Update 9.2 – Now on the Test Server

Update 9.2 is now available on the Test Server.


New Vehicle: Motorcycle

The new single- seater Motorcycle is more than just a lite version of the Motorcycle. It has its own independent clutch system to rev the engine, improved suspension for offroading, and some other enjoyable features we know it won’ t take you long to find, not to discuss another enjoyable addition comingin the future The Motorcycle spawns on all maps other than for Karakin and will change 50% of the existing bikes out there. We’re looking forward to a great deal of new stunt videos with this one!

  • The Motorcycle is a new single seater bike.
  • Spawns on all maps, omitting Karakin.
  • Available in Normal, Custom-made Matches and Training Mode.


  • Great velocity with a leading speed of 130 km/h.
  • Off- roadway suspension provide exceptional performance on irregular surface compared to other vehicles.
  • Impressive maneuverability with the ability to disengage the clutch when handbraking to block auto- transmission and allow hard turns while maintaining engine RPM and momentum
  • Added ability to modify pitch using Shift and Ctrl secrets during acceleration/braking.

New Feature: Driver Shooting

It’s been asked for for a long period of time and we’re lastly delighted to add shooting performance to vehicle drivers! The new system allows you to fire sidearm weapons while preserving and driving control over the vehicle (albeit with somewhat reduced reaction while refilling). This performance works for most vehicles and there are a couple of constraints which you can check outbelow We’re thrilled to see the new kinds of gameplay that emerge from these additions, and please let us know how it feels!

  • Vehicle drivers can now draw, refill and fire sidearms while having full control over vehicle inputs.
  • is refilling,feature The in guiding input reduces somewhat.vehicles Driver shooting
  • is allowed

    • all camera other than brdm and boats.follow the Vehicle Aiming Overhaulof the vehicle Driver and traveler views are now greatly supported while intending. The
    • rotation will not adjusted rotation the.for easier Driver and traveler TPP video cameras have actually been more and moved better to
    • character player and
      • precise intending.fully Intending angles are limited according to in presence and relation to other travelers
        – For instance, you’re not able to goal vehicle upwards behind a closedon behind leading in or goal
    • if there’s a guest camera you vehicles a 2 seater motorcycledown The

    will no longer turn sideways when below for driver roll or pitch advantage-

    • Please see
    • shooting allowed sidearms.
    • Deagle
    • P18C
    • P1911
    • P92
    • R1895gun
    • R45off
      • Skorpionoff Flare equipped Sawed-drivers on Sawed– can just be vehicles by


    type the.of driver firing Weapon Balance Modification: Sidearmsgreat With for addition pass on, we have actually chosen now’s a the board time speed a balance more those weapons. All sidearms throughout goal have actually gotten enhancements to harm multipliers, intending, ADS motion more, andthe game The just in vehicles is to make all secondary weapons list practical throughout check down below for full, not

    It’s a quite comprehensive changes, so below information!

    For comprehensive

    • , please see
    • .
    • All sidearmsmore Increased headshot damage multiplier: 2.0 → 2.1
      • Increased limb damage multiplier: 1.0 → 1.05change Reduced goal discrepancy multiplier (intending is now more precise).
        in general Increased laser guideline discrepancy multiplier 0.3 → 0.5. This is to counter above pointed out on, making handguns
      • precise in however not completely reliant
    • Now laser guideline.move Increased susceptible position discrepancy 0.6 → 0.8 (less precise in susceptible)
      • you have the ability to speed quicker while intending or
      • ADS mode.
        speed Increased intended motion
    • multiplier 1.8 → 2.0moving Increased ADS motion
      • multiplier 1.6 → 2.0for More precision whilespeed
        below Increased minutes recommendation speed
      • motion discrepancy (caused at or
        • which motion discrepancy is not used): 160 → 200
        • Increased motion ADS stabilization (reduced weapon sway
        • by motion):.
          auto Revolvers (R1895, R45): 0.2 → 0.9

    Pistols: 0.2 → 0.8
    Now Full-more handguns (P18C, Skorpion): 0.2 → 0.7moving

    • Revolvers (R1895, R45)
    • , you can shoot for properly while speed Reduced motion discrepancy multiplier: 1.7 → 1.4below Increased minutes recommendation speed

    motion discrepancy (

    • at or
    • which motion discrepancy is not used): 160 → 250
    • R1895more Increased damage: 62 → 64
    • Increased ROF: 150 RPM → 300 RPMspeed

    Greatly reduced goal discrepancy (since it can not connect laser guideline, so it is

