PUBG Mobile EMEA League Revealed

Following unmatched growth in all areas this year, PUBG MOBILE has revealed a brand name new dedicated league for Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA), using a prize pool of $100,000 and 3 slots in the distinguished PUBG MOBILE Global Championship (PMGC). This past weekend saw teams emerge triumphant at their particular PUBG MOBILE Club Open (PMCO) Finals in Europe, Turkey, CIS, Germany, Middle East & & Africa, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia, marking completion of the 2020 PMCO Fall Split.

The best carrying out teams from the Europe, Turkey, CIS, Germany, Middle East & & Africa, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq PMCO Fall Split have qualified to the recently released PUBG MOBILE EMEA League which begins on October 16th:

  • PMCO Europe Finals: Leading 4 teams– UDR KILLERS, GODSENT, Family, Polar Ace
  • PMCO CIS Finals: Leading 5 teams– KoninaPower, NaixCS, DreamEaters, Team 1218, Alliance
  • PMCO Turkey Finals: Leading 4 teams– Mod-Z Esports, Blaze Esports, REIGN Esports, Klas Game Esports
  • PMCO Germany Finals: Leading 3 teams– Militaries Force DE, 8rESPORTS, HOT LINE
  • PMCO Saudi Arabia Finals: Leading 5 teams– Baad, OshTekkWarriors, Head Office, The Force, SWAT69
  • PMCO MEAF Finals: Leading 3 teams– YaLLa Esports, 1 Bullet, ROYAL ESPORTS
  • PMCO Egypt Finals: Leading 3 teams– Worry Eleven, Vibes 6, The SniperS
  • PMCO Iraq Finals: Top 5 teams– IRAQI ELITE, ARAB GSG, FRAG MACHINES, The Monster, Punishers

The tournament will be divided into the 2 phases– the EMEA League, which will be held in the first 2 weeks, and the EMEA League Finals that will take place in the 3rd and last week of the season. During the EMEA League phase, 32 teams will be divided into groups and play against each other, building up points; after 2 weeks the leading 16 teams will continue to the EMEA League Finals. There will be 4 matches played each day, for 3 days a week. For the finals the points will reset, and 16 teams will battle it out to identify the leading 3 teams that qualify for the upcoming PMGC. There will be 5 matches played each day, for 4 days a week. Please keep in mind that the EMEA League will change the PMCO Regional Finals for Europe and MEAF, with a combined prize pool of $100,000.

View all PUBG MOBILE esports content live on the PUBG MOBILE Esports YouTube channel.

PUBG MOBILE EMEA League broadcast schedule:

  • Week 1: 16-19 OCT 6PM GMT +3
  • Week 2: 23-25 OCT 6PM GMT +3
  • Finals: 29 OCT– 1 NOV 6PM GMT +3

For more information about upcoming PUBG MOBILE esports news, remain tuned at Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

PUBG MOBILE is available to download for free on the App Store and Google Play

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