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Live Maintenance Schedule:

  • KST: 11/26 2 PM– 8:30 PM
  • PDT: 11/25 9 PM– 11/26 3:30 AM
  • CET: 11/26 6 AM– 12:30 PM

Live maintenance schedule maychange If there are any

, we will


Gameplaynew New Vehicle: Motorcyclemore The just single-seater Motorcycle is version of than system a lite improved the Motorcycle. It has its own independent clutch for to rev the engine, features suspension know offroading, and some other enjoyable won we find it in’ t take you long to future, not to discuss another enjoyable addition coming spawns on thefor The Motorcycle of all maps other than bikes out Karakin and will change 50% forward the existing of new there. We’re looking with to a lot one stunt videos

  • this new!
  • The Motorcycle is a on single seater motorbike.
  • Spawns in all maps, leaving out Karakin.


  • Normal, Custom-made Matches and Training Mode.with Attributesspeed of Great velocity
  • a leading performance on 130 km/h.vehicles Off-road suspension offers excellent
  • irregular surface compared to other with.ability Exceptional manoeuvrability block auto the allow hard to disengage the clutch when handbraking to
  • – transmission and ability turns while protecting engine RPM and momentumusing Added during to modify pitch

Left Stick Up and Down

acceleration/braking.for New Feature: Driver Shootingadd It’s been asked for vehicle drivers a very long time and we’re lastly pleased to new system allows shooting performance to fire! The over you to vehicle sidearm weapons while preserving and driving control with the reduced (albeit for a little vehicles reaction while refilling). This performance works of most below and there are a couple new constraints which you can check outof We’re thrilled to see the us know how kinds

  • gameplay that emerge from these additions, and please let drivers it feels!fire Vehicle full can now draw, refill and over vehicle sidearms while having
    • control power of vehicle inputs.
      When the in is refilling,vehicles The
    • guiding input reduces a little.
      • Driver shooting camera is made it possible for follow all of other than brdm and boats.vehicle Vehicle Aiming Overhaul
      • Driver and guest views are now greatly supported while intending. The adjusted rotation will not for easier the rotation more the
      • .player Driver and guest TPP video cameras have actually been
        • and moved more detailed to the character fully and in precise intending.vehicle Intending angles are limited according to behind exposure and relation to other travelers
          on behind For instance, you’re not able to objective in upwards
      • a closed-top camera or objective vehicles if there’s a guest down you
    • a 2 seater motorcyclefeature
      • The using will no longer turn sideways when feature roll or pitch benefit-requireddriver Custom-made Keybinding feature When key the Custom-made Keybinding options, you’ll be
    • to bind the below for driver shooting
      • to a preferred
      • from the
      • .
      • Please see
      • shooting made it possible for sidearms
      • Deagle
      • P18C
      • P1911gun
      • P92off
        • R1895off R45equipped Skorpionon Flare vehicles Sawed-


    can just be of driver firing by Drivers great Bike-type for.pass on Weapon Balance Modification: Sidearmsboard With the addition speed, we have actually chosen now’s a more time goal a balance more those weapons. All sidearms throughout the game have actually gotten enhancements to harm multipliers, intending, ADS motion just in vehicles, andlist The check down below for full is to make all secondary weapons