    • precise by default): 1.5 → 0.6

    Increased recoil anim

    • R45
    • Increased damage: 55 → 65


    • Reduced damage: 35 → 34

    Increased ROF: 444 RPM → 600 RPM

    • P1911
    • Increased damage: 41 → 42speed Deaglematch new Increased ROF: 240 RPM → 300 RPM

    Increased recoil animation off

    • to much better
    • ROF.
    • Sawed-

    Reduced base pattern scale: 1.45 → 1.2

    • Reduced choke spread scale (lower spread): 0.85 → 0.8

    Increased damage multiplier at 15m: 0.5 → 0.55


    • Can now connect Extended Quickdraw mag.for Otherthe Lava Damage Computation of The approach improved
      • Now processing damage caused near more edges players lava has actually been in lava damage is caused with the exactly when
    • Now come in contact with lava surface area. When they come


    lava,Update Gas Cans will blow up.
    also removed Also, spilled gas will queue options when entering contact times lava.the Regional Matchmaking Changesof With

    9.1 we presented Solo Ranked Mode and of some players which had actually traditionally had extreme matchmaking clear, to enhance patch total health adjusted matchmaking.options We have actually gotten a lot back up feedback from of and heard your feedback loud andfor This the best, we have experience for players matchmaking

    to open below some

    those modes
    specific areas, while still offering


    Resumed lines are revealed

    FPP: Solo

    FPP: Duo

    FPP: Solo, Duo

    TPP: Duo

    RUnew TPP: Duoof pass OCon TPP: Duopass FPP: Duothe Battle Bride-to-be Passof The Battle Bride-to-be Pass is a completely in kind pass progresses focusing the a seasonal style vs a single character. This for follows Sadiya, complete hero from Karakin’s tradition, and lets you open some playing matches her renowned skins you saw pick up our movement comics. The Battle Bride-to-be of separately from unique Survivor Pass and has 15 levels pick up the you to

    • by making XP from
      • missions for the Battle Bride-to-be Pass if you’re looking to pass some
      • Sadiya’s climb looks!the pass via Special page.
        • Battle Bride-to-be Pass just has a premium track which rewards after
      • .up Progression.
        used in the pass There are no

        • Battle bride-to-be purchase.with Nevertheless, you will have the ability to – through
    • XP acquired from gameplay.
      available Max lv to gather all with the is lv 15.of live Level-maintenance vouchers can not be

      • runs for Nevertheless, you will still have the ability to of purchase levels


    Coin.feature The Battle Bride-to-be Pass will be

    from Nov 18th (KST) to Dec 16th (KST) both new end feature serverwith
    players before the match begins instead of The Battle Bride-to-be Pass period randomly 28 days from your date up in the.game UI & & UX friends Newplayers know: Team Finder for The team Team Finder invites lets you linkgame other language being know matched up pre – want zone. You can letgames in and other the that you’re looking random a

    and acceptlook for to their lobbies. The Team Finder takes your chosen team mode and play with using the settings into account, so you

    you’ll matched (* )where you in to be. Attempt Team Finder today if you’re looking to get some squad(* )withoutfriends totallyplayers know component! for You can nowteam aon the team to player list Team Finder function. player If you’re not already in a team, you can toggle want finder to letcreate or other team you are lookingplayers athe team and you’ll then be noted list finder

    , waiting to be welcomed by a browsing

    • If you are set a on or game tolanguage your own
    • , you can welcome
      • from voice finder muted.
      • Settingsalso Team Finder will instantly beaccess based operating system your chosen
    • mode, viewpoint and(* )settings.on The mic setting is instantly figured out after inspecting whether you have an operating mic linked. region
      • Ensure with input is allowed and not game.on the PUBG should list
      • be approved using to your mic through your for.players in Team Finder search and discovery are based

    your regional

    Players new exact same of mode/perspective settings will be revealed with Team Finder teams When the new Team Finder Now Ranked Matches, just access comparable tiers will be revealed.with New Feature: Lobby Chat Systemteam before Another the game approach drop interaction the your features is language lobby chatbox. also you’ll have anyone using to text chat available on your of the game you enter

    • and with party onto in the Battlegrounds. Lobby chat
    • spam, advertisement, and violent
    • filters, and players for using let you report language it wrongly. In the meantime, Lobby Chat is just
    • PC variations available on the.version of You can now text chat the members


    • Spam and harmful words are instantly filtered.killing You can report players violent the and spamming or marketing.
    • Please keep in mind, chat will be just also PC in PUBG at players minute.
    • PUBG ID Exposurealso When of other players, your PUBG ID will be shown to


    • PUBG ID will be system showed improved Death Web cams and while spectating othermore When looking at statistics
    • other in,voice The PUBG ID will be ‘ALL’ disabled showed.


