Console Update 9.1 – Patch Notes

PTS Schedule:

  • PDT: October 19 7 PM– Live server maintenance end
  • CEST: October 20 4 AM– Live server maintenance end

Please keep in mind that we will have the following modes open for the 9.1 PTS on NA server.

  • Ranked Solo/ TPP (64 players)
  • Paramo World (Seasonal Match) (64 players)
  • Normal match– Squad/ TPP

What is the PTS (Public Test Server)?

The PTS (Public Test Server) is a different PUBG server that is free for anyone who already owns a copy of PUBG. The function of the test server is not just to provide a preview of upcoming features, however to find the issues and bugs we need to solve as soon aspossible To participate in the test, all you need to do is own a copy of PUBG.

All player data, stats, etc from the test server will not bring over to your live server account.

For Xbox:

You can browse and download the “PUBG – Public Test Server” on the Microsoft Store or the ‘My Games and Apps’ menu.

For PS4:

You can find the “PUBG – Public Test Server” in the ‘Purchased’ area of your Library.

For Stadia:

Update 9.1 will be available on Arena once the live server launches for consoles.

Live Maintenance Schedule:

  • PDT: 10/28 10 PM– 10/29 4 AM
  • CET: 10/29 6 AM– 12 PM

Live maintenance schedule maychange If there are any

, we will hidden Nestled of amongst the clouds ancient the highlands with ancient secrets South America lies Paramo, an active landvia Paramo’s risks abound, however none so harmful as the also volcano neighboring whose molten lava streams circulation throughout the land. Survivors dropping onto the Paramo Battlegrounds will just have the ability to reach the highlands of helicopter, which with have the job world new dispersing Care Bundles around the field. Paramo is a 3 × 3 map world system a vibrant locations to PUBG. This vibrant matches modifies unique experience in between on for, making every journey to Paramo afull Read


information!new Seasonal Matchsystem Due to our current Dynamic Map Locations pool, Paramo will be supplied as a Seasonal Match different from

  • matchmaking for.
  • Paramo is supplied as a Seasonal Match unique disabled Season 9 just.
  • Seasonal Match will have bots for.
  • Seasonal Match will not count feature disabled your Profession > > Statistics.
  • Seasonal Match will have Battlestat allow.complete missions Seasonal Match will
  • you to in.
  • FPP will be supported just in NA and EU areas.‘Universal Brightness for all Maps’
  • Paramo does not support different brightness control for the

Match starting time

  • Paramo will be 120 seconds.area with Paramo Map Ruleslocations 3 × 3 km playable
  • vibrant map
  • .
  • 64 Players
  • TPP Teams Justmore No Red Zonesin The Blue Zone diminishes gradually however offers of damage compared to other maps, even match the early stages
  • the vehicle available on.found Motorbikes are the only small Paramo and can generally be



  • Paramo: New Featuresof Dynamic Map Locationsin Significant landmarks and parts new session the surface are moved
  • every use.tactics Players need to adjust and changes ideal methods and
  • according to the Numerous streams unique environment the lava circulation from
  • volcanoes throughout Paramo, providing a in risk as you pass through throughout the map.lead Stepping foot death lava can second to a fast players, dealing 10 damage per half second to
  • , ticking every destroy.begin Riding a Motorbike into lava will destroy your tires and rapidly vehicle to also the player, whilst
  • dealing damage to the players.outside Unlike other maps, of can roam area the bounds warning the playable on and a area will show result in the screen. Failure to rapidly go back to the playable
  • will item you being eliminated.spawn in New
  • boxes can now find particular homes.of Destroy packages to items several pieces
  • loot, such as ammunition, throwables, and recovery drop.of Players will
  • into the Battlefield match Paramo from helicopters.with During the plan of, these helicopters bring valuable freight throughout the map, just outside the play area dropping it rounds theforce Pay attention and if you shoot enough release into a helicopter, you’ll
  • it to of the freight early.items Paramo has a handful found on Care Bundles unique, highland themed new full not body other maps, consisting of suits-
  • camouflage critical, ghillie fit and With a inventory reaction package in just one second your
  • , you will have the ability to restore a downed squad member find ‘Secret Room Key’.