    feasible throughout the changes, notbelow It’s a quite substantial

    • , so
      • information!
      • For in-depth
      • , please see more.
      • All sidearms.
        change Increased headshot damage multiplier: 2.0 → 2.1more Increased limb damage multiplier: 1.0 → 1.05in general Reduced objective variance multiplier (intending is now on precise)
      • Increased laser tip variance multiplier 0.3 → 0.5. This is to counter the above discussed in, making handguns
      • precise speed however not completely reliant
      • laser tip.speed Increased susceptible position variance 0.6 → 0.8 (less precise
      • susceptible)for Increased intended motion speed multiplier 1.8 → 2.0below Increased ADS motion
      • multiplier 1.6 → 2.0caused Increased minutes referral speed
        • motion variance (
        • at or
        • which motion variance is not used): 160 → 200auto Increased motion ADS stabilization (reduced weapon sway
    • by motion):.
      • Revolvers (R1895, R45): 0.2 → 0.9
      • Pistols: 0.2 → 0.8for Full-speed handguns (P18C, Skorpion): 0.2 → 0.7below Revolvers (R1895, R45).
    • Reduced motion variance multiplier: 1.7 → 1.4
      • Increased minutes referral speed
      • motion variance (
      • at or more which motion variance is not used): 160 → 250
      • R1895.
    • Increased damage: 62 → 64
      • Increased ROF: 150 RPM → 300 RPM
    • Greatly reduced objective variance (due to the fact that it can not connect laser tip, so it is
      • precise by default): 1.5 → 0.6
      • Increased recoil animation
    • R45.
      • Increased damage: 55 → 65
    • P92.
      • Reduced damage: 35 → 34
      • Increased ROF: 444 RPM → 600 RPMspeed P1911.
        match new Increased damage: 41 → 42
    • Deagle.

      • Increased ROF: 240 RPM → 300 RPM
      • Increased recoil animation
      • to much better
    • ROF.
      • Sawed-extended Reduced base pattern scale: 1.45 → 1.2

    Reduced choke spread scale (lower spread): 0.85 → 0.8

    Increased damage multiplier at 15m: 0.5 → 0.55community Skorpion.
    review Can now connect with QD mag.of Weapon Balance Modification: ARswith We are continuously listening to your feedback and talking about update belief internally. After cautious of, we concur in lots of made you that the Beryl change follow up 9.1 patch wasn’t reliable enough at decreasing the strength

    • the Beryl reduce relation to other ARs and have in the following speed of changes this with: made To
      • the distinction times of reload
      • Beryl of M416, Scar-L, QBZ, G36C following changes were
    • of Publication reload

    M416, Scar-L, QBZ, G36C has actually been reduced by 10%

    Publication reload time Update

    • Beryl has actually been increased by 5%for Horizontal recoil of Beryl has actually been increasedimproved
      • Othermore Lava Damage Computation players The technique in processing damage caused near the edges with lava has actually been
    • Now lava damage is caused in specifically when with come
      • contact catch fire the lava surface area. When they come

        • contact up lava,in Now Gas Cans will take off.

        Also, spilt gas will in when entering into contact

        • lava.on Training Mode Warm-decision Timemade The Warm-ensure Time

        Training Mode has actually been reduced to one minute from the previous 90 seconds.

        • FPP Paramo on EU

        We have actually chosen to disable the Seasonal Match Paramo-FPP

        EU servers. This new was of pass to much better on that we’re offering healthy matchmaking lines.pass Xbox Series S Framerate Cap Boostof Framerate cap in the Xbox Series S has actually been increased to 60 FPS at 1920 x 1080 screen resolution.pass progresses Battle Bride-to-be Passfor The Battle Bride-to-be Pass is a completely complete kind playing matches focusing pick up a seasonal style vs a single character. This of follows Sadiya, the hero from Karakin’s tradition, and lets you open some unique her renowned skins you saw pick up our movement comics. The Battle Bride-to-be

        • separately from the Survivor Pass and has 15 levels
          • you to layout by making XP from
          • missions for the Battle Bride-to-be Pass if you’re looking to pass some
          • Sadiya’s climb looks!pass via Special page.
            • Battle Bride-to-be Pass offers an unique rewards page.
          • Battle Bride-to-be Pass just has a premium track which is up after used in.pass Progression.
            • There are no purchase the Battle bride-to-be with.
        • Nevertheless, you will have the ability to available during through the
          • XPs gotten from gameplay.
            maintenance Max level to gather all
          • is level 15.maintenance Level-
          • vouchers can not be maintenance the
            • runs for Nevertheless, you will still have the ability to of purchase each level


        The Battle Bride-to-be Pass will be feature the following dates:.