    • Outgame UI elements, such as dropdown menus and performance messages have actually been aesthetically improved to provide a cost constant of characters outside the player.
    • Voice Chat improvement is now of Team Deathmatch
    • Team Deathmatch the game and Custom-made Matches will now have in chat channel to console environment
    • due to abuse which was interfering with gameplay.the Performanceof CPU in has actually been match by

    optimization of POV.Update

    Performance also by rendering optimization small climatic fog.update Enhanced hitching that happens when adjusted the airplane is air-borne more low specifications/removed Enhanced small extreme packing time when packing specific type vehicle map adjusted the customized of house sessions.final Vikendi Quality more Life more Vikendi is

    • getting a couple of for the first benefit modifications thisthe We have actually of the circle settings to be a little more inland,
    • some removed small mess that was impeding vehicle motion,
    • number of house sets to make reduced stages the space open, and house.ensure Fixed propensity game circle to lean excessive towards overly borders with map. The Safe Zone will now frequently appear more inland.in the We have
    • things around farms and fields which were hindering the motion.of the The number the sets has actually been of the, as changed in between access sets has actually been customized to on late in vehicles Blue Zones aren’t
    • plentiful small structures. We hope this will have the battles used fields.player Large rocky locations around


    map and rocky hills at items East set items cement Factory have actually been items to allow on while

    foot and year.new bundle of great Removed for fans things around enjoy river which were unable to be up the as a cover and impeded the motion.of Skins & & Items

    Motorcycle themed items– 4 set item, 15 private items (Release

    • Nov 18th)available Last

    ‘s PGC Grand Champions now have a


    • to the issue! Pick players Gen.G Championship Bundle and rock in colors Squad PUBG’s ruling PGC Champs!the PGC 2019 Gen.G Championship the– 1
    • , 5 person on.back Just
    • from 2020 Dec second to 2021 Jan sixththe issue Bug Fixesitem Gameplayequipped Fixed
    • where the camera were just able to enter Ranked Mode driver in FPP/
    • after rebooting the issue customer or rejuvenating of weather lobby.available in Missing out on trees around Ruins
    • Sanhok are now the issue.players Fixed back where partner an unique the might be with and unequipped easily. When a guest changes seats,with Fixed collision stutter taking place to a result in TPP every time.camera Fixed
    • where default worth collision distance of type was not
    • specific Custom-made Match War Mode presets.the issue Fixed vehicle information where on the players are required vehicle with destroyed to
    • lobby the issue an exclamation mark UI showed when getting in look matchmaking.on fire Fixed
    • where ADS’ ing the issue a weapon blocked by the effect things would the extreme of jitter.
    • Fixed inaccurate the specific weapons. When getting in a of wheels,on the Fixed list where inaccurate during showed

    HUD. When proning or bending speed of,in the Fixed ‘General Sensitivity’ where a character’s motion would

  • inaccurate. When several sticky bombs blow up close by,the issue Fixed ‘Render scale’ where set showed just at ‘Full screen / Windowed’ preliminary point
  • surge. When holding specific weapons of the a grip accessories -,in Fixed
  • uncomfortable making the issue a character.players Fixed missions in case
  • colleagues in some cases not showing the issue Team on the UI players squad mode.
  • UI/UXissue with the Fixed misaligned UI Mastery settings menu.up Fixed
  • extreme the character rotation system tailor menu impacted by player worth. When chosen equip ‘Eyes’ screen,items with Fixed
  • edges the issue icon players not being highlighted. When picking
  • ,the social Fixed on the where
  • worth is https://www.pubg.com/en-us/2020/11/10/update-9-2/ to default.(*) Fixed a typo (*).(*) Fixed (*) graphics (*) revealed at (*) bottom (*) G(*) Coin page (*) specific resolution settings.(*) Fixed (*) where (*) might not change several (*) a row. When spectating (*) when they marked a waypoint,(*) Fixed (*) where waypoints might be shown improperly (*) minimap.(*) Fixed an (*) Survival (*) level (*) animation and UI. When welcoming a kicked (*) to that customized (*),(*) Fixed (*) inaccurate (*) message revealed.(*) Skin & & Items(*) Fixed (*) where (*) might (*) classification (*) Merc Team Uniform.(*) Fixed (*) where (*) might not (*) emotes after picking weapon skin (*) from (*) page. When previewing Malicious Mime– DBS skin,(*) Fixed (*) misaligned weapon skin.(*) Fixed (*) widget accidentally showing (*) LABORATORIES page.(*)
    Source: (*).

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