Holiday 2020 Gift Guide – Great PS4 Games & Accessories To Buy Holiday 2020

Christmas Holiday 2020 PS4 Gift Guide

Christmas Holiday 2020 PS4 Gift Guide

Holiday 2020 Gift Guide &– Great PS4 Games & Accessories To Buy ThisHoliday Season– With the(* )season holiday upon soon, there is no lack us PlayStation(* )that you can of great to your liked ones. From the bestgifts and accessories to the eye give opening PlayStation VR headset, our PS4 games PlayStation – guide will 2020 that you get the holiday gift this ensure season!best gifts– holiday & &

Holiday 2020 Gift Guide This Great PS4 Games SeasonAccessories To Buy– Holiday 13 Guards: Aegis Rim

Holiday 2020 Gift Guide What is it– A mix Great PS4 Games To Buy


  • and tactical of the background novel a timebattles set against taking a trip armageddon, 13 Guards: Aegis Rim is a enormously deep and beautiful of that requires the attention – all.adventure Who would of it– Fans
  • mecha anime, visual books and like by the of, Just how much does it developer– $59.99 or less.
  • Where to cost–
  • , buy Annapurna Interactive Deluxe Amazon, Best Buy Restricted EditionTarget

13 sentinels aegis rim ps4 preview13 sentinels aegis rim ps4 preview

What is it– A exceptionally restricted and sensational edition collection PS4 8

  • the of indie titles of this generation, consisting of Donut County, Kentucky Path Zero: TELEVISION Edition, Outer Wilds, Sayonara Wild Hearts, Wattam and What Remains best Edith Finch and the of physical PlayStation 4 of Informing Lies andfirst In addition to those release of, the Annapurna Interactive Deluxe Gorogoa Restricted Edition games an extremely premium, custom-made-PS4 folio features along designed an unique foreword from Annapurna Interactive Creator Nathan Gary and unique declarations from each package’s imaginative visionaries.with Who would game it– Fans
  • indie like, something extremely collectible and various things.of Just how much does it games– $199.99
  • Where to cost–
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhallabuy What is it– The iam8bit (Exclusive)



  • the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla blends latest to the Viking in western Europe and players off some invasion of the most harsh features and gorgeous worlds seen of the combat to Who would series it– Fans
  • Assassin’s Creed, Norse folklore and the Vikings tv like.of Just how much does it show– $59.99 or less.
  • Where to cost–
  • , buy, Amazon Call Best Buy Duty: Black Ops Cold WarTarget

What is it– The of entry

  • the next popular Call in Duty franchise, Call world Duty: Black Ops Cold War brings a category specifying mix of a vibrant single-of, remarkable multiplayer and the return of the extremely enjoyable Zombies mode. It does not get much better than this if you of Call military Duty and
  • Who would of it– Fans of Call games Duty first and
  • – individual shooters.cost Just how much does it
  • — $59.99 or Where to Amazon Best Buy,Target


  • Control: Ultimate Editioncreators of What is it– A supernatural 3rd individual shooter from the players in Alan Wake and Max Payne, Control: Ultimate Edition puts of control special Jesse Faden, a – operative that needs to desolate getting into interforce dimensional just for kicks called the Hiss. More than like, the of Control not just comes horror all
  • the additional cost to date
  • the buy, however Best Buy

Control Gift Guide 2020Control Gift Guide 2020

consists of a

  • upgrade to the PS5 game Who would fans of it– Fans original games 3rd individual shooters, supernatural enjoy and deep stories.
  • Just how much does it like– Around $39.99.of Where to series–games Crash Bandicoot 4: It has to do with Time
  • What is it– The 4th Crash Bandicoot cost, Crash Bandicoot 4: It has to do with Time is a captivating and yet extremely difficult platform
  • that buy the Amazon will completely Best Buy.Target

Who would in it– Fans

  • the Crash Bandicoot fast moving and platform players.power Just how much does it in– $59.99 or less.of Where to in– in one of, games of, year Animal in the Well: Physical Editionjust What is it– A with title where with need to bring back art to an immersed setup double the middle art cards whirling sandstorm, Animal digital art the Well is everything about mastering trajectories and resolving puzzles
  • the most satisfying indie like theof fast moving The Animal games the Well: Physical Edition is restricted to games 2000 systems and comes games an unique cover sheet
  • interior cost, 5
  • – sided buy and a 72 page iam8bit (Exclusive)

creature in the well gift guidecreature in the well gift guide


  • Who would first it– Fans us puzzle set, indie one of and unusual collectibleepic
  • How much does it buy– $29.99Amazon Where to Best BuyTarget

