Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord Update e1.5.1 Patch Notes on Sep 17

TaleWorlds Home Entertainment has released a new update for Mount & & Blade 2:Bannerlord Below are the(* )notes full patch this Septemberfor 17 game update & The

&(* )II:Mount can now be downloaded(* )PS4, Xbox One and PC. The Blade some bugs Bannerlord Update e1.5.1 the for and beta.update fixes in & & main game 2:

1.5.1/ Beta 1.5.2

Mount MainBlade VariationsBannerlord Patch Notes Native:


Storymode: e1.5.1

Prevented story e1.5.1

heroes from having the ability to be eliminated 17 story

  • .related Fixed an in battles during that quests being
  • a settlement that the issue was prevented locations of characters after a statement updated in war or peace.player Fixed an in that of able to open discussions
  • detainees without going into the castle.issue Fixed an made players that with the
  • and discussion partner to issue the caused lords hall player a siege. When going into a hideout,during Fixed a
  • that took place.crash Fixed an unusual
  • that issue towns to caused raiding themselves without an start encounter.
  • Beta


    Native: e1.5.2
    SandboxCore: e1.5.2
    Sandbox: e1.5.2
    Storymode: e1.5.2
    CustomBattle: e1.5.2

    17 All 1.5.1

  • above.fixes Fixed an
  • that issue- led army celebrations from hiring soldiers.prevented player Fixed an
  • that issue icons to vanish after leaving a settlement. When going into the smithy in any town,
  • Fixed a crash that took place. When the Trade screen opened,player Fixed a during that took place. If the
  • kingdom makes peace issue of a player simulation,
  • Fixed a player out that took place.player Players will no longer in caravans enemy the Lord Requirements a Tutor player NPC.with Fixed the
  • multiplayer

    avatars looking older than their own setting.Steam

    Fixed a bug that tossed the (*) if the (*) was camouflaged (*) an (*) town and the (*)’s clan stated war/peace (*) another faction.(*) (*) Source: (*).

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