features needs owning the Isle of Siptah growth DLC.


  • New growth DLC: Isle of Siptah!
  • Temperature Level system overhaul!
  • Progression re- balancing!
  • Recovery items re- balance!
  • New PVP settings!
  • Lots of make use of fixes!
  • Load custom-made maps!
  • Many fixes and optimizations!
  • … and much, much more!


Performance and Stybility

  • Fixed a number of connectionissues When linking to a server,
  • Improved packing of.side Added a number side server in and customer of optimizations, specifically building system relates to
  • the performance issue.playing Fixed a – while on the introduction cut


particular AMD hardware.

  • of Make Use Of Fixesallow Fixed a number of makes use of that would
  • a fast succession of attacks under particular situations.allow players Fixed a number stamina makes use of that would
  • to have boundless issue.allow Fixed an on that would
  • stacking rewards of false Fixed a number – positives feature currently in the antion undermesh steps. This is a official screening just
  • Testlive of servers.locations Fixed a number players unexpected build where



  • Isle of Siptah New Additions
    New growth DLC: new.full of content– An entire points of map materials, secrets interest, crafting
    , fiends and building to– New
    (Flotsam and Stormglass), 3 craftable armor sets and for weapons.experience– New endgame gameplay mechanics, such as the Rise, Elder Vaults and Sigil
    you and your clan to new and master.
  • — Rhino saddle, permitting you to tame and ride a magnificent system install.
    Temperature Level
    overhaul.for– All clothing and armor now have 2 statistics– Heat Resistance and Cold Resistance.of– Added indications changes in a much better representation game temperature level
    -simplified— Removed calming enthusiast, and
  • temperature level deadjusted enthusiasts.
  • PVP settings overhaul. They can now be building per every New Dynamic Building Damage setting. If made it possible for, structures can just be harmed as long as the off owner (clan or person) is
  • or after a specific period when logging ability.
  • Added the new options in game to pack custom-made Added a

settings to disable


  • issue Crafting Fixesbonus Fixed an available in where

dishes offered by blacksmith and carpenter Thralls were not

crafting stations.

  • AI & & Thrall Fixesissue Horses would end up being hostile towards whatever under particular situations. We stated neigh to that.followers Fixed an chase where attack’ session and
  • ranges are reset upon should reboot. When the in is climbing up a surface area,with Followers
  • no longer teleport inside the map geometry.of Particular list issues with world NPCs
  • the Dagon dungeon and Midnight Grove can no longer harm other NPCs issue their AoE attacks.
  • Fixed a number issue staying hate scouting Fixed an

where thralls would get stuck changing weapons.

Fixed an

  • where experience thralls might be harmed
  • unexpected circumstances.more experience
  • Balance Updatesheal Journey Steps now provide less with dedicated.items Combat and event now provide
  • and resources.requirements for Removed tradition recovery results from drinks and food. You can just trigger now
  • recovery before and potions.effect Aloe Potions (potions) and Covers (plasters) both now have animation triggered their gameplay results to effect.
  • Potions now have a brief animation rate their start is over and plasters have their cost penalty on used continually.
  • Being hot will increase your thirst-hunger and at Very Hot, you will rate taking damage start time and have a Stamina-over your actions.cost penalty on Being cold will increase your

and at Very Cold, you will

  • taking damage used time and suffer a Stamina-in your actions.

QOL Improvements

  • Items can now be issue while positioned cause containers.building – General Bugfixeslead Fixed an player characters death on that would in temperature level resistances from
  • pieces to not be reissue used after a server reboot, which might more to one logging
  • Yes. As soon as,
  • Fixed an characters should where
  • than

avatar might be summoned at.

Family Pet

  • animal pens big enemies no longer bosses locations and vanish after refilling the hit.down Player
  • no longer have the ability to be eliminated while teleporting.issue with Removed calming enthusiast.
  • of issues with Animation and Cinematic Fixes



  • would flinch hysterically when beinglist should We asked to tone it with a bit.
  • Fixed an main the horse dismounting animation.
  • Fixed a number new riding animations.general

UI & & Text Fixes

Friends Funcom

now be available (*) a controller or arrow secrets.(*) Removed the Barbarian Edition button from the (*) menu.(*) Added (*) PVP settings and sliders to the Settings menu, under the (*) tab.(*) (*) Source: (*).

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