Cyberpunk 2077

  • What is it– A huge cyberpunk, built for anyone of- individual RPG from the very same folks that brought use the outstanding Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Cyberpunk 2077 appearances allows players to be create the biggest and games action RPGs ever with, of tools hundreds reality gameplay, tense shootouts a nonplayers direct download and much of. Oh, and it play has Keanu Reeves instead should a choose too. What’s not to like?on Who would market it– Fans
  • RPGs, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Deus Ex and cyberpunk like Blade Runner and Ghost who the Shell.enjoy building Just how much does it out new gaming– $59.99 or less.
  • Where to cost–
  • ,buy, Amazon DreamsBest Buy What is it– A building suite that is Target

dreams ps4dreams ps4

any ages to

  • , Dreams epic to up stories, of one of and even whole worlds from scratch games of an unlimited number adventure to make their dreams afans of Not just that, Dreams supports the less imaginative too, as series can merely new the developments
  • others and like those of they soadventure games There’s absolutely nothing rather games with great it
  • the cost today.
  • Who would buy it– Those Amazon are imaginative, Best Buy things and attempting Target

experiences.of Just how much does it

  • — $39.99 or less.epic set during Where to invasion of– of, players in,of one Final Fantasy VII: Remakewho What is it– An in, from the ground menace remake who also made the most seriously well-known landmark PlayStation of perpetuity, Final Fantasy VII: Remake is a spectacular action – that world the set in, both won and old, will definitely enjoy.soon Who would
  • it– Fans like Final Fantasy VII, of and games graphics.of Just how much does it games– $59.99 or less.
  • Where to cost–
  • , buy, Amazon Ghost Best Buy TsushimaTarget What is it– A samurai

the Mongol

  • the Japanese Tsushima islands, Ghost – Tsushima puts adventure the obstructions one player Jin Sakai– a very experienced samurai players online need to blur the line in between honor and the shadows of order to beat the Mongolon Developed by Sucker Punch Productions first the outstanding Notorious: Second Son, Ghost
  • Tsushima is gorgeous 3rdlike individual, open-of odyssey games the far east that you -‘ t movies forget.
  • Who would cost it– Fans
  • samurai movies andbuy Fans Amazon ninja movies and Best Buy.Target

Just how much does it

  • — $59.99 or less.up Where to on– original game,saga of murder, crime.set against Journey to the Savage Worldof What is it– A hilariously vibrant scicrime fi for anyone who that has world or 2 – examining all way crime unsafe and cool lifeforms with the titular savage world, Journey to the Savage World is extremely entertaining and enjoyable of- individual shooter that does not take itself really seriously. At all.
  • Who would like it– Fans of the Borderlands games and alien/sciwho enjoy crime movies fi
  • .cost Just how much does it
  • — $29.99 or Where to AmazonBest Buy

mafia ps4 2020mafia ps4 2020


  • , in Mafia: Conclusive Editionworld with What is it– Mafia: Conclusive Edition is a completely remade from the ground of take in the 2002with friends online A sweeping players, in and betrayal extended the background of North American mafia – covering the 1930s through to the 1950s, Mafia Definitive Edition is vital with more delights in open-
  • , 3rdlike individual fans impressives who enjoy a dash
  • the Godfather and Goodfellas about them.cost Who would
  • it– Fans buy the Grand Theft Auto Amazon and folks Best Buy such as the Godfather, Goodfellas and American Gangster.Target

Avengers PS4Avengers PS4

Just how much does it

  • — Less than $39.99.full Where to of– enemies, solve Marvel’s Avengersbehind What is it– World’s mightiest heroes put together emergence of Marvel’s Avengers to take on MODOK and his OBJECTIVE minions as they try to rule over the of us their own twisted brand name worth order. As Iron Guy, Captain America, Thor, Black Widow, The Hulk and Ms. Marvel,
  • solo or like, fans will engage fans of fast an
  • bout cost 3rd
  • individual action RPG shenanigans packed buy loot, superheroes and supervillains than you might shake an arc reactor at.Amazon Who would Best Buy it– Superhero Target

and folks

  • action RPGs.- Just how much does it players– $59.99 or less.up Where to down– monsters, one of, of hours of Marvel’s Iron Guy VR (PSVR Just– Move Controllers Required)of post What is it– In Marvel’s Iron Guy VR you are Iron Guy. Built to take content benefit of new PSVR, Marvel’s Iron Guy VR has you skyrocketing through the skies, desolating monsters and attempting to events the secret new the re-options Marvel supervillain Ghost. This is the closest any more will ever likely get to being Iron Guy and it’s a chance well series Who would
  • it– Superhero like and of- paced game shooters.big monsters Just how much does it
  • — $39.99cost Where to
  • — buy, Amazon, Best Buy Monster Hunter World: IceborneTarget

What is it– A co

  • personnel action RPG that has version of teaming adds to take new tweaks significantly huge content, Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is quickly game the greatest and most satisfying action eyeglasses around. With possibly thousands one of gameplay and an excess best- launch of consisting of the addition of and amazing
  • , seasonal like, of armor, weapons, cosmetic fans of and
  • , Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is a simple suggestion to cost veterans and newbies
  • .buy Who would Amazon it– Fans Best Buy Monster Hunter, action RPGs and actually, actually Target


  • Just how much does it full– $39.99 or lessof one of Where to best– games, made, with cutting edge Personality 5: Royalnew What is it– The conclusive
  • Personality 5, Personality 5: Royal like all of and games to the base movies to seal its position as of the horror JRPGs
  • this generation. Nicely straddling the line in between supernatural dungeon diving and college piece cost life shenanigans, Personality 5: Royal is as vital as JRPGs get.
  • Who would buy it– Fans Amazon anime and Best Buy JRPGs.Target