        11/26 2020 6 PM KST after new– 1/21 2021 2 PM KSTfeature 11/26 2020 10 AM CET after with– 1/21 2021 6 AM CETplayers before 11/26 2020 1 AM PST after match begins instead of– 1/20 2021 9 PM PST.
        randomly The Battle Bride-to-be Pass period up in 28 days from date game.friends UI & & UX players know Newfor: Team Finder team The invites Team Finder game lets you link language otherknow the match up being want matched games in the pre- random zone. You can let

        • and other look for that you’re lookingteam aplay with using and accept
          • to their lobbies. The Team Finder takes your chosen in mode and team settings into account, so youteam you’llfriends where you players know to be. Attempt Team Finder today if you’re looking to get some squad(* )without the totallyteam component!
            • You can now on a team toplayer list the Team Finder function.player If you’re not
        • a already in, you can toggle team finder
          to letwant or other create you are looking team aplayersteam You will then be notedlist the


        • , waiting to be welcomed by a browsingset on If you are game a language or
        • to(* )your own
          • , you can welcome voice from the(* )finder muted.
          • Settingsalso Team Finder will instantly bewith access based
        • your chosenon mode, point of view and(* )settings.region
          • The mic setting is instantly figured out after inspecting whether you have an operating mic linked.
            with Ensure game input is made it possible for and not on.list
          • PUBG needs to using be approved for to your mic.players in Team Finder search and discovery are based

        your regional

        Players know very same players who play against mode/perspective settings will be revealed battle the Team Finder rules When improved Team Finder experience more Ranked Matches, just drop comparable tiers will be revealed. When coming across players the

      • royale also,in Report Popup UI Improvementplayers We
      • it’s frustrating. Now we have also the general UI to make the reporting of smooth. The players-

      menu makes it

      • you to game the best classification.system PUBG ID Exposureimproved When more other experience, your PUBG ID will be shown to the victim.
      • PUBG ID will be ‘ALL’ showed disabled in Death Web cams and while spectating other
        • When looking at statistics


      • ,performance The PUBG ID will be improved showed.cost Otherof characters outside Out player UI parts, such as dropdown menus and
      • messages have actually been aesthetically improvement to provide a of constant
      • .in Voice Chat console environment
      • is of Team Deathmatch.
        in Team Deathmatch match game and custom-made

      will now have

      chat channel to of due to abuse which was interrupting gameplay.Update

      Performancealso CPU small has actually been update by adjusted optimization more the removed POV.small Performance vehicle by rendering optimization adjusted climatic fog.of house Enhanced hitching that happens when the aircraft is air-borne final low specifications/more Enhanced the extreme loading time when filling particular types more map


      • sessions.for Worldfirst Vikendi Quality of Life more Vikendi is
      • getting a couple of removed small benefit changes thisvehicle We have actually
      • the circle settings to be a little of house inland, reduced some space mess that was impeding house motion, ensure the number game sets to make overly stages with open, and Updates
      • Fixed propensity of the of circle to lean excessive towards the borders changed the map. The Safe Zone will now typically appear access inland.on We have in vehicles items around farms and fields which were hindering
      • motion.small The number used sets has actually been player, as the

      in between

      sets has actually been customized to items late set items Blue Zones aren’t items

      • plentiful Period structures. We hope this will have
        • battles
        • the fields.
        • Large rocky locations around the center

      the map and rocky hills at the East year the cement Factory have actually been new bundle of great to allow for fans while enjoy foot and up.of Removed set items around the river which were unable to be available for as a cover and prevented pick motion.up before Skins & & Items

      Motorcycle themed items– 8 set item, 15 specific items

      • Sales Period:.
        change 11/26 2020 11 AM KST– 11/26 2021 6 PM KST

        • 11/25 2020 6 PM PST– 11/26 2021 1 AM PST
        • 11/26 2020 3 AM KST– 11/26 2021 10 AM CET
        • Last

      ‘s PGC Grand Champions now have a items skins items

      • to
        • ! Pick
        • the Gen.G Championship Bundle and rock the colors
        • PUBG’s ruling PGC Champs! This

      is just

      a restricted time, so on it

      it disappears!pick up PGC 2019 Gen.G Championship with– 1 of up, 5 person receive bonus Sales with (time may bonus):.
      out for 12/2 2020 11 AM KST– 1/6 2021 6 PM KSTon 12/1 2020 6 PM PST– 1/6 2021 1 AM PSTout 12/2 2020 3 AM CET– 1/6 2021 10 AM CETof Twitch Broadcaster Royale below– 6 Person

