War Thunder Update Version 3.28 Patch Notes on September 17

A new update for War Thunder was released today. We have all the information about this Patch on September 17.(*17 *).

War Thunder Update 3.28 is nowavailable for download Today s patch just consists of MBT adjustments and sound bug fixes.(*17 *).

(*17 *).

War Thunder Patch Notes 3.28/

Changes to protection criteria of the Soviet and american MBTs(*17 *).

In the just recently released changelog for the “Raining Fire” update, a couple of errors were made in the protection criteria of Soviet MBTs, while those criteria in the game were primarily set properly. We have actually fixed these issues, and now provide the latest protection worths. In addition, the protection criteria on the M1 Abrams series of tanks have actually been adjusted.(*17 *).

For turrets of Soviet MBT s, the protection worthsin the sector of course angles ± 30 ° from the vehicle axis are used; this implies that when a tank gets hit from these angles, protection is offered at a minimum as suggested. In the event of striking from a course angle of 0 °, the protection may be significantly higher than that showed and highly depends on the point of effect on the turret.(*17 *).

For tanks of the M1 series, the protection is suggested individually for the left and best sides of the turret due to their various disposition angles. It is presumed that, structurally, the turret ‘cheeks’ and lower frontal hull armor plate represent the very same barrier, set up at various angles. Due To The Fact That of this, the comparable protection of the lower front plate is set somewhat higher than that suggested for M1A2 in the publication “Stridsfordon idag och imorgon. Ett föredrag om Svenskt Pansar med utgångspunkt i historien”.(*17 *).

These changes are not final and may be clarified and modified additional in case of new documentary sources.(*17 *).

Sources: (*17 *).

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Sound(*17 *).

  • The sound of splashes from torpedo launches has actually been fixed.
  • The missing out on sound sign of shot down enemy airplane has actually been fixed.
  • The Ju-87 B-2 Stuka siren has actually ended up being audible in cockpit view.
  • Piston and jet engine volume has actually been decreased where the viewer s view camera is close to the engine.
  • Ground vehicle engine volume has actually been somewhat decreased in gunner view.
  • The volume of player airplane weapons has actually increased somewhat.
  • The sound event of passing-by (missed out on) shells has actually been revamped.
  • A bug where music improperly overlaps in the garage after a battle is over has actually been fixed.

(*17 *).

Source: War Thunder(*17 *).

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War Thunder Update Version 3.28 Patch Notes on September 17

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