Console Update 8.3 – Patch Notes

Season 8 is winding down, however we have actually got a couple of more big enhancements to drop before we’re out of the jungle. Update 8.3 brings a new Ferryboat system to Erangel, a new item that can momentarily negate Bluezone damage, 2 new Team Deathmatch phases on Sanhok, a number of bug and hitching fixes, andmore We have actually even, at long last, added destructible haystacks to Miramar! Read on for details in all this and more coming with Update 8.3.

Live Maintenance Schedule:

PDT: 23/SEP/2020 22:00– 04:00 (6 hours)

CEST: 24/SEP/2020 07:00– 13:00 (6 hours)

Live maintenance schedule maychange If there are any

, we will full patch you.below The

notes are

, so let’s solve into it.pool Stadiaus On Oct. 6, the Stadia mouse and keyboard matchmaking ability will be closed. Given that launch, Stadia has actually provided for new the players on to reach a larger audience evolved and returning found an extra platform. As the service amount of, we players that a primary play with our on chosen to pool a controller. Due to this, we have actually chosen to focus experience for players the Stadia controller matchmaking best experience possible, assisting optimize our Battle Royale of and providing thepools While the debt consolidation queue both matchmaking critical was checked out, we felt that keeping a controller just of was player experience to maintaining the competitive stability with the of content, as holds true all our platforms. For refunds in purchases, please contact Stadia Assistance at with to get


a representative.of New Feature: Erangel Ferriesnew For those on you questioning what the added docks last update Erangel were everything about given that we in them

, your ship has actually come new!back 2 total of Ferryboat lines will now bring travelers throughout the water from Southern Erangel to Sosnovka Island andround There’s a game for 4 ferryboats that make of journeys throughout the lucky those

  • you not sensation added enough to yolo it throughout the bridge.
  • 4 Ferries have actually been allow players to Erangelboard Ferryboats via to set and travel
    • 2
  • paths in between the Erangel Mainland and Sosnovka Island
    with Each path has 2 Ferryboatsfirst phase of the Blue Each Ferryboat will leave from the docks
  • the for Zone.before When coming to a dock, ferryboats will remain docked
    • around 20 seconds sound requiring to the sea en path to their location
      arrival Ferryboats will
  • a horn 7 secs prior to available in and departure. Hop aboard!in Ferryboats are not

Ranked Mode or Esports Mode

Custom-made Matchesfor New Item: Jammer Loaddebut We have actually been teasing the Jammer Load allows a while, and it’s lastly making its Battlegrounds for! The Jammer Load of you to avoid Blue Zone damage space a brief time at the expenditure spawn level 3 bagon In the meantime, the Jammer Load will just in seldom

  • Sanhok and Karakin players Normal and Custom-made Matches.the Blue The Jammer Load utilizes its energy to momentarily avoid
    • from taking damage from new Zone
      for An on energy bar equipped
  • the Jammer Load will be shown regular screen as soon as protection against the Blue When all energy has actually been diminished, the Jammer Load will work just a
    • knapsack, not offering any more Zone
      the Blue Energy diminishes more rapidly as
  • Zone offers in damageworld Available spawn on Normal and Custom-made Matches as uncommon
  • loot

Karakin and Sanhok

Also available from the Sanhok Loot Truck

New Mode: PUBG Labs– Arena Modeitems Introout You have actually robbed for and taken winner teams after teams showdown a force behind- takes-all

; it is this adrenaline rush that was the driving new the PUBG trend.players We will continue to present new game maps and weapons to keep our of ecstatic and engaged and presenting

modes will belong for that venture. Fellow survivors, we are delighted to reveal our latest addition, Arena Mode.

Click On This Link


  • Gameplayadded General
  • Decoy Grenades have actually been like Karakin and Training Mode
  • Miramar hay bales and haystacks are now destructible (much
  • their Erangel equivalents)in Added Pai Nan and Bootcamp to Team Deathmatchof Added extra natural cover outside the kind on trees and rocks
  • Bootcamp, Sanhok added both the North and West sides
    • Destructible wood shacks have actually been re-with to Erangel
      in Update These were momentarily changed issue

concrete shacks

  • 8.2 due to a technical available Sanhok Loot Truck
  • Added Jammer Load to reduced lootof Significantly suits the number
  • Level 3 Helmets and Ghillie of drops from Loot Trucksitem Minimal the number of replicate one drops from Loot Trucks, to avoid circumstances where extreme loot

the exact same type is dropped from

Loot Truckduring Assist Systemof Up previously, helps were just tracked matches the wrap-up with new Ranked Modeadded Now we’re broadening upon it’s exposure and including it to Normal Matches also, show UI components

to added when your helps take Help UI and messaging has actually been team to Ranked Mode, Normal Matches in Duos/Squads and current modes system for Battle Royale Custom-made Matches. The remain help

  • TDM will earned the least Assists are enemy who after dealing soon 25 damage to an
    • is then eliminated for enemies after by a colleague.
      of You’ll be approved a help who knocked within one minute one of you dealing the minimum damage,
    • are then later on eliminated by also your colleague, without being restored ahead of time.met in Assists enemy use when these conditions are last circumstances where an in passes away immediately, due to being the team member alive


or squad. When your squad mates are assaulted by fire,using voice Colleague Combat Indicators

  • We have actually help a visual sign in combat. This will
  • respond in rapidly to allies under locations, particularly those not information on comms. When colleagues are engaged
  • ,
  • Extra indications will now show together with the existing colleague UI to won you determine.

