Rocket League Update 1.81 – Patch Notes for PS4, Xbox One and PC

Psyonix has released a new Rocket League Update today, we have the full changelog for this update v1.79 on September 15th.

Rocket League Update 1.81 is now available for download on all platforms. The update consists of new features, new content, bug fixes and a lot more.

Rocket League Update 1.81/ 1.79 Patch Notes



Progression and Account Linking

  • You can now connect each platform you play Rocket League to a single Epic Games Account to share progression, inventory, Rocket Pass progress, Competitive Rank, and more all over you play

  • For progression data, you will choose a Main Platform to progress all over. If you’re Level 1000 and Champ II on PC, and Level 500 and Diamond III on your console, you’ll want to pick your PC profile as your Main

  • We highly suggest you connect every account you play at the very same time so you can make an educated option when choosing your Main Platform

  • For more information, please read our blog post on Cross- Platform Progression

  • Players who connected their existing Rocket League platforms to an Epic Games Account will also receive the ‘Chopper EG’ Wheels

Epic Friends

  • Epic Friends have actually changed RocketID as the service for cross- platform friends in Rocket League

  • Your RocketID friends will be instantly transformed into Epic Friends on your first login.

  • The In- Game Friends List has actually been updated to show both your platform friends and your Epic Friends in one panel for easier access

Tradition Status

  • If you played Rocket League before the free to play update was released, you have Tradition status

  • Tradition status consists of special commitment reward items, consisting of a Boost, Wheel, Banner, and a special Title that honors the year your account was created:

    • ‘Faded Cosmos’ Boost (restricted to accounts created prior to July 21)

    • ‘Golden Cosmos’ Boost

    • ‘Dieci-Oro’ Wheel

    • ‘Huntress’ Player Banner

    • ‘Est. 20XX’ Title

  • Tradition status holders also get special “Legacy” quality variations of every Common item available before the free to play changeover, along with access to all non-licensed DLC items

Player- to- Player Trading

  • Trading with another player now needs a connected Epic Games Account

  • Trading with another player now accounts both needs to have purchased 500 Credits or comparable (Esports Tokens, Beginner Load, and so on) to prevent scams.


  • Players new to Rocket League with this update will see a new interactive introduction cinematic, along with special assistance when browsing the in-game menus

  • New players will need to reach Level 10 before they can matchmake in Competitive Playlists


KEEP IN MIND: The new Competitions system will be live with this release, however just a minimal number of test Competitions will be arranged till we shift Rocket League to free to play.

  • The Competitions system has actually been upgraded and now provides automatic Competitive Competitions at set times daily, per region

  • While you can still sign up with a full party, Competitive Tournament matchmaking will try to find you a team if you can’t join with a full group

  • Blended- Rank celebrations will be put in a Tournament based on the Rank of the highest-skill player

  • Dipping Into your skill– even if you lose!– is constantly more effective than winning at a lower Rank

  • Teams knocked out of the tournament in the first round may have the ability to re-join during a ‘late joiner’ round

  • Leaving a Tournament early may lead to short-lived matchmaking and Tournament bans on your account

  • Earn rewards over the course of each season by defeating opponents of comparable skill

    • You’ll earn Tournament Credits based on your final placement in each Tournament integrated with the difficulty of the general bracket you were seeded into

    • The Tournament Credit reward is the very same for all colleagues

    • Tournament Credits can be redeemed to get Cups that will give you a modification item of intensifying quality

      • The higher level the Cup, the more frequently you’ll open an item of higher rarity

      • All Tournament items can have special characteristics like Painted or Qualified

      • These rewards can be traded in within their series, all the way up to Black Market

    • You can play in as lots of competitions as you want every week, however many of your earnings will originate from your Leading 3 Weekly Placements, which reset at the end of every week on Sunday

    • Winning a Tournament makes you a Title that shows off the Rank of the Tournament you won.

  • Players are still able to create and host their own Customized Tournaments


  • The Main Menu has actually been structured to reduce the number of buttons and much better arrange features

  • Play Submenu: Modes are now organized into cards instead of tabs

    • Choosing a Playlist will now instantly browse that playlist

    • For players who choose to browse numerous playlists at the same time, you can make it possible for “Multiple Selection” within any of the Playlist groups. This setting is saved so you won’ t need to toggle it each time you browse.

    • You can now rapidly jump into Free Play or the Garage after browsing

    • Training is now available directly from the Play menu

    • Exhibit, Season Mode, and Private Match have actually been integrated into the “Custom Games” card

  • The Profile Submenu now includes:

    • Profession (Statistics, Leaderboards, Rankings)

    • Replays

    • Handle or create Club

    • Banner and Avatar Border modification options

  • The Extras Submenu is now found under Options– Additionals

  • The look of the Main Menu and some submenus have actually been updated with new typeface and button/card designs

UPDATES and changes

Item Changes

  • Numerous items previously categorized as Common are now Unusual or higher, and should be gotten via Stop By new players

  • Common Items are no longer opened in large batches per slot byplaying matches Any player with Tradition status that had actually not opened all of these items will receive staying items in “Legacy” quality

  • Unusual, Uncommon, and Extremely Uncommon Items no longer drop randomly after matches

  • Some cross- advertising items have actually been completely marked as “Legacy” and can no longer be gotten by new accounts

  • Some older ‘V1’ Engine Audio options can no longer be gotten by new accounts

Assistance a Creator

  • You can now support your favorite content creators by using a Creator Code to your account in the Item Shop screen

  • Your selected creator will receive a portion of your Credits invested while the code is active on your account

Default Settings Changes

  • Control Bindings are now arranged into 3 presets– “Default”, “Legacy”, and “Custom”

    • “Legacy” is used for all existing accounts, and utilizes the very same controls considering that our 2015 Release

    • “Default” appoints “Air Roll” to L2/LT by default, and unbinds “Voice Chat”

    • You can switch to “Default” or “Legacy” without losing your “Custom” bindings

  • Voice Chat is now disabled by default

New Hitbox

  • Added a new Vehicle Preset based on the Merc car

  • This hitbox is both taller and narrower than the other hitboxes. Check it out and let us know what you believe!

New Quick Chats

Keyboard Aerial Safety

  • The new “Keyboard Aerial Safety” setting avoids keyboard and mouse players from pitching down in the air while holding Throttle (W) till other inputs are acknowledged

  • With this setting active, your car will not begin pitching down till you either pitch up, release the throttle/pitch down key, or air roll in any direction

  • This setting can be disabled in the Options– Controls tab


  • [PC] DirectX9 is no longer supported

  • The Level 700 ‘Supersonic Legend’ Title has actually been changed to ‘Legendary Nemesis’

  • Heatseeker is now available in Private and Regional Matches

  • The Solo Standard Competitive Playlist is no longer available


  • Fixed a bug preventing upseting chat text from being shown when an account is prohibited

  • Extra performance optimizations made to the Gravity Bomb Goal Surge

  • Restarting the game will no longer put the player on their earliest Car Preset

  • Tournament creators can spectate matches after leaving the tournament as a player

Source: Rocket League


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