Wreckfest Update 1.61 – Season 2 Patch Notes on September 15

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Bugbear has released a new update for Wreckfest today to correspond with thestart of Season 2 Below you can find all the information about the Trip Update on September 15th.

The Wreckfest update 1.61 is now available for download, for PS4, Xbox One and PC. We do not know the size of the download at the minute, however it will be various depending on the platform.

With the start of Season 2 and the Trip Update, new content will be added, consisting of a new track, a new tournament and much more.

Wreckfest Season 2 Trip Update 1.61

Game version

PS4: 1.61
PC: 1.264871


  • Added assistance for the DLC pack “Getaway Car Pack” containing 3 new automobiles: Bullet, Razor and Cardinal.(*15 *).
  • Added a new free track: Hillstreet Circuit with both forward and reverse designs.
    ( Server admins note: the internal classifications for the paths are urban08_1 and urban08_1_rev)(*15 *).


  • New tournament season: Trip Heat.(*15 *).
  • New free tournament reward car: Rocket RX.(*15 *).
  • New free tournament reward packages and paint tasks.(*15 *).
  • Score Streak events now last the appropriate time instead of constantly 3 minutes.(*15 *).


  • Fixed an issue in which save data was reset. This issue appeared to impact particularly save data dating back to the game launch. Our apologies for anyone impacted by this issue.(*15 *).
  • Fixed an issue in which the game failed to release due to “assists.aids” being corrupted.(*15 *).
  • Fixed an issue in which the game crashed to “OUT OF MEMORY” during launch.(*15 *).
  • Title no longer crashes to “Out of Vertex Buffer Memory” with particular track and vehicle mixes.(*15 *).


  • Dynamic items such as tires no longer throw the car off-path after striking the wheel of the car.(*15 *).
  • AI is somewhat less aggressive towards the player on Beginner and Amateur difficulty.(*15 *).
  • AI now utilizes Firefly also in the Class A.(*15 *).
    When attempting to 15 the track,

  • MULTIPLAYERlist with The server no longer improperly loads a maximum of track.(*15 *).

BagEdit now supports a restriction

  • a general 8,192 entries.(*15 *).
  • , visual parts such as spoilers no longer remove from a tiniest push.(*for *).
    made Improved Eighteen-wheeler managing and bottom accidents.(*also use *).
    15 Added Class B and Class A engine upgrades

  • Motorhome, and 15 AI
  • them.(*adjusted *).
    collision Improved Sweeper suspension setups and bottom accidents.(*15 *).

  • Increased Sweeper suspension trip height and out bottom 15.(*
  • *).
    of Sweeper exhaust geometry no longer problems 15 as quickly after warping.(*

  • *).
    15 Bumpers

  • Venom and Hunter Panther no longer remove too quickly.(*15 *).
  • Improved Hunter Panther scoop hood texturing.(*15 *).
  • Improved Hunter Panther grille upgrades.(*of *).
    in Fixed Hunter Panther fender flares clipping.(*air *).
    15 The front bumper

  • El Matador longer drifts of the 15.(*
  • *).
    15 The roll cages

  • Raiden RS no longer cut through the interior window.(*side *).
    for Improved Hellvester visual damage. The exhaust pipeline no longer removes too quickly.(*available again *).
    15 Missing Out On

  • protectors with Speedbird are now 15.(*
  • *).
    15 Wildking exhaust stacks no longer clip

the sway bars.(*

  • *).
    of Improved Rocket DLC rear wing positioning.(*15 *).

  • INTERFACEadded A number favorite menu shifts are smoother.(*on *).
    15 In Server Web Browser, a server can now be

  • as aspecial characters Favorites are constantly revealed 15 leading and arranged according to the chosen sorting technique.(*
  • *).
    performance In Server Web Browser, region and areas are now ignored when arranging the servers alphabetically.(*15 *).

  • In Car Selection (Garage, Custom-made Event, Lobby), automobiles can now be arranged according to their class and car, type or favorite in addition to alphabetically.(*first in *).
    list In Car Selection, a 15 can now be marked as a

  • Favorites are constantly revealed creation the game and arranged according to the chosen sorting technique.(*player *).
    instead of In Custom-made Event “Same As Player” set, 15 now keeps in mind the AI Set chosen by the

  • , easier constantly going back to 15.(*


  • In Removal Race, removal alert is now sounds to see.(*15 *).
  • AUDIO15 Dragslayer: New engine
  • .(*player models *).
    in Gatecrasher: Fixed engine pitch (tuning) misconfiguration.(*sound *).
    in Killerbee & & Boomer (all with): Raised engine volume start total mix to counter layout masking on races – 23 AI & & thick 15 grid

  • , and esp. sound incorporated flatsounds screen speakers.(*using chase camera *).
    15 Surround

  • : Player engine sound are now blended to surround center channel just when player car views.(*issues in *).
    camera view Surround 15: Fixed

  • panning sound bumper of collision sounds.(*player car *).
    sounds Surround behind: Fixed emitter position tracking past coming from car item, to not have 15 fall

  • /- the play sounds for at high speeds.(*material *).
    of Inrate Game: Fixed tire surface area detection to not speed inaccurate 15 when loss

  • wheel contact happens at slower – (low unique, mild slopes and so on).(*sounds for *).
    15 In

  • Game: Added – tire vehicle wood surface area.(*for *).
    chase camera Inplayer vehicle Game: Adjusted 15 position tracking

  • less unpredictable audio panning when turning – around in.(*proximity of camera *).
    distance In15 Game: AI automobiles are blended louder when placement close 15 (


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