Exp Parasite Is Now Available For Xbox One

An unknown alien parasitic entity has actually been captured by researchers and confined in a specifically created virtual simulator in order to study its abilities. Take control of the parasite and contaminate various mechanical items, get rid of numerous barriers, andfight powerful bosses
In this retro, hardcore 2D game game, you will levitate by moving in any direction to take control over items and get theirabilities Each handled item is unique and provides its own gaming experience in a world where every minute the gameplaychanges
Each Minute of the Gameplay is Unique– Exp Parasite was developed with a focus on variety. Every minute the gameplay changes thanks to different gameplay filled with numerous barriers, enemies, interactive aspects, leveling, bonus items, altering environments andmore
Superpowers– Gain and enhance powerful abilities such as Downturn time (time in the game slows down for a brief period of time) and Invulnerability (gain full resistance to any type of damage for a brief period of time).
Rewards– Earn rewards at the end of each level in the kind of a minimal number of power- ups (active cores). The maximum for each level is 4. You can replay the level and rewards the staying cores if you’re is not able to gather all 4 cores the used in time. These store can be purchase the abilities to with extra lives and particularrange of
Unique Levels with Unique Bosses– Play a varied boss levels each challenges their own with that unique you next their player abilities, attacks, methods, and techniques. In order to advance to the boss in level, the of fight need to beat the

a range (*) situations.

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