Fortnite Update 2.94 Patch Notes Confirmed, In-Game Video Chat Added For PS5 And PS4

Epic Games has actually released the Fortnite update 2.94 patch notes, which validates the addition of in-game video chat for the PC, PS5 and PS4 variations of the insanely-popular battle royale title. There’s also a lot of other updates worth monitoring out, so have a look at the latest Fortnite update patch notes below.

Fortnite Update 2.94 Patch Notes– PS5, PS4


  • You can now conceal the Removal Feed and mute Removal Audio to motivate sly sniping!


  • Updated the Center Island portal layout to accommodate the current updates to center creator standards.


  • Fixed an issue where the time of day lighting appeared in a different way on featured islands and individual islands.


  • Added a new option to My Island > > Settings
    • Player Removal Audio: Off, On (Default: On)– causes gotten rid of players to be despawned quietly.
  • Added new options to My Island > > UI
    • Conceal Removal Feed: Yes, No (Default: No)– totally conceals the removal feed during the game.
    • Hide Party Eliminations: Yes, No (Default: No)– conceals the number of removals for each party member in the Party UI during the game.


  • Fixed an issue where a removed player might spectate a player on the enemy team.
  • Fixed an issue where Team Size did not restrict the number of players when Join in Progress was set to ‘Spawn Next Round’.
  • Fixed an issue where the sky would flicker on PS4.

ITEMS and weapons BUG FIXES

  • Fixed an issue where the X-4 Stormwing was de-synced after player interaction.
  • Fixed an issue where husks did not fall off edges to follow players.


  • Fixed an issue where players might not open the Innovative Inventory after cutting and pasting adevice When tailoring a


  • Fixed an collision issue with where the Innovative Inventory appeared distorted.wall asset PREFABS AND GALLERIES BUG FIXES
  • Fixed a issue with the pillar yellow from the Princess Castle Wall galleries.
  • Fixed an issue with the bush from Winter season Alternative Foliage Gallery A having a asset with Fixed an
  • a bridge girder issue with from the Steel Bridge galleries being challenging to of the phone.outside of Fixed an preview some
  • the Steel Bridge prefabs & & galleries positioning issue with the street asset border.set Fixed an box the bridge
  • from the Steel Bridge issue with assets having a misaligned grid breeze wrong.

Fixed an

  • Added new options from the Swamp Cliff Gallery showing the device texture.
    • GADGETSallows to the Class Selector effect.player changes Activation Audio: On, Off (Default: On)– muted the audio
    • played when a allows class to be effect for.for players Zone Audio: On, Off (Default: On)– muted the ambient audio
  • Added new options the zone and the audio results device leaving the zone and going into to be
    • .
    • to the Mutator Zone
      • .options Chose Team: None, 1-16 (Default: None)option Impacts Team: Picked, All However Picked (Default: All However Selected)allow These 2 teams change the old Safe Team just to team the zone to impact all
    • (Selected Team = None),
    • the Selected Team, or every
      • other than the Selected Team.options Picked Class: None, Any, 1-16 (Default: None)option Impacts Class: Picked, All However Picked (Default: All However Selected)allow These 2 players change the old Safe Class just to
    • Update the zone to impact all classes (Picked Class = Any), on without a class (Picked Class = None), device the Selected Class, or every class other than the Selected Chose Team When Getting From: No Channel, 1-150 (Default: No Channel)– sets the Selected Team player who the signal to be the very same
    • Update as the on initiated the device.player who Picked Class When Getting From: No Channel, 1-150 (Default: No Channel)– sets the Selected Class signal the

to be the very same class as the

  • initiated the issue with.bright on PS5 during GADGETS BUG FIXES
  • Fixed an issue the Player Spawn Pad’s lighting being too option combined island filters.

PS4 Fixed an

  • where the Mutator Zone Class Selected Fortnite was balanced out by 1.

Note(*) 14.60 Release: Stability Fixes to enhance (*).(*)

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