Monster Hunter Movie Trailer Is Full Of Guns, Monsters And Milla Jovovich

Capcom has released a trailer for the upcoming Paul W.S. Anderson-directed Monster Hunter movie adjustment, and if you have actually seen any of the Homeowner Evil movies, you’re most likely going to be ideal athome There’s Milla Jovovich, heaps of monsters, and lots of guns. What could go wrong?

Monster Hunter Movie Trailer Released

You can see the trailer below via IGN.

Monster Hunter is arranged for release in movie theaters throughout the US on December 30, 2020, and features Jovovich as United Nations Captain Natalie Artemis as she and her team are drawn into an alternate measurement populated by huge animals. Here, they fulfill The Hunter (Tony Jaa) who assists them to endure and drive back the monster danger while looking for a way back home.

As discussed, Anderson and Jovovich formerly teamed up on the Homeowner Evil movie series, which has actually produced over one billion dollars worldwide. A reboot without Anderson’s participation is currently in production.

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