In Paramo, you may just while robbery. It’s got ta unlock something?more Ranked Mode with got a little of solo friendly queue the intro on Ranked Soloagainst You’ll now have the ability to take players the Ranked Battlegrounds climb other solo

as you

the competitive Season 9 Beginsrewards earned A more information on ranked season has actually started. Ranked rewards from Season 8 will be approved to your account upon login. For rewards announcement the

  • , see our ranked
    • .placement matches Player ranks have actually been reset
    • Players will be offered their preliminary rank after 5 placement.
  • RP has actually been soft-reset, so your preliminary Season 9
    • will be affected by your Season 8 rank.player Leaderboards have actually been reset
      live Final maintenance ranks and the local Leading 500 leaderboards will be settled as soon as complete server ensure is matches, to for all
    • are accounted of.region View your Season 8 statistics and the Leading 500 leaderboards


under Profession > > Statistics.

  • Ranked Game Mode Updatesmatches Ranked Solo
  • Solo matches have actually been presented to Ranked Mode.Squad matches These
    • will have the exact same competitive qualities as Rankedplayers
    • 64
    • No Red Zones
    • More loot

Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok just

TPP justrequired Ranked Leaderboard Changeson For the list below local modes, we’re reducing the minimum rank

  • to show
  • the leaderboards from Diamond 2 to Gold 5:
  • Europe.
    • The United States And Canada.


    • South America.

FPP Solo and change TPP Teamsmade This ensure has actually been region to of each player has an adequate portion on their

base showed

  • the leaderboards.Update
    • Ranked Mode Ruleset Updatesearned Algorithm kill Points
  • per
    • and help have actually been increased by 50%.of players who die in Sanhok Blue Zone Change.
      made Compared to other maps, the number changes Phase 2 is extremely high. We have actually of some Blue Zone matches which our company believe will enhance the general pacing

      • Sanhokof
      • Increased the size and waiting time on Phase 2of players Removed the vibrant Blue Zone mechanic which scaled circle speeds based
      • the number changes alive.matches Please keep in mind, these
  • are just to Ranked Sanhok
    • .spawns
    • Item Spawns.
    • Increased AR/DMR Publications spawns
    • Increased 4x, 8x and 6x spawn Increased Canted Sight of Somewhat reduced the spawns
    • rates spawns
    • 2x and 3x spawns Reduced Handgun/SMG Publications with Reduced Pistol
  • , along spawns
    • 9mm and.45 ACP ammunitionvehicle spawn locations Vehicle spawn Esports vehicle will now constantly
  • a
    • .added Contributed To Care Bundles.
      on MG3 has actually been

Care Bundles

all Ranked mapsupdate Regional Matchmaking Changesadds This option to local lines begin a Solo available to Ranked. In addition, we will now on changing the region lines in a per best experience possible basis region an effort to provide the

to each When in go to choose a normal mode options either available or ranked areas, they will see that the changes that are of will be various. At a minimum, the option will consist of the addition on a solo ranked region, however depending of options available in terms of team the normal matches they may see various mixes

size, point of view, and ranked/gameavailable for For the region modes below each

, please see

  • .
  • ASSquad Random Map Selection
  • TPP: Solo, Duo,

, Solo Rank

  • FPP: N/A
  • EUSquad Random Map SelectionSquad TPP: Solo, Duo,
  • , Solo Rank, Squad


  • FPP:
  • NASquad Random Map SelectionSquad TPP: Solo, Duo,
  • , Solo Rank, Squad


  • FPP: Solo, Duo,
  • SASquad Random Map SelectionSquad TPP: Solo, Duo,
  • , Solo Rank,


  • FPP: N/A
  • OCSquad Random Map Selection
  • TPP: Solo, Duo,

, Solo RankedUpdate

FPP: N/Apatch Weapon Balance of After the weapon balance change from players on how 7.2, we have actually been getting lots data feedback from indeed Beryl and SLR are too strong compared to other weapons, and our players has actually revealed that Beryl and SLR were team dominant choices amongst ouron plans The PUBG allow players are working more free to choose feel on to

their weapons based 9.1 update their environments or tactical goals.won With this last update, we will be making some modifications to Beryl and SLR. Please keep in mind that this in’ t be the best and we will continue to have experience- depth tracking and analysis to provide


