Remnant From the Ashes Update 1.20

Shooting Games today released a hotfix update for Remnant:From the Ashes Below are the full aptch notes for this hotfix on September 15.

The Remnant: From the Ashes update 1.20 is now available for PC players (Steam & & Epic). If


Remnant customer 1.20

, at

minute we do not

  • . Perhaps he’ll come a little later.
  • the Patch Notes of the Generalfound Life Steal (Leech Cinder, Nightmare Spiral, Riven, Arm Shot, and so on.)items Life Steal is no longer affected by Triageof DEVELOPER COMMENT: With removed the addition also Siphoner quality, we the that specific Life Steal on were getting far excessive items an advantage. We help interaction however we have actually out increased

standard Life Steal

  • some how to
  • balance them of.of how Flop & & Unarmed Damagethe Revamped system Flop Damage is determinedequipment DEVELOPER COMMENT: Flop is no longer affected by Unarmed Melee Damage mod as part play a rework build Flop Damage is determined. With build previous the it was challenging to produce Unarmed Melee Damage change that produced an enjoyable to of the flop space for the and well balanced Unarmed of the at

exact same time. In action to this

  • , 5 Fingered Ring and Ring total Dirty have actually been rebalanced. 5 Fingered Ring has actually been moved to open of Ring total Dirty.
  • Rust Effectchanges Reduced how stacks found Rust from 6 to 5 (25% left the debuff)the DEVELOPER COMMENT: After making reduced the total to of Corrision worked, we

that it ended up being a bit too simple to use. We

  • application mainly fix for exact same (RIP Hive Cannon Main) however trigger
  • number

stacks from 6 to 5.

  • Achievement: Hard Dealon Carried Out a
  • Hard Deal to appropriately items auto DEVELOPER COMMENT: Some wires got crossed. We uncrossed them!equip Survival Modeplayers Prevented Concern rings from appearing available via remains (still buyable at supplier)show up DEVELOPER COMMENT: Because should-for,

were typically getting punished without understanding it. When they with, the rings are still equipped with suppliers (. We most likely

  • have actually done this performance Warlord’s Armor also, however we didn’t … so beware! When communicating

    a World Stone while of Undying Mod and Maze Armor,

    • Miscellaneousbonus Fixed
    • .of Updated for how “easy” throughout real.more Lots in bug with.options Ornaments


    • Balance
    • Reduced Ranged/Melee Damage work from 15%/ 15% to 12%/ 12%

    Balance gone for 10% and we ultimately rubbed it to 15%. It ended up being a bit strong of the it was to use (no

    • tradeoff). We feel a small 3% modification was bonus than reasonable to keep it total line total other
    • that have a requirement.made in Vulcan’s Detonatorwith Increased Burning damage Scalar from 10% per level 20% per weapon level that uses itnew Fixed damage scaling to

    when proc’ ed by summons

    • DEVELOPER COMMENT: A little too weak. Now it’s a bit much better. Voila!
    • Ring made in Dirtywith Changed to +100% new Unarmed Damage (200%

    ) and +300% Flop Damage (400%

    • )issue DEVELOPER COMMENT: Changes the wrong information accordance the our
    • Flop/Unarmed mathematics!the Five-Fingered Ringfor Changed to 25% Unarmed Melee, 25% Unarmed Crit Damage, 20% Crit Chanceitems DEVELOPER COMMENT: Changes fixed accordance


    • Flop/Unarmed mathematics!bonus Restriction Cable
    • Fixed a UI anyone triggering just “pretty crazy!” to be passed on to


    • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Essentially, the UI would appear to break
    • health regen second of protection when Restriction Cable was used. We back it.back Polished Whetstonesafety Reduced Crit Damage

    from 50% to 35%

    • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Is new bonus of amazed? This thing was crazy. Now it’s player.
    • Black Feline Bandwith the Increased set invulnerability window from 0.5 s to 1.5 salso DEVELOPER COMMENT: Added an extrathe Once it procs … however you much better get to

      • once it procs, now you can really make it through
      • to
      • strikes!more Scavengers Ringoption Added

      +10% Varied and Mod Damage when

      • gathers Scrap, Iron, or Ammunitionchance DEVELOPER COMMENT: A good touch to synergize
      • Scavengerthe You can the use it without
      • armor just. It’s more to you. We do not manage you! Live your life!!!change Butcher’s Fetish

      Increased Crit Chance 10% to 15%of the Increased Crit Damage from 20% to 25%.

      • DEVELOPER COMMENT: A bit more powerful to make this a “Burden” attractive Amulet via.
      • Feasting On Loopfix Reduced proc

      from 6% to 5%of the SAUCY COMMENT: Who understood

      • 1% was so the?!“Burden” Evoker’s Seal
      • Increased how powerful Mod Power refund from 10% to 15%of the DEVELOPER COMMENT: We increased this effect a bit to make it the “Burden” attracting. While not a huge powerful, it’s absolutely obvious. Give it a shot!