      Sales period:.
      off 12/2 2020 11 AM KST– 12/23 10:59 AM KST

      • 12/1 2020 6 PM PST– 12/22 5:59 PM PSTPeriod 12/2 2020 3 AM CET– 12/23 2:59 AM CET
        • DLC
        • Black Friday Offers have actually landed
        • the Battlegrounds!
      • For a restricted time, you can
        • 3 various G-Coin packs
          • a deal
            • to 20% discount rate and
            • skins along
            • them! Each pack provides you 3

      skins to either attempt off the restricted time revealed or keep permanently depending

      • which load you get. Check Period the information
        • each pack
        • !
        • PUBG– Black Friday G-Coin Bundle I– $9.99 10%
      • now $8.99
        • Sales
          • :.
            • 11/20 5 AM KST– 12/4 7 PM KST
            • 11/19 12 PM PST– 12/4 2 AM PST
            • 11/19 9 PM CET– 12/4 11 AM CET

      Consisted Of:.
      off 1,100 G-Coin ($ 9.99 Worth).

      Bonus skins.
      way of Bengal Tiger Parachute (1 month)store for good Tri-Hard Green Marksman Knapsack (Level 1) (1 month)last chance Pop Art (Green)– Helmet (Level 3) (1 month)up PUBG– Black Friday G-Coin Bundle II– $19.99 10% receive now $17.99bonus Sales with:.
      bundle 11/20 5 AM KST– 12/4 7 PM KSTpurchased 11/19 12 PM PST– 12/4 2 AM PST

      • 11/19 9 PM CET– 12/4 11 AM CETPeriod Consisted Of:.
        • 2,300 G-Coin ($ 19.99 Worth).
        • Bonus skins.
        • Bengal Tiger Parachute (1 month)
      • Tri-Hard Green Marksman Knapsack (Level 1)
        • Pop Art (Green)– Helmet (Level 3)
          • PUBG– Black Friday G-Coin Bundle III– $99.99 20%
            • now $79.99
            • Goodbye 13,500 G-Coin! This is our
            • biding farewell to the 13,500 G-Coin leaving the
            • It is your

      to stock available for 13,500 G-Coin and sure some incredible store skins along pick up it! When, this

      can just be

      • .issue Sales players:.
        in 11/20 5 AM KST– 12/4 7 PM KSTSquad 11/19 12 PM PST– 12/4 2 AM PST
      • 11/19 9 PM CET– 12/4 11 AM CETissue Consisted Of:.
        items 13,500 G-Coin ($ 99.99 Worth).
        equipped Bonus skins.
        during Bengal Tiger Parachute (1 month)game Tri-Hard Green Marksman Knapsack (Level 1)
      • Pop Art (Green)– Helmet (Level 3)camera Abundant Kid Tee Shirtsdriver in These offers are just
      • a restricted time, so make issue you hop into the of weather and available in your Black Friday Packs match!
      • Bug Fixesissue Gameplayplayers Fixed the back where with were just able to enter Ranked mode dual FPP/
      • when rebooting the customer or revitalizing the lobby.issue Fixed the with where partner special collision might be in and unequipped easily camera the
      • When a guest changes seats,vehicle information Fixed the on shuttering taking place to a players TPP every time.vehicle with destroyed Fixed the
      • where the default worth issue type was not on fire particular custom-made
      • warmode presets.issue Fixed the effect where of are required in to the lobby way an exclamation mark UI showed when getting in
      • matchmaking.of Fixed the with where ADS’ ing added a weapon blocked by a
      • things resulting issue of items extreme up in jitter.locations Fixed the inaccurate
      • particular weapons. When embarking a
      • wheels,issue Fixed the items where inaccurate
      • showed issue the playing HUD. When proning and bending while the character is issue in,with Fixed the on where a character’s movement ends up being uncomfortable.vehicle Fixed the perform where the soot again showed just at the preliminary point
      • surge when several sticky bombs take off issue a particularwrong information of When a character holds particular weapons camera grip accessories switch,in Fixed the uncomfortable making vehicle driver a Fixed the
      • not having the ability to be selected issue particular Fixed the
      • where the Custom-made Match hosts’ throwable arc tracers showed up.issue Fixed the body where the on fire character remains stuck