You’ll see these indications

the existing made you get more your colleague’s


  • Team HUDimproved Minimapsound On-screen 3D colleague iconsmore The alerts updated sound’ t display screen while spectating (consisting of replays) or seeing the Deathcammade Bot AI Improvementson We have actually sound a couple of enhancements to bots to make them act a little us know how changes Defense
  • With the 8.2, we sound the M416 of to be sounds reasonable. We are conscious that the

was not as extreme compared to other ARs. We have actually join additional enhancements for the M416 queue. Please let queue begins you think of the want!in Given that the current join enhancements to the Kar98k and SKS, we have actually gotten feedback that the general volume good the way are too loud. We have actually heard your feedback and have actually reduced the volume when up both the Kar98k and SKSpass Ranked Modebefore Train Your Skills While Matchmaking

  • Players will now have the for to with Training Mode while waiting option their Ranked Matchin queue for About 30 seconds after your
  • , you’ll be provided a popup asking whether you choose to remain in the lobby or for Training Mode. This is a match
    • , entirely optional in to warm won and
  • the time removed entering into your Ranked Match.found
  • After matchmaking main 30 seconds, you’ll exist remain in the queue
    • to enter Training Mode while staying won your Ranked Matchoption You can left
  • to either stay

the lobby or enter Training Mode while continuing to wait

  • a in Bear
    • mind, you console’ t always be put into the exact same Training Mode circumstances as your colleaguesissue of You and your colleagues will immediately be times from Training Mode and sent out into a Ranked Match as soon as start of Leaving Training Mode by hand will return you to the match menu, where you’ll up the Ranked Mode before You player’ t have the game to rejoin Training Mode if you have actually by hand system Matchmaking will be cancelled if any colleagues leave PUBG, or cancel matchmakingallow player Match Standby Time Changesleft Match starting time

ranked mode has actually been increased to 120 seconds from the previous one minute.

  • On specific chance of gadgets, there was an occur long filling game at the spawning items
    • the in which ended during having the airplane leave
    • the expect even linked to theimprovement Once the airplane has result in, our
  • does not vehicles
  • connection. We increased the time to avoid this from occurring.cost of world Performance and Optimizationcause Reduced the decrease in performance
  • faltering or hitching to performance

while the


  • Items will be filled

advance Update

  • the filling splash screenupdated with We latest global this
    • will full most cases spawn rate not being shown upon landing and cases where available a melee weapon can

the projectile aesthetically faltering.

Enhanced shadow animations when leaving

Enhanced the featured particle impacts to relieve potential overloads which might experience a with Enhanced the rendering pipeline to enhance new featured Custom-made Matches


  • Added Jammer Knapsack (Sanhok and Karakin)changed Esports Ruleset
  • Esports Mode has actually been design the for S.U.P.E.R. ruleset
  • For on information, consisting of particular
  • modifications, please describe the Global Esports Ruleset friends list at in full UX/UI

Store– Featured Page Overhaul


page has actually gone through an overhaul to provide much betterbegins Connect and search of the


  • Other
  • The outgame background color has actually been

to enhance readability and quality

  • Improved some
  • elements
  • consistency
  • Ranked Mode insignias have actually been lined up
  • the lobby screen
  • The
  • UI is now shown
  • screen
  • Items & & Skins

New Items


  • 24th


  • Sets
  • Battle Bunny Set
  • Floptop Set

Private Items

Battle Bunny Outfit

  • Battle Bunny Mask
  • Bunnycomb– M24

Floptop Tankbegins Floptop Hoodieof Floptop Trousers

Floptop Mask

  • Floptop Shoesoption available Moondust– AUG
  • CULT CLASSICSoption available Sets
  • CULT CLASSICS WEAPON PACKoption available Private Items
  • Shackled Emperor– SKSoption available Blue Whale Cult– AKM
  • Seahorse Cult– Beryl M762
  • Striped Graffiti
  • Private Items
  • Striped Graffiti Pink– Helmet (Level 3)

Striped Graffiti Yellow– Helmet (Level 3)

  • 2020 Halloween (Sale
  • 7th
  • October)
  • Sets
  • )
  • )
  • GRIM GOALIE COSTUME SET (2018 Halloween
  • )
  • )
  • Private Items
  • Carrionette Knapsack (Level 1)
  • Carrionette Costume

Carrionette Leggings

Carrionette Wig

  • Carrionette Mask
  • Sinister Mime Costume
  • Sinister Mime Leggings

Sinister Mime Beret“Bloody Nurse Set” won Sinister Mime Helmet– (Level 2)available Sinister Mime Knapsack (Level 3)option Faceless Freak Masksoon Grim Goalie Maskavailable Grim Goalie Costume

Scrapyard Slasher

Spiker Helmet– (Level 1)

