Everything you need to know about Lamborghini’s The Real Race finals

The Real Race finals pre-race show will begin at 20:30 CEST/ 19:30 BST on September 24th and will be air on esports.lamborghini

The Real Race is Lamborghini’s first move into esports, and has actually welcomed Assetto Corsa Competizione players of all skills levels from around the world to compete throughout 5 exciting qualifiers. Considering That The Real Race started in May during the global lockdown, over 1.5 m sim racing fans tuned in to see the qualifiers and over 2500 players signed up to participate from 106 various countries

Just 3 of the 12 finals will rule supreme, making the title of The Real Race Champions and making a when in a life time Lamborghiniexperience Over 3 days the winners will have a chance to check out the R&D simulator used to essentially test the latest Lamborghini models, and train and fulfill together with official Lamborghinidrivers The Champions will also have a chance to drive a Lamborghini Huracán Super Trofeo on world prominent raceway the Imola Race Track. The first-place driver will also receive a restricted edition diecast with ingame livery.

The 12 finalists qualified during one of the 5 qualifying events earlier in the year that took place at Monza, Spa-Francorchamps, Nurburgring, Suzuka and Laguna Seca.

A number of the drivers contending originate from world- renowned teams such as Red Bull and G2 or hold a number honors for being the World’s Fastest Driver, winning the Project Cars and trucks World Championship or the current SRO GT Series and will be open to talking about all elements of sim racing from how the category has developed over the last years to how they have actually leveraged sim racing skills for real-world driving.

The Finalists consist of:

  • Nils Naujoks– (qualifier from round 1– Monza)
  • Arnaud Lacombe– (qualifier from round 1– Monza)
  • Matthias Egger– (qualifier from round 1– Monza)
  • Fulvio Barozzini– (qualifier from round 2– MEDICAL SPA)
  • Samir Ibraimi– (qualifier from round 2– MEDICAL SPA)
  • Kamil Pawlowski– (qualifier from round 3– Nürburgring)
  • Arthur Kammerer– (qualifier from round 3– Nürburgring)
  • Jesus Sicilia Sanchez– (qualifier from round 4– Suzuka)
  • Giovanni De Salvo– (qualifier from round 4– Suzuka)
  • Jordan Sherratt– (qualifier from round 5– Laguna Seca)
  • Gianfranco Giglioli– (qualifier from round 5– Laguna Seca)
  • Marko Pejic– (qualifier from round 5– Laguna Seca)

Former British Solution One racing driver, David Coultard, F1 speaker Federica Masolin who has actually formerly been a reporter for Sky and the London Olympics, and former Italian Solution One racing driver and 5 time Le Mans winner, Emanuele Pirro will host the night

Paul Jeffrey, Editor-in- Chief for RaceDepartment and motorsport broadcaster and manufacturer, Ben Constanduros will commentate the final races.

In addition to the official competition the finals consisted of a visitor look from Italian bike racer, Pecco Bagnaia, the 2018 Moto2 World Champ, currently racing in MotoGP with Praman Racing Ducati.

Photos and videos:media lamborghini.com

Information on Automobili Lamborghini: www.lamborghini.com

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