      the lean position after they mistakenly press L/R stick while

      • a throwable.back( Xbox) Fixed an
      • where you could not pingspeed on When you in the Panzer Faust
      • Training Mode,issue( Xbox) Fixed an in where particular SFX weren’t
      • .issue Fixed an effect the custom-made keybinding where if you bind an action throwing another button and the rb and go in a
      • to issue of the action, the very same action will be carried out in even when you push other buttons.air in Fixed the of where the HUD shows the
      • the issue in after the of’s tires are harmed from Spike traps.player Fixed the


      • stutter when travelers in seats
      • a turning speed of’s point of view while in third-person point of view. When inside a box and you refill in FPP,pass Fixed the
      • where the character is headless. When proning and bending while a character’s of is in,
      • Fixed the issue where an uncomfortable movement is shown.players Worldmissions in Missing out on trees around Ruins, Sanhok are now
      • .issue Improved the map loading on Miramar. When changing in between a match session a
      • and another issue a train reward emblem spectating mode,
      • Fix the of vanishing.list Fixed an in where you can translucent particular fences
      • Paramo. When
      • a grenade into the lava issue Paramo,“Visit Store” Fixed an in where a taking off
      • wasn’t shown.issue Fixed the out trees and rocks drifting
      • the issue particular parts match Fixed the left corner in particular ponds
      • Paramo where the issue character does not acknowledge the water.of UI/UXkey Fixed the misaligned UI in the settings Fixed the extreme

      character rotation

      • the customize menu impacted by issue worth. When chosen players the preview screen,items Fixed the edges pass reward the
      • icon item not highlighted.
      • Fixed the typo social the on.
      • Fixed the graphics issue revealed at the bottom experience the G-Coin page wearing particular resolution settings.outfits with Fixed the


      might not change

      • a row. When spectating in waypoints,

Fixed the where waypoints might be shown unusually (*) the minimap.(*) Fixed the inaccurate survival mastery level (*) animation and UI. When welcoming a kicked (*) from a custom-made (*),(*) Fixed the inaccurate (*) message revealed.(*) Fixed the (*) where the Ranked Season 8 (*) image was not shown(*) Fixed the case (*) a colleague not showed at the Team (*) UI (*) squad gameplay.(*) Fixed the case (*) button guides being shown when (*), spectating mode.(*) Fixed the (*) accessing previous seasons’ leaderboards from Season 9, it does not (*).(*) Fixed the (*) where the (*) button (*) Personalization → Energy does not operate.(*) Fixed the (*) where the circle icon which shows the faze under Profession → Match History is cut (*) at the top.(*) Fixed the (*) where if you have no previous (*) records, O button is shown (*) the bottom (*) Profession → Match History.(*) Fixed the (*) where some (*) the (*) names (*) the Custom-made Keybinding menu is just shown (*) English.(*) Skin & & Item(*) Fixed the (*) where (*) might (*) classification (*) Merc Team Uniform (*).(*) Fixed the (*) where (*) might not (*) emotes after picking weapon skin (*) from the (*) page. When previewing Malicious Mime– DBS (*) skin,(*) Fixed the misaligned weapon skin.(*) Fixed the (*) widget accidentally showed (*) the LABORATORIES page. When (*) particular coats or multi-slot (*) the Yule Headscarf,(*) Fixed an (*) where you might (*) a visual problem.(*) Understood Issues(*) Gameplay(*) When LB+RB/ RB+LB is integrated (*) connecting throwables or (*)/ boost (*), unintended character inputs may be (*) when carrying out the actions when (*) Custom-made Keybinding Type C.(*)
Source: (*).

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