Dauntless Update 1.37 – Patch Notes 1.4.0

Phoenix Labs have released update 1.4.0 for Dauntless today. Below you will find the complete information Update on September 17.

The Dauntless Update 1.37 can now be downloaded and set up. You need to download and install a total of 900 MB. Depending on the platform, the size of the download can differ, as can the particular version numbers.

Dauntless Patch Notes 1.4.0/ 1.37



Arbourhome fell and the Farslayers who dwelt there now shelter in Ramsgate. Check out the natural wilds of their fallen home and specific vengeance on their behalf.

Battle your way through the Sporestruck Leviathans that now stay in the ruins and challenge the latest enemy: Agarus.


The Agarus has actually settled at the heart of the Arbourhome Blight. Beware of its dangerous ichor and knotted roots, Slayer. Those who take down an Agarus will acquire access to new craftable armour and famous weapons.

Stay alert, and do not let your guard down.


A new type of hunt is here: Missions. Get to know your allies by setting out on story- focused hunts with their aid.
Experience the story of Dauntless and dig much deeper into the tradition of the Shattered Isles.


Nature and alchemy satisfy in the Odd Horizons Hunt Pass. Unlock new cosmetic armour sets and weapon transmogs influenced by Granny Strega and the Farslayers.

Instead of 2 sets of cosmetic armour, you’ll now see 3: 2 brand name-new sets (Alchemancer and Arbourhome Thornguard) on the Elite track, and the Sentinel’s Armour set on the free track, which was formerly unique to the in-game store

To commemorate our 1.0 anniversary, we have actually also increased the amount of platinum you get back from your pass, making it possible to earn back 100% of your platinum by the time you reach Elite level 50.




  • New Defence Cell: Parasitic. Parasitic hold-ups a part of damage taken and instead deals it over time. While you take postponed damage, you also gain lifesteal, enabling you a chance to take HP back and remain on your feet. Parasitic just uses to harm that takes 10% or more of your max health.

  • Newpoison effect Poison is a new status effect that deals damage over time. As soon as their out for meter is filled, players will take damage while standing crime and end up being caused fighting the

  • status -. View clear green ooze! In spite of rumours, it will not alter you into a new poison effect-critical turtle.chance New minimal

  • time tonic dishes. Granny’s Remedy will story quests the news quests, and Granny’s Heartbreaker tonic will increase with strike more and damage by 25%.





War Pike

are releasing

  • Untamed Wilds. Progress through these to find out more about Arbourhome and the Agarus hazard!during COSMETICSfinal light attack WEAPONS

  • WAR PIKEshould Stamina drains pipes

  • regularly for the war pike’s light attack on.should The load ammunition button press easier now feel quicker.more The timing window

  • inputting the 5th progress the Piercing Flurry combination light feel with and in flexible.game War pike combinations now

    regularly throughout
    and heavy attacks and line up

Chain Blades



  • description. : light Old: L1 L2 H1 L1 L2 H1 L5work New: L1 L2 H1 L3 L4 H2 L5






Added the Relentless Prism to repeaters: Regularly ended up being infuriated, dealing +5/ 10/15% damage and ending up being immune to stagger. Taking damage will

Slayer Links

you to infuriate quicker.

  • Famous repeater barrels no longer have a brief hold-up issue they players.current Famous repeater players should attacks now again while installing Leviathans.rewards AXE

  • MISCELLANEOUSissue BUG FIXESplayers SLAYER LINKSreward pools Fixed an

  • where issue might not see their players Hyperlinks. Absolutely nothing was lost however, and

  • now have the ability to see those Hyperlinks caused and declare their feature.



Fixed an

  • where preventing players might not see their Slayer Link out of.recovery Fixed an

  • where attack might not send out or accept Slayer Link demands.out of Fixed 2 crashes – by the Slayer Link look.ways before GAMEPLAY



Fixed a bug that was

  • from assaulting to cancel caused a stagger regular set animation.

  • Players can no longer over eyes instead of on to cancel


a tonic

  • drinking animation. Please dead both kills downing a tonic. If it were the

  • ,unlocking COSMETICSin Fixed a bug that during the Malkarion Ultra Armour (cosmetic) to appear as.runs The Survival Safety glasses skin now appears

  • the forehead.of ESCALATIONgranting Kismet’s Barrage will no longer target instead of Leviathans, however if the Barrage


a Leviathan, it


‘ t target a





Fixed a bug where Kismet’s Flames skill wasn’t

  • Torgadoro’s Strength.items Fixed a bug where during Strega’s Tonic patch an Escalation skill tree didn’t avoid Flask Refill amps from appearing

  • Escalation playback issues on.

Fixed a bug where the Adventure

the Hunt Escalation skill was Dauntless

7.5% damage (*) the desired 10%.(*) PERFORMANCE(*) RAMSGATE(*) UI(*) MISCELLANEOUS(*) Fixed some cases where users might lose (*) if they changed in between platforms (*) a (*) release.(*) Fixed some audio (*) Xbox One.(*) (*) Source: (*).

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