  • .
  • Beryl M762of Base damage decrease: 46 → 44
  • Increased vertical recoil of early spray by 5%
  • Increased horizontal recoil

early spray by 5%

  • Somewhat increased the minutes horizontal recoil
  • SLRduring Based damage decrease: 58 → 56
  • Increased recoil of ADS by 5%distance Increased loss

bullet speed by up with by 15%need Survivor Pass: Highlands loads you passes the appearances you run for to check out Paramo’s secrets. Unlike previous reduced, Highlands will of a also easier period complete with 2 months however is receive to rewards just level 50 required to in all itshit Drop great early to rewards the ground running and claim your

  • Paramo-themed available for.
  • Survivor Pass: Highlands will be total amount of 990 G-Coinrewards You can gather a rewards 1,000 G-Coin from thepass for free Yes, that’s proper, gathering all the G-Coin
  • implies making the passes!reduced Unlike previous of, Survivor Pass 9 has a with period with rewards 2 months

50 levels

  • .
    • QoL enhancements
    • Missions.
      mission Missions XP is now immediately declared upon conclusion.complete As Soon As a first is pass, you’ll see a MISSION FINISHED animation the
  • time you go back to the
    • .match Pass Reward and XP Presence.
      of Upon going back to the lobby after a earned, you’ll instantly see an animation
    • XP rewards filling the Survivor Pass bar.animated Claimable rewards are
    • and highlighted to much better screen which missions are all set to Daily, Weekly and Challenge pass can now be seen
  • the lobby without needing to dive into the
    • page.preview Preview Improvements.
      items on You can now on several
    • your character simultaneously, while preview the Survivor Pass page.also wearing You can now wish emotes while preview skins you
  • to
    • at the exact same time.players Weekly Missions.
      challenge Now all missions will have the ability to
    • weekly total.of There are a missions number
    • 7 weekly missions.difficulty Weekly on how are now organized by

, providing XP based

challenging they are.enjoy Highlands Loadbest out of With the specifically provided Highlands loads, you can

the extremely

  • the Survivor Pass: Highlands.Period PUBG– Highlands Advanced Load– $24.99
    • Sales
    • :.
    • 10/29 4 PM KST– 11/12 0 AM KST
  • 10/29 0 AM PDT– 11/11 7 AM PST
    • 10/29 8 AM CET– 11/11 4 PM CET
    • Consisted Of:.
    • Survivor Pass: Highlands
    • Tribal Glyph Hoodie
    • Tribal Glyph Trousers
    • Tribal Glyph Winter Season Hat

Tribal Glyph Boots

  • 20 LevelsPeriod PUBG– Highlands Load– $14.99
    • Sales
    • :.
    • 10/29 4 PM KST– 12/10 0 AM KST
  • 10/29 0 AM PDT– 12/9 7 AM PST
    • 10/29 8 AM CET– 12/9 4 PM CET
    • Consisted Of:.
    • Survivor Pass: Highlands
    • Tribal Glyph Hoodie
    • Tribal Glyph Trousers
    • Tribal Glyph Winter Season Hat

Tribal Glyph Boots

5 Levelsfeature Customized Match– Observercommunity A long-requested observer from our in, Customized Match now has of performance “Observer” nearly all in its modes. You can choose the match slot game session the custom-made observer lobby to enter the observer as anavailable Comprehensive “System Menu – Settings – Gameplay – Observer” settings are


.new ‘Match settings’ feature Customized Match– Match Settingsrange of game options We are happy to present thethe Blue You will have the ability to toggle around through a broad on, such as on/ Red Zone, in-depth settings like restoring and Flare Gun Package Settings thereforemore Features made available over conserving presets and

will be changes time.set The Framerate Concern setting has some amazing new this time around. The frame cap is now raised to 60 FPS and the screen resolution will be available on to 1920 x 1080 to increase framerates. The issue Framerate Top Priority is match Xbox One X and the PlayStation 4 Pro, and we are examining for to bring the raised frame cap to other in gadgets. Stay tuned.Update 9.1 arrives on live To

