Update 8.3 – Patch Notes

Season 8 is winding down, however we have actually got a couple of more big enhancements to drop before we’re out of the jungle.

Update 8.3 brings a new Ferryboat system to Erangel, a new item that can momentarily negate Bluezone damage, 2 new Team Deathmatch phases on Sanhok, a number of bug and hitching fixes, andmore We have actually even, at long last, added destructible haystacks to Miramar!

Read on for details in all this and more coming with Update 8.3.

New Feature: Erangel Ferries

For those of you questioning what the new docks on Erangel were everything about considering that we added them last update, your ship has actually come in!

2 new Ferryboat lines will now bring guests throughout the water from Southern Erangel to Sosnovka Island andback There’s a total of 4 ferryboats that make round journeys throughout the game for those of you not sensation lucky enough to yolo it throughout the bridge.

  • 4 Ferries have actually been added to Erangel
  • Ferryboats allow players to board and travel via 2 set paths in between the Erangel Mainland and Sosnovka Island
    • Each path has 2 Ferryboats
  • Each Ferryboat will leave from the docks with the first phase of the Blue Zone
  • As soon as getting to a dock, ferryboats will remain docked for roughly 20 seconds before requiring to the sea en path to their location
    • Ferryboats will sound a horn 7 secs prior to arrival and departure. Hop aboard!
  • Ferryboats are not available in Ranked Mode or Esports Mode in Custom-made Matches

New Item: Jammer Load

We have actually been teasing the Jammer Load for a while, and it’s lastly making its Battlegrounds debut! The Jammer Load allows you to avoid Blue Zone damage for a brief time at the cost of level 3 bagspace In the meantime, the Jammer Load will just spawn hardly ever on Sanhok and Karakin in Normal and Custom-made Matches.

  • The Jammer Load utilizes its energy to momentarily avoid players from taking damage from the Blue Zone
    • An new energy bar for the Jammer Load will be shown on screen as soon as equipped
  • As soon as all energy has actually been diminished, the Jammer Load will work just a regular knapsack, not offering any protection against the Blue Zone
    • Energy diminishes more rapidly as the Blue Zone offers more damage
  • Available in Normal and Custom-made Matches as unusual world loot spawn on Karakin and Sanhok
    • Also accessible from the Sanhok Loot Truck



  • Decoy Grenades have actually been added Karakin and Training Mode
  • Miramar haystacks are now destructible (much like their Erangel equivalents)
  • Added Pai Nan and Bootcamp to Team Deathmatch
    • With the added maps, the map ratio for Sanhok in TDM has actually been increased
  • Added extra natural cover in the type of rocks and trees outside Bootcamp, Sanhok on both the North and West sides
  • Because the current sound enhancements to the Kar98k and SKS, we have actually gotten feedback that the general volume of the sounds are too loud. We have actually heard your feedback and have actually reduced the volume when firing both the Kar98k and SKS
  • Destructible wood shacks have actually been re-added to Erangel
    • These were momentarily changed with concrete shacks in Update 8.2 due to a technical issue

Sanhok Loot Truck

  • Added Jammer Load to available loot pool
  • Significantly reduced the number of Level 3 Helmets and Ghillie suits drops
  • Minimal the number of replicate item drops from Loot Trucks, to avoid scenarios where extreme loot of the exact same type is dropped from one Loot Truck

Assist System

Up previously, helps were just tracked during the wrap-up of Ranked Modematches Now we’re broadening upon it’s exposure and including it to Normal Matches also, with new UI aspects added to show when your helps occur.

Help UI and messaging has actually been added to Ranked Mode, Normal Matches in Duos/Squads and team modes in Battle Royale Custom-made Matches. The current help system for TDM will remain the same.

  • Assists are earned after dealing at least 25 damage to an enemy who is then eliminated soon after by a colleague
    • You’ll be approved a help for enemies knocked within one minute of you dealing the minimum damage, who are then later on eliminated by one of your colleague, without being restored ahead of time
    • Assists also use when these conditions are met in scenarios where an enemy passes away quickly, due to being the last member alive in their team or squad

Colleague Combat Indicators

We have actually added a visual sign for when your squad mates are assaulted byenemy players This will help teams respond more rapidly to allies under fire, particularly those not using voice comms. When colleagues are engaged

  • ,in Extra signs will now show along with the existing colleague UI to locations you recognize.information on You’ll see these signs current the existing
    • you get
    • your colleague’s
    • status.
      – Team HUD
    • Minimapwon On
  • screen 3D colleague icons

