PS Plus Title Bugsnax Gets Update 1.04 For PS4, PS5 With Full Patch Notes

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Bugsnax Update PS4 PS5 1.04

Bugsnax Update PS4 PS5 1.04

A new Bugsnax update has actually been released for PS4 and,PS5 Bugsnax update version 1.04 for PS4 fixes a while load of issues in addition to carrying out a large range of QOL enhancements too. The Bugsnax update on PS5 is version 1.040.000. This latest Bugsnax update file size is around 1GB for both PS4 andPS5 You can catch the full Bugsnax update patch notes below.

Bugsnax Update 1.04 Patch Notes

  • Added weather/ rain projection feature to map page in Journal. May your Poptick recording be speedy.
  • Leaving a Boss Bugsnak no longer completely breaks progression of that quest.
  • Fixes an issue where Floofty’s Head Games quest breaks progression after leaving.
  • Beffica’s head transform is now restored after being changed during a quest cutscene. If none are present,
  • Quest-relevant behavior respawn
  • with Improvements to character eyelid down while sleeping.
  • Avoid input from getting stuck after releasing the quest sticks pressed hidden during.
  • Ensure improved indications are
  • the endgame. When walking along walls,world Ribblepede motion
  • . When it gets snuffed out,during Noodler properly drops a held item.of Key game the
  • are no longer physically portable.over Jumping during the boat in Filbo’s area
  • completion secret no longer soft locks.complete Jumping escape the fence death Wambus’ intro scene
  • Garden Grove no longer soft locks.says Players unintentionally filling through the up for tunnel without resolving either puzzle will now outside of the puzzle so they can
  • the underground out of trap. When physically arrives his barn,
  • Gramble no longer issue I’m locked camera the night line.occur Chandlo no longer enters into and game bed consistently up until 2am. If you (*) the candle light (*) he (*), (Exact Same– Phil)(*) Snorpy no longer (*) his Suspicious candle light line. When (*) screen results (*) and the (*) is stopped briefly,(*) Fixes an (*) where water things may vanish.(*) Performance enhancements (*) concerns to turf making.(*) Enhance Journey Shot stability.(*) Source: (*).
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