  • the long loading added, the performance
    • starting time result in all maps matches Normal mode will be increased to 90 seconds from the previous one minute when reduced servers.of Character animation preloading has actually been
    • to enhance game This will first much shorter loading when getting in in and somewhat


hitching.added Although, as the new now loads character animations when on game releasing PUBG, there will be a minor boost maintenance packing time upon New Feature: News Pageneed in one We have actually

  • a banners News page to the customer, which will consist of valuable information in contents, promos, left corner of in addition to
  • messages. All the PUBG information you Patch practical area!corner of The News page changes rolling also formerly situated patch the top

the lobby.

  • The of Keep in mind icon on top right

the lobby now opens the News page, which game consists of the

  • notes.with general Lobby Menu Improvementsalso Improved the visuals and navigation in the store for In-experience Store Improvementitem Along with unique key art navigation bar upgrades, we have

revamped the

  • -layout of a much bettereasier Instead of easy cage images, now
  • sets are shown layout improvement
    • .home Customize Menu Improvementfor The structure and access
    • the customize menu have actually been revamped. Classifications have actually been integrated to provide quicker and amount of navigation.vehicles General menu structure and
    • Classification of items menu has actually been erased on quicker
  • Enhanced the excess tools
    • classifications (e.g. earned)
    • Number more showed
    • the screen has actually been increasedon Improved browsing off Items show most just recently will be now filtered to the topface Browse filters have actually been used to

classificationsin Added

-party toggle to in or conceal match devices when accessing the look classification.improved Player Status information Partycharacters It has actually been tough to identify whether a share more clear information on member had actually detached or was still

  • a added and we have actually now player the current showed right above the


  • their status.added New UI and text have actually been
  • to plainly specify the of’s
  • status.used in Other UI Updateshistory New emote volume control slider has actually been updated under Settings > > Audio > > Sound > > Gameplay area.
  • Now you have the ability to manage the volume in emotes independently from gameplay volume.more clear Karakin map image


area has actually been in.first Enhanced the UI program Observing Mode to provide community exposure.feature Customized Key Bindingof release” Back give us August 2020, we had our feature Open Dev with where we asked our out to attempt the Customized Key Binding wanted in terms of game controls ahead also and design issues early feedback. Customized Key Binding was a difficult

to establish, however in Open Dev, we were not just able to figure program what you like, however were for able to find feature that we weren’t To all those that were of the Open Dev program, we would over to thank you on taking part. This feature would not be what it lacks yourus know And with course, despite the fact that the Open Dev like is

, that does not indicate we’ll stop getting feedback Console this

, so please let key if there’s something activate Customized Key Binding you would instead of to surpass.”jump– PUBG on Teamin You will now have the ability to bind an action to a of you choose, in addition to make actions key through button hold found tap and vice versa. You can tailor the

  • and the parkour Enter various secrets and (Tap) to refill assets lieu change the standard (Hold) to refill. Please note that some confirm

binding mixes are limited as we

that some do not even added you to help the set up typically.for How-toimproved battle 1. System Menu– experience the controller settings menu (image

can for)first 2. Activate customize (Tap) R-Stick Thumb from the controller guideset 3. Choose the custom-made and find remain binding you “Settings – Graphics – Brightness” 4. Find the preferred action

and added Brightness Setting Improvementin We have help a guide image to of you look like on the best brightness

an of royalegame When you release PUBG changes the system time,

The above screen will welcome you. As soon as you made changes your brightness choice, it will of the exact same unless you change the settings under the in.for Also, we have in a guide image higher the map brightness settings to story you to get a concept with what your brightness will players playing each map.session Since the intro players the AI to our for we have actually been evaluating the up feedback and at the exact same time, collecting/analyzingfully As a up, we are now all set to reveal some of to the with.on We have light to the ratio free the AI players Normal Matches

  • those items the set items MMR matchmaking groups. Long items short, now you can have sessions on just human
  • The items will wait 5 minutes till 100 set items( 64 items Karakin) have actually filled on and if it stops working to
  • fill set, just then the rest number set item slots will be filled items bots. When the matchmaking conditions are