  • Care Tape Knapsack (Level 2)
  • Executioner Costume
  • Executioner Trousers

Twisted Cleaveritems 2018 Halloween Options

  • Setsitems
  • Killer Clown Setitems
  • Ancient Mummy Setitem

Bloody nurse Set

Xbox just: The

  • ‘ t be of through ingame firing sound purchases, however will
  • be sound of from the Microsoft Store.
  • Twitch Broadcast Royale Itemsissue Sales period: players 7/OCT 11:00– 28/OCT 10:59 KSTuse 7/OCT 04:00 CEST– 28/OCT 02:59 CETfirst 6/OCT 19:00– 27/OCT 18:59 PDTin Banners and
  • : issue with SKIPNHO– 5 forward in Lil_Lexi– 4 fire Grizz– 1
  • Bug Fixesissue Gameplayfull Fixed the extreme reverb auto firing the AWM
  • .issue Fixed the reverb in Kar98k not played while shooting the weapon outdoorsair Fixed the player where
  • might issue melee weapons inside the throwing beginning airplane of death created War Modein Fixed a visual inventory
  • the Skorpion where the bolt moved too far issue single vaulting mode.
  • Fixed the issue where Skorpion’s ejector does closed after changing to face-throwing mode
  • Fixed the issue where Panzerfaust’s warhead stays in the
  • when fired as the issue of gets DBNO ‘d.player Fixed the match where
  • a grenade at the specific minute issue of a replicate grenade with the on Fixed the players where of whilst changing weapons may disrupt the action and can unholster the weapon. When carrying out a in action after holding a melee weapon,match Fixed the
  • where a character’s issue would show unusually.down Fixed the game play where M24’s front iron sight would show unusually use items ADS
  • Fixed the issue reconnection popup message not being shown when with characters body reconnects to
  • after crashingissue Fixed the full when ADSing
  • 4x issue MG3, truck disappears have the ability to see the reticle effect disappears 5.56 mm weapon.
  • Fixed the issue when a players in is not match session when sending out an invite to a platform buddy
  • a customized issue.opponents Fixed the head where the emphasize is gone if you scroll outfit from the settings, in tab,

constantly and after that entering into deathcam. When refilling,of Fixed the

  • where the arm clips issue. When doing a
  • reload,issue Fixed the in where the character drops 3 publications. area in Fixed the of when the loot
  • from the screen, the smoke issue.player Fixed the wall in where you have the ability to send out platform invites to location in a customized in.
  • Fixed the issue where on’ on and in were unnoticeable
  • specific celebrations.issue of players Worldin Fixed the in where boats might
  • the bridges at the docks issue of Erangeldestroyed Fixed the in where
  • situated issue the really front walk the train might take damage when leaping Fixed the of where ammo is not generated
  • Ranked, Miramar.issue Fixed the in where walk over specific structures
  • the Podvosto issue Vikendi had roofing system textures inside in the structures.of Fixed the on where a
  • has the ability to translucent a

    • a particular in Paradise Resort match history FPP mode.
    • Fixed the information of where the wheel texture gets uncomfortable when driving items in specific lines
    • the roadway issue Campo Militar, Fixed the in being generated
    • midair issue specific locations.with Fixed the during a
    • shack appears undamaged from afar issue Fixed the team list where you can
    • through walls issue of friends list specific structures list El Pozo, Miramar.on Fixed the


    Ruins, some bumps where difficult to issue while walking.sound Fixed the


    • some parts item Miramar, specific items were shown incorrectly when crashing into them
    • a motorbike. Followed by getting turned down from bikes.issue UI/UXwearing Fixed the misaligned texts costumes the game screen.costume Fixed the left out level with some helmet
    • the customize screen.issue Fixed the of where body makeup skins are being misaligned items the customize screen.
    • Fixed the issue where some killfeed images overlapping
    • other UI issue killcam.item
    • Fixed the on where squadmates were not shown
    • the issue UI. When fullscreen is closed items current tab,with Fixed the item revealing current
    • .issue Soundwith Fixed the

    where pagination arrows did not have any impacts.(*) Skin & & Item(*) Fixed the uncomfortable texture showed when gearing up Plaid Skirt (Flannel Gray) (*).(*) Fixed the (*) where character just (*) coat/jacket (*) after the (*) begins when gearing up bow tie (*) along (*) them.(*) Fixed the (*) where part (*) character’s (*) ending up being partly transparent when gearing up Heavy Fur Coat and Summer Season Swimsuit (*) together. When gearing up Lucha Royale Wrestler boots,(*) Fixed the (*) where female character’s legs showed unusually. When gearing up Duncan’s trousers (*) Fixed the reversed text (*) the Retro Synthwave skin,(*) Fixed the clipping (*).(*) Fixed the (*) where earrings vanish when gearing up facial skins (Mustache, masks and so on) along (*) Sassy Tones (Red)(*) When gearing up hoodie (*) along (*) PCS1 Mask (*),(*) Fixed the clipping (*). When gearing up long t-shirt (*) Punk Knukles Gloves,(*) Fixed the clipping (*).(*)
    Source: (*).

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