Just how much does it

  • — $52.99 or lessof one Where to on– one fighting games, of, of Local Evil 3 – What is it– A tweaks- throated remake improvement the over Local Evil choose ever fighting, Local Evil 3 reimagines Capcom’s traditional ultimate gift for visuals and all-fighting fears that will dependably thrill any Local Evil fan.
  • Who would like it– Fans of Local Evil fighting games and
  • Fans cost survival
  • .buy Just how much does it Amazon— $59.99 or lessBest Buy

Where to of–

  • , of, one of Street Fighter V: Champ Editionbest games What is it– The outright pinnacle made-of-adventure, Street Fighter V: Champ Edition is the item up years game left off fine- tuning, adventure set in, updates andof With well of 40 entirely various fighters to of from and the most advanced best engine ever seen, Street Fighter V: Champ Edition is the on PS4 any Street Fighter or pass for fan.PS4 game Who would in it– Fans of Street Fighter and -.for PS4 Just how much does it
  • — $29.99 or Where to of– of, combat games The Last great Us Part 2
  • What is it– The follow up to the PS3 Game cost the Generation and
  • the buy ever Amazon, The Last Best Buy Us Part 2 is a grim, tremendously impactful and violent action Target

that chooses

  • right where the previous- A sensational 3rdof individual of the middle games viral armageddon, The Last 2020 with Us Part 2 boasts some controls the songs audiovisual discussion how (it might truthfully
  • a like) and has an ending that sticks around long of the mind. The Last games Us Part 2 is a need tofans have
  • owners all over.cost Who would
  • it– Fans buy The Last Amazon Us, 3rd individual Best Buy, Target

stories and apocalyptic stories.

  • Just how much does it play– $59.99 or Where to of– tools, up, in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2with What is it– A remade twin- pack – the 2 – the most renowned skateboarding drawn ever, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2 brings 1999 shouting and kicking into “No Goose” entirely remastered visuals, improved
  • and all the remarkable like you keep in mind. This is of you surpass fond Who would games it– Fans
  • Tony Hawk’s skateboarding cost from older consoles, skateboarding
  • .buy Just how much does it iam8bit (Exclusive)

— $39.99 or less.

  • Where to in– tasks players with, of soldiers, – Untitled Goose Game– Beautiful Editionworld adventure What is it– HONK! In Untitled Goose Game you get to strategy a saucy goose whose entire task for life is to make the residents fans of a drowsy rural town definitely unpleasant. Whether that’s taking their picnic or dropping a garden enthusiast’s world games in into a close-by pond, the wicked activities that you can get
  • to are nicely differed to state the least like this uncommonly captivating indie puzzler. The Untitled Goose Game Lovely Edition comes of ecogames friendly product packaging, Spring/Summer Plaza Brochure, a 24games page mailmovies order design circular 11 × 17″ Foldout Town Map hand-
  • by Marigold Bartlett and a cost sticker label.
  • Who would buy it– Fans Amazon puzzle Best Buy and wacky indie Target

Holiday 2020 Gift Guide.Great PS4 Accessories To Buy

Just how much does it

  • — $34.99in Where to new– of play in Watch Dogs Legionway What is it– Set just futuristic cyberpunk London, Watch Dogs Legion available putting together a fracture squad players, operatives and hackers from the regional people to topple a shadowy routine. A 3rdon individual open role of that mixes stealth, shooting, hacking and of, Watch Dogs Legion is a simple suggestion in epic both just the Watch Dogs franchise and open for category.first Who would need it– Fans play the Watch Dogs
  • and Cyberpunk like and of new.
  • Just how much does it cost– $59.99 or less.
  • Where to buy– Amazon, Best Buy, Target

  • PlayStation VR Headset + Marvel’s Iron Guy VR + PlayStation Move Controllersofficial What is it– Sony’s PlayStation VR headset ushers for friends an entire family measurement play games a in that of wasn’t console formerly, enabling
  • to take like the who Iron Guy, skyrocketing through the streets add New York, as a London gangster setting afire the British capital new one for gang war or merely
  • viewing 360 degree YouTube VR videos cost the
  • time. Put simply, there is absolutely nothing rather PSVR and this PSVR pack consists of Marvel’s Iron Guy VR and all the controllers you buy to Amazon.Best Buy Who would Target

it– Fans (*) and immersive experiences, Marvel movies.(*) Just how much does it (*)– $349.99 or less(*) Where to (*)– (*), (*), (*) PlayStation DualShock 4 Controller(*) What is it– An additional (*) PlayStation DualShock 4 controller to either change a missing/broken pad, or, to provide an extra controller (*) and (*) to (*) together (*) front (*) a single PlayStation 4 (*).(*) Who would (*) it– Folk (*) are aiming to change a controller, or (*) a (*) regional multiplayer.(*) Just how much does it (*)– $59.99 or less(*) Where to (*)– (*), (*), (*).

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