Clea Is Now Available For Xbox One

Mum and Daddy have actually been exploring on Mayhem Servants, now, the monsters have actually been let loose. Clea, with her brother in tow, need to escape from the Whitlock Estate.

View your back,Clea Those closest to you may be thereal terror

Outsmart the Mayhem Servants:.

The Mayhem Servants are on the hunt. Listen for their steps, peek under doors, and remain far, far.

Escape the Whitlock Estate:.

The Whitlock family has actually caught Clea inside the estate. Hunt down key items and solve the puzzles designed to lock you from theoutside world

No jump frightens:.

No prescripted scares, pledge. Your skills and actions will identify Clea’s fate.

Reveal family history:.

The Whitlock family is filled with dark memories. Get memory orbs and reveal your family secrets through bonus chapters.

Voice cast:.

Clea– Xanthe Huynh, Edmond– Anairis Quinones, Florine, Mum– Aimee Smith, Daddy– Miguel Moran, Maids– Angela Tran

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