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Each year, we unite the best in PUBG esports from all around the world to compete for the ultimate chicken supper. We began out in 2018 with the first ever PUBG GLOBAL INVITATIONAL in Berlin, and in 2019 commemorated the first ever PUBG GLOBAL CHAMPIONSHIP.

Nevertheless, due to the continuous Covid- 19 Pandemic, we ‘d formerly announced that we ‘d be delaying this year’s PUBG GLOBAL SERIES (PGS) and instead picked to hold the PUBG CONTINENTAL SERIES. While it wasn’t the exact same format we had actually provided in previous years, we’re delighted numerous of you have actually delighted in and taken part in the PCS action!

Now it’s time to look forward to 2021. We have actually taken the last year to dive into what makes a PUBG esports tournament enjoyable and interesting, while also paying special attention to how that can be done in a safe way for our players, fans, and personnel. The result, we enjoy to reveal, is the return of the PUBG GLOBAL INVITATIONAL, or PGI.S as we’re calling it!


PGI.S takes 2018’s tournament and molds it into an 8- week esports celebration where players from around the world come together and compete for a huge $3.5 million dollar prize pool.

So what does the S stand for?

Lots of things, in fact. The S is Survival, the core of what makes Battle Royale. It also represents the new Series format of PGI. It’s Supremacy, it’s Showmanship, it’s a global Showdown, and maybe most significantly, it’s Safety. We’re taking big steps to ensure that PGI.S is our best tournament yet while making sure everybody remains safe.

PGI.S Information

PGI.S will be the longest global PUBG esports celebration to date, lasting 8 successive weeks from February 1st to March 28th, 2021. This year, we’re welcoming 32 teams from around the world to join us in the Republic of Korea to participate in our safe tournament format. The total amount of prize pool will be 3.5 Million USD with 30% of the revenue earned from Pick ’em challenge to be added later on on.

Regional Seeds

32 teams from around the world will be welcomed to PGI.S from the areas notedbelow Full team list will be released at a later date.

  • Europe: 7 Teams
  • China: 6 Teams
  • Southeast Asia: 5 Teams
  • The United States And Canada: 4 Teams
  • South Korea: 4 Teams
  • Latin America: 2 Teams
  • Japan: 2 Teams
  • Chinese Taipei: 2 Teams

PGI.S Match Particulars

  • PGI.S is made of 2 parts. Weekly Survival and Weekly Final.
  • During the first week, all teams will participate in initial ‘Rank Decision’ matches to choose their placement, with the leading 16 teams getting involved in the first Weekly Survival match.
  • Weekly Survival will be held for a total of 16 matches during weekdays to choose 16 Chicken Supper winners.
  • 16 teams with Chicken Dinners from the Weekly Survival will earn prize money and an area in the Weekly Finals.
  • When a team makes an area in the Weekly Finals, the next highest ranked team from the waiting list takes their place in Weekly Survival and the next match begins.
  • Weekly Finals will have a total of 10 matches and a bigger amount of prize money on the line, which teams will earn based on their performance.
  • The team with the most amount of prize money after 6 8 weeks will be the final champions of PGI.S. * More comprehensive rules will be shared in an approaching announcement.

COVID- 19 Safety Preventative Measures

We’re taking a number of extremely crucial steps to ensure that everybody getting involved in PGI.S can do so without risk or concern. We want our players and personnel to have a safe environment so they can focus on the tournament.

We have actually built 2 weeks of quarantine time into team schedules instantly after they arrive and we’ll be offering various services to help keep everybody comfy during theirisolation We’ll be following all

standards and

safety measures while enacting our own strengthened for determines any place PUBG Thank You!tournament As constantly, we thank you last year your limitless assistance, lifting for each made esports great year for PUBG far beyond our expectations. This people has actually been challenging facing numerous however your commitment and enthusiasm have back with more information on it a soon esports, regardless of the difficulties and problems

are We’ll be (*) PGI.S (*), so remain tuned!(*)
Source: (*).

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