The Blitz Europe Cup Kicks Off This Friday

As the Blitz Cup continues its unique competition around the world, the local Blitz Cups are in full swing and the European competition is just around the corner!

Taking place on November 20 and 21 at 18:00 GMT, the Blitz Europe Cup will be the 3rd in a series of 4 local champions where the best teams, picked through qualifying competitions, will clash in intense Tier X vehicles for their share of the $200k prize pool.

The teams are:

  • [LGN] Legion
  • [LOCA] AnimalPlanet
  • [EG-] Hey lol
  • [RA1D] RA1D

The prize pool for each local championship will be dispersed as follows:

  • first place: $25,000 in addition to a unique emblem
  • second place: $15,000 in addition to a unique emblem
  • 3rd place: $7,000 in addition to a unique emblem
  • fourth place: $4,000

“This year the Blitz Cup will be held online for the first time in its history, which has been a big challenge for us,” says Daria Klimchuk, eSports Team Lead, World of Tanks Blitz. “It might have a different format this year, but we’re making it one to remember, especially given the large number of participating teams and the $200k prize pool, which is double that of the Twister Cup.”

The EU competition will also see World of Tanks Blitz working with a European media outlet as a special streaming partner, with Pocket Gamer showcasing the competition on the homepage of theirwebsite Pocket Gamer is the leading website dedicated to games on mobile and portable gadgets, supplying news, examines, guides and ideas for iOS, Android and Nintendo players given that 2006.

Along With these changes, and for the first time ever, Nintendo Switch players will have the ability to participate together with the tablets and mobiles.

Audiences will be rewarded, too. During the champions, there will be just one job for audiences– they need to just view one and a half hours of a particular stream. By delighting in Friday’s stream for that amount of time, tankers will get 5 secrets to special tournament containers, while viewing the Saturday stream will net them an entire huge selection of rewards, consisting of an extra 7 secrets to the special tournament containers, uncommon Boosters, x3 XP and camouflage certificates, and a special avatar.

2 of the 4 local Blitz Cups have already crowned theirchampions They are HLV (Asia) and Crocodiles (CIS). The last in the series, the Blitz The United States And Canada Cup will take place later on this month and will also be revealed on the official World of Tanks Blitz YouTube channel.

Prepare yourself to root for your favourites and do not miss your chance to get rewarded!

To view the streams, please go to the game’s official website, or watch on our media partner’s homepage–

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