eSports Team Cloud 9 Spends $6 Million on Roster Overhaul

Cloud 9 invested a cumulative $6 million on a complete roster overhaul in October 2020. Its final finalizing of es3tag from Astralis cost a tremendous $2.1 million, the most significant CS: GO offer ever.

According to the research data examined and released by Safe Betting Sites, Cloud 9 is one of the most valuable eSports companies worldwide. Valued at $400 million and $29 million in yearly profits, it is connected with Team SoloMid for first place.

Astralis Leads CS: GO Teams Internationally with $8.2 Million in Tournament Profits

Besides es3tag, Cloud 9 also signed Alex, floppy, woxic and mezii to complete its CS: GOteam The 4 players cost a total of $3.5 million. Together with es3tag, they are expected to restore the team to its previous splendor.

Regardless of regular roster changes, the last time Cloud 9 won a tournament was in 2018. Based on rankings, it does not appear on the list of the leading 10 CS: GO teams in September 2020. Astralis, which ranked first, is also the leading CS: GO team by totalearnings According to GHLF data, it won a total of $8.217 million from 88 competitions. That was nearly double the earnings of second- positioned Team Liquid, which had $4.593 million.

Cloud 9 was tenth with $2.539 million in total CS: GO jackpots. According to a report by eSports Earnings, Astralis team members are the leading 5 CS: GO players with thehighest earnings Dupreeh topped the list with $1.772 million, Xyp9x was second with $1.771 million and Dev1ce was 3rd with $1.737 million.

In the eSports market as an entire, the leading team in terms of earnings is Team Liquid. It had won a total of $35.70 million as of November 13, 2020. Cloud 9 was 12th with $993 million and Astralis was 17th with $8.35 million. Cloud 9’s ranking by Gamezo as the most valuable eSports organization was credited to its success in League of Legends (LoL) and CS: GO over the years.

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