Overwatch Update 2.97 – Patch Notes On September 15

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Blizzard has released anew Overwatch update We have the full patch notes for this update on September 15.(*15 *).

The Overwatch Update 2.97 can now be downloaded. With today’s patch there are competitive updates and bug fixes.(*15 *).

(*15 *).

Overwatch Patch Notes 2.97


Issue # 1 of a 5- part comics series, Tracer– London Calling, is now available! Blink into battle and commemorate to launch with unlockable in-game content! Wins in Quick Play, Competitive Play, Game, or Speculative will earn you a themed player icon, spray, and an epic skin: Comics Tracer!(*15 *).

Now through September 28, earn extra rewards by enjoying Overwatch streams on Twitch! Earn a total of 6 Tracer’s Comic Challenge sprays, packed with their own special sound impacts.(*15 *).

(*15 *).


Competitive 3v3 Lockout Removal(*15 *).

Season 3 of Competitive 3v3 Lockout Removal has actually started!(*15 *).

Ranked Leaver Penalty Modification(*15 *).

Adjusted ranked leaverpenalties Penalties are now more extreme and will lead to a season restriction more rapidly(*15 *).

(*15 *).


  • The legitimate range for numbers saved in variables and used in mathematical expressions has actually been increased

We’re happy to bring you the ability to scale players to extremely small and extremely large sizes, however it comes with one significant caution: Scaling players to extremely large sizes and moving them into areas where they do not quickly fit can affect server load and possibly cause your circumstances toshut down There are 2 ways to alleviate this: First, you can choose one of the Workshop maps. These are designed for experimentation and can accommodate extremelylarge players Second, you can use the “Disable Movement Collision With Environment” action. This will cause the player to pass through ceilings and walls, though the player can still stand on floorings if the “Include Floors” option is set to False. (Collision with floorings does not have the exact same server load ramifications.) When in doubt, you can show the Server Load worths in the HUD in order to figure out how scaling is impacting server load.(*15 *).

New Action(*15 *).

  • Start Scaling Players
  • Stop Scaling Players
  • Start Scaling Barriers
  • Stop Scaling Barriers

(*15 *).


General(*15 *).

  • Fixed a bug that caused training bots to not show debuffs and enthusiasts on their health bars
  • Fixed a bug in Deathmatch that caused the Defeat string to possibly show for the winning player on the Triumph screen
  • Fixed a bug that caused ping icons above player heads to subtly shake rarely
  • Fixed a bug that caused placeable challenge clip into level geometry on particular maps
  • Fixed a bug in Profession Profile that caused some UI components within the Achievements tab to not show properly
  • Fixed a bug with the Overwatch League Replay Audience that caused inaccurate team names to show
  • Fixed a bug that caused group invites to not appear appropriately if the invite was sent out to a buddy logging into the game
  • Fixed a bug in Secret Heroes that caused the Games Played fact to not increment appropriately when backfilling and losing a match
  • Fixed a bug that caused irregular hitbox placement for heroes that are frozen while moving

Maps(*15 *).

Blizzard World(*15 *).

  • Fixed a bug that caused some voice over sounds to not playback appropriately in the Nexus Experience location

Hanamura(*15 *).

  • Fixed a bug that exposed a small space in level geometry that enabled specific heroes to escape the map

Path 66(*15 *).

  • Fixed a bug that exposed a small space in level geometry that enabled players to shoot through it

Temple of Anubis(*15 *).

  • Fixed a bug with level geometry that enabled players to stand on leading of an unintentional location

Heroes(*15 *).

Ana(*15 *).

  • Fixed a bug with the Trip emphasize introduction not stimulating appropriately

Brigitte(*15 *).

  • Fixed a bug with the Feskarn skin that caused an aspect of Brigitte’s shield to drift into the air during emotes

Doomfist(*15 *).

  • Fixed a bug that caused main attack sounds to play at a high volume

D.Va(*15 *).

  • Fixed a bug with the Sitting success posture not showing appropriately

Echo(*15 *).

  • Fixed a bug that caused players hit by Echo’s Focusing Beam to not hear the attack sound

Genji(*15 *).

  • Fixed a bug where canceling Genji’s Dragonblade swings to Swift Strike might cause irregular application of damage at specific latencies
  • Fixed a bug where Genji would not move forward if using Swift Strike while focusing on a wall close in front of him
  • Fixed a bug where Genji might in some cases not right away look around at the end of Swift Strike, which occurred more frequently when rushing towards a wall or ground
  • Fixed a bug that caused Swift Strike to in some cases improperly show visual hit indications

Mei(*15 *).

  • Fixed a bug that caused Ice Wall to break when in close proximity to Cryo- Freeze
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Ice Wall from moving when put on the moving fan in Junkertown

Orisa(*15 *).

  • Fixed a bug with the Medal success posture not showing appropriately
  • Fixed a bug with Stop! When trying to pull at max
    • Pharah(*caused *), that sound for tether performance to break.
      on Fixed a bug that playback the
    • rockets turning with the ammunition clip to not equipped

    appropriately15 Fixed a bug

    • the Barrage emphasize introduction not stimulating properly if the Lifeguard skin is cause Reinhardt(*shield *).
      enemy Fixed a bug that might

    Reinhardt’s 15 to emerge at an angle exposing him to

    • attackscaused Sombra(*healed *).

    Fixed a bug that 15 Sombra to not be

    • by the payload under particular situationsin Tracer(*of *).

    Fixed a bug that enabled Tracer to Blink into unexpected locations 15 Temple

    • Anubiscause Workshop(*game *).
      match Fixed a bug that might of the on match start
    • to enter an unlimited cause players reboot cycle if a lot of “Start Forcing Player To Be Hero” specific actions were performed right away with Fixed a bug that might “Spawn As Random Hero” to lose their bodies completely when the
    • action was integrated preventing Control maps or the disabled settingvia Fixed a bug
    • automated reloads from being preventing when disabling reloading related Workshopout of Fixed a bug
    • D.Va from appropriately managing ammo/reload with actions/values when characters mech- Fixed a bug where strings
    • unicode failed might be cut improperly when copy
    • pastingcaused issues with Fixed a bug where specific worths
    • to export from inspector when copying as action textcaused Fixed a bug that hit 3rd individual spectating when scalingup Fixed a bug that times
    • McCree’s Flashbang to not caused air targets when scaled speed to 20

    Fixed a bug that 15 and ground motion speeds to vary when setting a character’s motion

    to extremely sluggishBlizzard (*15 *).

Source: (*)(*(*) *).


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