Area 86 Is Now Available For Xbox One

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Invite to Area 86, a physics-based escape space puzzlegame The secret space station AI has actually gone rogue, and it’s your job to stop it!

You are a fast-moving robotic that can also do some trendy parkour techniques. Use the laws of physics to actually press your way through the station! Pick up items, activate changes, destroy the environment around you toescape If you are looking for an additional challenge – you can also find secret items and ideas to what took place.

There is space! The Save station AI has actually caught other robotics. powerful them and form an all-powerful robotic squad! Together you are ways!

Each level has numerous complete to up it, and it’s imagination on how to your escape tojust like in Do not stress if you get stuck – you can constantly request a tip, escape any defeating space!

Have a good time leaving and

the rogue AI!

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