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Microsoft delayed Xbox Series X/S manufacturing to implement specific AMD tech

Microsoft delayed the manufacturing procedure of the latest Xbox consoles in orderto implement specific AMD tech While the Xbox Series X boasts much better specifications as compared to the PlayStation 5, both Sony and Microsoft have actually integrated Zen 2 and RDNA 2 technology in their consoles.

On paper, the Xbox Series X has an edge in terms of CPU and GPU horse power, nevertheless, preliminary standards reveal rather intriguing figures. There isn’t much of a performance distinction in between the consoles in real-world situations, while at the exact same point the PlayStation 5 boasts way quicker filling times, thanks to the remarkable SSD.

Microsoft did take a couple of vibrant decisions in order to ensure that the Xbox Series X has much betterspecifications Speaking to The Verge, Head of Xbox Phil Spencer discusses that they delayed the manufacturing of the latest console since they were “waiting for some specific AMD technology” in their chip.

This might’ve backfired considering that Sony had already began the manufacturing procedure which basically puts them behind theircompetitors Fortunately, Xbox handled to get the console all set at the exact same time as the PlayStation 5 in spite of the preliminary time lag.

Phil also discusses that while the Xbox Series X has actually controlled most of the sales for them as of now, in the longer run, the Xbox Series S can go beyond the Series X. To not a surprise, Phil mentions that the price point of the Series S is the prime reason for that. In the meantime, players are struggling to get their hands on either of the 2 consoles due to the highdemand


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