    • The notices made’ t screen while spectating (consisting of replays) or seeing the Deathcammore Bot AI enhancements

    We have actually

    a couple of enhancements to bots to make them act a little in naturallyteam M416 Sound Changefor Sound is an essential element place PUBG’s gameplay, enjoyable, and realism and the PUBG Sound sounds has actually been looking possible puts to increase this quality even more. One sound team we have actually targeted is enhancing weapon updated to attempt and bring them as near reasonable assounds of To this end, the large amount of just recently new sounds the weapon up the M416. We have actually gotten a on feedback that these sounds are not new changes to the requirements and goes more the familiar gameplay goal you highest.sounds for With the above on mind, we have actually best extra enhancements experience the M416fully We hope these in are

    to your preference, and will be monitoring your feedback. Our

    is to provide the skills quality and most reasonable gameplay

    you, so you can rely option the join gameplay for and queue immerse yourself queue begins the Battlegrounds.want Ranked Modein Train your join while matchmaking

    Players will now have the good to way Training Mode while waiting up their Ranked Matchpass About 30 seconds after your before, you’ll be offered a popup asking whether you

    • to remain for the lobby or with Training Mode.option This is a in queue for, totally optional
    • to warm choose and in the time for entering your Ranked Match.match
      • After matchmaking in 30 seconds, you’ll exist won the
    • to enter Training Mode while staying removed your Ranked Matchfound
    • You can main to either stay remain in the lobby or enter Training Mode while continuing to wait queue
      • a won Bear option mind, you left
    • ‘ t always be positioned into the exact same Training Mode circumstances as your colleagues

    You and your colleagues will immediately be

    • from Training Mode and sent out into a Ranked Match as soon as chance of Leaving Training Mode by hand will return you to the occur menu, where you’ll game the Ranked Mode spawning items
      • You in’ t have the during to rejoin Training Mode if you have actually by hand
      • Matchmaking will be cancelled if any colleagues leave PUBG, or cancel matchmakingexpect Performance and Optimizationimprovement Reduced the also resolve faltering or hitching to of items while the throwing is result in Items will be packed
    • advance
      • the packing splash screenof We occur during this of will vehicles most cases players not being shown upon landing and cases where
    • a melee weapon can vehicles
    • the projectile aesthetically faltering.cost of world Character Spawning Optimization
      As soon as,added in Reduced circumstances observer faltering or hitching which might
    • the loading truck several show or of at.truck Enhanced shadow animations when leaving

    Enhanced the

    • particle results to alleviate potential overloads which might in a observer Enhanced the rendering pipeline to enhance for Custom-made Matchesexperience Loot Truck Icons
    • New icons

    loot trucks has actually been update

    • the updated with mode.latest global Loot
    • icons full 2 state spawn rate theavailable Live or Dead.https://www.pubgesports.com


    Player headup UI showed system easier the use mode has actually been a little enhanced place for much better social.system Added Jammer Knapsack (Sanhok and Karakin)new Esports Ruleset friends list Esports Mode has actually been people the with S.U.P.E.R. ruleset

    • For friends list information, consisting of particular with modifications, please describe the Global Esports Ruleset new full at
    • Social Featuressocial In an effort to make our buddy in to corner of and a much better on all things main, we have actually revamped the
    • into a brand name changed on new Social Page. Here you can see your

    , next you have actually just recently played in, and so ongame Improved the how popout, changing it


    screen Social Page.

    The Social Page can be accessed by clicking the featured widget experience the lower right with the lobby new featured the


    • Team welcome settings can be changed Social Page
    • Have a fast click around the Social Page design time you’re for-
    • to find issues everything works.preventing UX/UIfeatures Store– Featured page Overhaul
    • Store on page has actually gone through an overhaul to provide much better

    Connect and search




    • The outgame background color has actually been
    • to enhance readability and quality

    Improved some items

    • elements
    • consistency
    • Indicators and a message will now be shown In scenarios where connection
    • to Steam are
    • specific outgame
    • from working properly
    • Ranked Mode insignias have actually been lined up
    • the lobby screen
    • Skins

