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Red Bull Solo Q Finishes with a Twist and will Return in 2021!

Red Bull Solo Q

Red Bull Solo Q is the official 1v1 League of Legends tournament to find the best specific amateur player in theworld Considering that spring, players have actually been duelling for success around the world, with 79,000+ players completing throughout more than 35 countries and 7 international online qualifiers. Furthermore, entries tripled year-over-year What started as a grassroots tournament in 2014 is now a extremely competitive international circuit that uses amateur players a chance to battle like leading League of Legends pros. Red Bull Solo Q puts a unique twist on a normal League of Legends match by pitting player against player in 1v1 battles where the player to draw “First Blood”, reach a 100-minion score, or destroy the opponent ´ s tower, wins. This year has actually seen 44 Red Bull Solo Q winners emerge triumphant around the world in national competitions and international online qualifiers.

Players would have completed in the local finals and world finals, however the global pandemic avoids the hosting of events which would reach the quality requirements these champions should have. All Red Bull Solo Q winners will receive unique player rewards this year, consisting of a one-of-a- kind medal, unique product, and other unique rewards.

As part of the collaboration with League of Legends Esports Global Events, Red Bull Solo Q Champions from choose areas will be provided the chance to compete at the League of Legends All-Star Event, a celebration of its most-loved characters and skillful pro players arranged for Dec.18-20 (see LoLesports.com for more information). Red Bull is the title sponsor of the 1v1 League of Legends competition at the 2020 All-Star Event, and Red Bull Solo Q agents in Europe, The United States And Canada, and South Korea, will have the chance to participate in 3 local competitions at the prominentevent The Red Bull 1v1 Tournament will feature a 16-person bracket, made up of pro players, veterans, and big stars from the community who will compete together with 3 Red Bull Solo Q agents. Champions who have actually emerged through the 2020 Red Bull Solo Q circuit will face off in extra online competitions to declare their area in the All-Star Event, with one area available perregion Fans can tune into the prominent event from Dec.18-20.

Red Bull Solo Q will be back for 2021, building on the framework and success of the 2020 season. This year has actually seen rising stars together with the most significant names in League of Legends, such as Eefje “Sjokz” Depoortere, the official brand name ambassador of Red Bull Solo Q, participate to create unique stories and add to the success of the event series.

Stay tuned for the return of Red Bull Solo Q in 2021 in the official Red Bull Solo Q Discord.

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