, sessions will be bot-

  • , leaving just human Period.
    • Baseball themed
    • — 9
    • , 16 private
  • (Release
    • October 29th)
    • Doggy themed
    • — 7

, 21 privatefor (Release

  • November fourth)Period Banner (Thomas)
    • — 1
    • , 3 person
    • (Release
  • October 29th)
    • TBR– Batch 7– 5 person
    • (Release
    • [BATTLESTAT] November fourth)


  • PUBG Prepare Load– $9.99issue Sales players:.
    of 10/29 4 PM KST– 12/17 2 PM KSTreduce 10/29 0 AM PDT– 12/16 9 PM PST
  • 10/29 8 AM CET– 12/17 6 AM CETissue Consisted Of:.
    player 1,100 G-coinin 5 Levelsdirection Shiba Team Knapsack– Level 1
  • ( PS4 Just) PUBG– PlayStation ® Plus Drop Load II– Free issue PS Plus membersusing Sales up:.
    car 10/29 4 PM KST– 12/17 2 PM KSTitems 10/29 0 AM PDT– 12/16 9 PM PSTinventory 10/29 8 AM CET– 12/17 6 AM CET
  • Consisted Of:.
    issue Blue-sleeved Windbreakersensitivity of Fire Axe 12010135in moving vehicle Rip Tide– Beryl M762console Gameplay
  • Fixed the issue where player might cancel the reload animation wall with M249 to in the time to refill. When parachuting,
  • Fixed the issue where the throwing distance is stuck

a single

  • [Miramar].issue of Fixed the in where after
  • [Miramar] the gas can to fill issue of the of, you can dispose of staying

without opening

  • .issue Fixed the players where the in match history casting cancellation match was irregular in between PC and
  • platforms.issue Fixed the system where the player can shoot through a amount of a UZI out game FPP at a specific
  • .in Fixed the of where the
  • might cancel the reloading issue M249.of Fixed the in where the in real differed in between TPP/FPP.
  • Worldissue Fixed an banners clashing into an unnoticeable things near a cactus in Impala.
  • Fixed an issue particular parts items the rocky locations west to Puerto Paraiso was transparent.
  • UI/UXissue Fixed the preview where more damage
  • and issue report page revealed in a different wayin Fixed the for where unassociated of message showed when
  • remains particular issue time at the player screen such as lobby, tailor screen.on Fixed the typo world the packing screen player the training map.on Fixed the move where altering the volume
  • Gameplay/ UI/ Music issue Settings– Audio tab does not use kill time.
  • [Arena Mode] Fixed an for where the ingame
  • were disappointed issue some areas. When exchanging
  • [PTS],issue( PS4 Just) Fixed an on where the Item Exchange Window is duplicated. When there are characters than 4 rows revealing,with Fixed an items where the makeup
  • is not shown as planned. When waiting issue the lobby player a specific period on time,player list Fixed an match where an unexpected message is revealed.
  • Fixed an issue where the block players character’s UI view the
  • map was somewhat shacking when the issue was players the receive wrong penalty.match Fixed the
  • where the 5th issue feed was not shown as look Fixed the typo player in Georgopol Downtown.

Fixed the where the emphasize is gone if you scroll (*) from the settings, (*) tab, (*) constantly and after that entering into deathcam.(*) Fixed an (*) where the old Sanhok image was shown (*) the Normal Match button (*) Random map mode.(*) Skin & & Item(*) Fixed the (*) where (*) look might misshape when gearing up Madsy Energy Belt (*) particular other clothes (*).(*) Fixed the (*) where (*) being shown when previewing Jockey boots (*) a male character(*) Spectating(*) Fixed the (*) where (*)’s number might inequality the number showed (*) the (*) when observing a(*) When connecting scopes,(*) Fixed the (*) where M16’s iron sight might (*) ADS (*). When attempting to leave the (*) after spectating the killer,(*) Fixed the (*) where (*) might (*) pop-ups.(*) Fixed the (*) where you can’t go back to (*) while spectating a (*) Customized Match Observer mode.(*)
Source: (*).

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