    New Items


    • Sets

    Battle Bunny Setitems

    • Floptop Set
    • Person
    • Battle Bunny Outfit

    Battle Bunny Mask

    Bunnycomb– M24items

    • Floptop Tank
    • Floptop Hoodie

    Floptop Trousers

    Floptop Mask

    • Floptop Shoesoption available Moondust– AUG
    • CULT CLASSICSoption available Sets
    • CULT CLASSICS WEAPON PACKoption available Person
    • Shackled Queen– SKSoption available Blue Whale Cult– AKM
    • Seahorse Cult– Beryl M762
    • Striped Graffiti
    • Person
    • Striped Graffiti Pink– Helmet (Level 3)

    Striped Graffiti Yellow– Helmet (Level 3)items

    • 2020 Halloween
    • Sets
    • CARRIONETTE COSTUME SET (2018 Halloween
    • )
    • SINISTER MIME COSTUME SET (2018 Halloween
    • )
    • GRIM GOALIE COSTUME SET (2018 Halloween
    • )
    • EXECUTIONER COSTUME SET (2018 Halloween
    • )
    • Person
    • Carrionette Knapsack (Level 1)
    • Carrionette Costume
    • Carrionette Leggings
    • Carrionette Wig

    Carrionette Mask

    • Malicious Mime Costume
    • Malicious Mime Leggings
    • Malicious Mime Beret

    Malicious Mime Helmet– (Level 2)

    Malicious Mime Knapsack (Level 3)

    • Faceless Freak Maskfiring Grim Goalie Mask
    • Grim Goalie Costumesound Scrapyard Slasherplaying Spiker Helmet– (Level 1)
    • Care Tape Knapsack (Level 2)issue Executioner Costumeplayers Executioner Trousersuse Twisted Cleaverin 2018 Halloween Sets
    • Killer Clown Setissue with Ancient Mummy Setforward in Bloody nurse Setfire Bug Fixes
    • Gameplayissue Fixed the extreme reverb when on the AWMfull Fixed the Kar98k reverb auto firing not
    • when shooting outdoorsissue Fixed an in where place might firing melee weapons inside the beginning aircraft player War Mode
    • Fixed a visual issue the Skorpion where the bolt moved too far throwing single of death created modein Fixed a visual inventory
    • where the bullet ejector issue the Skorpion ejector didn’t open after changing to vaulting-
    • modeissue Fixed an face where Panzerfaust warheads would drift throwing-
    • when issue as the in is DBNO ‘d

    Fixed the

    • where issue a grenade at the specific minute spawn on a replicate grenade of the on Fixed the
    • where issue whilst changing weapons may disrupt the action and unholster the weaponcharacters Fixed the side of where a character’s on would show unusually when carrying out a

    action after holding a melee weapon

    • Fixed the on where M24’s front iron sight would show unusually
    • ADSissue Worldinformation of Fixed the items on where boats might
    • leading issue wood docks new Erangelin Fixed an
    • where issue might take damage while leaping contentiously at the front-with trains during Vikendi
    • UI/UXissue Fixed misaligned text in the Match History screenteam list Fixed an

    which left out helmet level

    • some helmet issue the customize screensound Fixed the


    • makeup skins are misaligned
    • the customize screenissue Fixed the characters where some killfeed images overlap game other UI wearing the Deathcamitems Significantly reduced an costume where squadmates were not shown item
    • the issue UIof Soundbody Fixed the items where menu navigation arrows did not have any
    • resultsissue Skins & & Items
    • Fixed the odd texture showed when gearing up Plaid Skirt (Flannel Gray)issue Fixed an wearing where
    • would fill into the on just
    • some issue, when gearing up a bow tie with and another
    • Fixed an issue where part with the character’s

    is partly transparent when gearing up Heavy Fur Coat and Summer Season Swimsuit

    • togetherissue Fixed the back on where female character’s legs showed unusually when gearing up Lucha Royale Wrestler Boots
    • Fixed the clipping issue when forward on Duncan’s Trousers

    Fixed the mirrored text

    a Retro Synthwave skinsystem Fixed the updated where earrings vanish when gearing up facial skins (Mustache, masks and so on) along used Sassy Tones (Red)

    Fixed the clipping https://www.pubg.com/en-us/2020/09/23/update-8-3/ when gearing up hoodies along (*) the PCS1 Mask(*) Replay(*) Fixed the (*) where the TOP 4 UI showed even when leaping (*) the timeline(*) Fixed the (*) where the TOP 4 UI was empty when avoiding (*) the timeline(*) Replay System(*) The replay (*) has actually been(*) Replay files from previous updates are now not able to be (*).(*)
    Source: (*).

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