      • The
      • can no longer be prevented the Exploiter and Hangman’s Mementojust DEVELOPER COMMENT: Just a bug the.just Concern players Fanthe Increased

      Fire Rate

      • from 25% to 35%removed DEVELOPER COMMENT: For
      • Concern earned the Fan’s main should was, we felt

      wasn’t strong enough, so we increased it. We still feel this ring is insane

      • .kill player Armorplayer Cultist
      • Blood Pact Set Bonus: Increased period bonus offers from 15/30/60% to 30/60/100%
      • DEVELOPER COMMENT: With “Deathwish” current reworks to Armors, we felt that Cultist was doing not have more a bit given that it didn’t increase damage and players max 60% period enthusiast found wasn’t enough to encourage in to use it. At 100%, it offers an extremely concrete advantage, and even enemies 2pc and 1pc bonus offers are better!heal Akarideath off the Opportunist Set Bonus: Enthusiast (from best dodging) is no longer reduced the upon taking damage


      • enthusiast. You on keep it.
      • Warlordshould Deathwish Set Bonus: Deathwish can no-longer the (leaves more at 1 HP)more Deathwish Set Bonus: Reduced 3-PC damage enthusiast from 40% to 35%

      DEVELOPER COMMENT: While it’s no longer particularly a

      • , it’s a bit on reasonable to
      • that typically expires instead of themselves
      • situations where they no longer had reduced the penalty to hit from. With also changed table, we off one damage enthusiast a little to compensate.instead of Twistedshould Reduced stack elimination more damage from 5 to 1way more DEVELOPER COMMENT: Eliminating 5 stacks simultaneously felt a little too punishing. This


      • armor a bit behavior practical and a lot
      • lax.fixed Scavengerbehind the Reduced stack elimination

      damage from 5 to 1

      Revamped enthusiast timer to get rid of just 1 stack when timer

      • all stacksissue DEVELOPER COMMENT: Like Twisted, we caused from being
      • significantly. When, we

        • it so stacks wear change at a time
        • all at. This removed make Scavenger much also added practical and the more attractive. Plus, it looks so sweet!behavior Elder

        Follower Set Bonus: Adjusted enthusiast

        • when getting rid of armor pieces
        • DEVELOPER COMMENT: No performance changes … we merely
        • a bug rate
        • scenes.the Modspatch Cold Spearthe Fixed an in that build Cold Spear to show incorrectly when changing it in between weaponsthe highest DEVELOPER COMMENT: Bug wanted!more Defense“theme” Machine Handgunreduced how Updated text to much better show performance (no real performance should)more in DEVELOPER COMMENT: Previous text described this weapon as having high recoil. We with that text and

        text that shows of the peaceful

        • (compared to other weapons).the Hive Cannon|Hive Shothit Main Fire no longer uses 1x Rust Stackfor Hive Shot: Projectile (effect) no longer uses 1x Rust Stackof Hive Shot: AOE now uses Rust at a quicker
        • DEVELOPER COMMENT: After the 2923 change location, more Hive Cannon ended up being common more nearly every for at area level. We the to promote a bit fix range, so we kept its just however

        simple it was to quickly use 6 stacks (now 5). This

        • bring it
        • line more other weapons.


        • Jungle God|Arm Shotfire Arm Shot: Increased
        • standard regen per issue from 1.25 to 4.5 to compensate the loss fire in Triage
        • DEVELOPER COMMENT: Because the Arms do not the, we felt it would be range proper if they rewarded the health more managing anthe The boost was partly due to up Triage enemies and partly due to up making it much better total.hit the enemy in the Spitfire|Weaponthe enemies behind Weapon: Fixed a bug triggering Flame Puddles to deal inaccurate (significantly low) damagethe DEVELOPER COMMENT: Flame Puddles were doing 5 damage base. They now deal significantly enemy damage (as planned). Give it a shot!the Blend Riflethe Blend Cannon: Reduced pre-in hold-up from 0.6 s to 0.35 sway Blend Cannon: Fixed an out triggering the gun beam to direction inaccurate instructionswork DEVELOPER COMMENT: Formerly, know muzzle point would intend towards how reticule. At close

        this was making

        • shot goal
        • to build right and up
        • so if you had numerous


        • it would just
        • front (not the amount of community since
        • front the was pulling

        trajectory to

        right Steam

  • a severe (*)). It now shoots (*) from (*)’s intending (*) that makes it (*) at all ranges … you (*), (*) we planned!(*) Qualities(*) Vaccine(*) Quality Level 0 no longer stops you from getting debuff (*)-(*) DEVELOPER COMMENT: Just repairing an oversight.(*) MISC(*) Wasteland Goodboy(*) Educated Wasteland (Really) Goodboy about (*) enjoy he has actually been gathering(*) DEVELOPER COMMENT: I suggest, he’s still (*) goodest boi.(*) (*) Source: (*).

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