PS5 UI Revealed With Stunning New Changes

Just one day after Microsoft dropped a new update for Xbox One’s UI, Sony has lastly revealed our first look at the PS5 UI and it is streamlined!

In a morning reveal, Sony revealed off our first look at a much more polished UI system for the PS5 along with a look at the real user experience itself. Some features revealed off is the ability to push the PS button to head into the Nerve Center where players can get and track prizes more information about their favorite games.

Sony also revamped sharing a bit with the new Share Screen feature that allows friends to stream their gameplay with one another in a sharedexperience PS5 players will also have the ability to pin their stream to the game part of the UI, making it easier to track.

All caught video and screenshots are immediately caught in 4K and, like the Xbox Series X, packing times in between games is exceptionallyfast Digital Foundry specifies that the typical loading time in between titles has to do with 8 seconds.

While the PlayStation UI has actually constantly been attempted and true, it’s great to see some more improved changes to the general look and feel. A new generation suggests new enhancements, and this latest version of the Interface speaks wonderfully to a new ageof gaming

The PlayStation 5 arrives on November 12. How do you feel about the new PS5 UI? Favorable change, or do you wish they would have kept the old look of things? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment area below!

[Source: EuroGamer]

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PS5 UI Revealed With Stunning New Changes

Just one day after Microsoft dropped a new update for Xbox One's UI, Sony has lastly revealed our first look at the...

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