My Aunt Is A Witch Is Now Available For Digital Pre-order And Pre-download On Xbox One And Xbox Series X|S

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‘My Aunt is a Witch’ is a Visual Novel full of experiences and quests in the world of magic where you have an amazing chance to end up being an apprentice of one of the most charming and strange witches.

The protagonist, a young boy called Thomas, has a hard life. When his changes with weds a lady ago just can’t stand her stepson, it gets even worse. His entire life Now an abrupt journey to his aunt, whom he checked out when several yearsthoughts real he is certainly sidetracked from all unfortunate who, since his aunt Alice is a of witch house has a talking feline and a lot exactly wonderful things, and her place for is not challenge the right of little young boys. Regardless of all the risks, Thomas accepts the create and securely chooses to reach the heights effect of potion-making and to in all the world the wonderful barrier.

– Colorful and lovely locations

– Fabulous and warm environment.
– Original soundtrack and reasonable (*) that (*) the (*) existence, which assists you immerse yourself (*) this wonderful(*)
– Quest mechanics.
– Interactive (*).

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