Final Fantasy 16 Might Be Aiming For A Mature Age Rating



Final Fantasy 16, which was just revealed, may be targeting a Mature age rating in North America, making it the first game to do so since 2015’s Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

@ThisIsXel on Twitter posted an image from a Square Enix European newsletter for the game which reveals that the title currently has a provisional 18 PEGI rating. Whilst, this 18 rating might not carry over to the full release it certainly seems like it could given the overall mature look on offer, thanks to the title being inspired clearly by western RPGs.


— Xel (@ThisIsXel) September 27, 2020

Final Fantasy 16 made a powerful debut at the start of this month’s PS5 display and ever since a couple of new information about the JRPG have actually emerged. Whilst it was announced that the game would be a console unique to PS5, a new report recommends that the exclusivity will just last for six months. Another report from previously today recommends that the game has actually been in development for at least 4 years which it will release earlier than people believe.

Final Fantasy 16 is set to release on PS5.

Source– [@ThisIsXel via PushSquare]


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