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JBL Quantum Cup – Gamers to Compete in Global Gaming Tournament!

JBL Quantum Cup

Gamers, it’s time to level-up JBL has announced a first-of- its- kind global gaming tournament that puts customers at the center of the action: TheJBL Quantum Cup JBL has actually partnered with ESL, the biggest esports organization in the world, to bring to life this cutting-edge experience.

Beginning December 11, customers will be able to view the leading names in esports face off in 3 of the most popular battle royale and shooter games: Fortnite, Valorant and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Unique from other esports competitions, customers can compete during qualifying rounds of the global Fortnite challenge for a chance to advance to the finals of the JBL Quantum Cup and play against the pros. Which isn’t the only way customers can win during thetournament While fans view the world’s best banners go head-to-head, they will have the chance to win several rewards to improve their at-home gaming set up There has actually never ever been a much better time to be a fan or a player, or both! The 3- day JBL Quantum Cup event will unite gamers from throughout the world, all contending for the championship title.


Covering 3 continents– Europe, The United States And Canada and Asia– the JBL Quantum Cup will create a unique global gaming event, including a stacked roster of shoutcasters and banners. As the official global gaming headset partner of premium way of life brand name and gaming organization 100 Burglars, audiences can catch 100 Burglars’ Valorant and Fortnite teams contending using their favorite JBL Quantum headsets for a chance at the $200,000 prize pool and the honor of being crowned a JBL Quantum Cup Champ. There will also be in- stream looks by local JBL Quantum Ambassador Vikkstar123.

“Knowing how important sound is for competitive gaming, our teams are extremely excited to partner with JBL and participate in the first-ever JBL Quantum Cup to show the top names in esports how much of an edge the JBL Quantum headsets give us in competition,” stated Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, 100 Burglars Creator and CEO. “We’re looking forward to playing alongside our fans during the stream and showing the strength of our Valorant team – led by Hiko – as well as our successful Fortnite teams.”

For customers looking for even more action, the JBL Quantum Cup will stream on the following platforms:

  • For the Regional Qualifiers and Finals:
    • Live commentary from shoutcasters Mitch “Mitchman” McBride, John “Jorosar” Sargent, Dan “Gaskin” Gaskin and Mark “Onset” Hatcher will be available on JBL’s Twitch channel
  • For the Finals:


For the ultimate competitors looking to show their skills on the global gaming phase, the JBL Quantum Cup welcomed 400 customers around the world to participate in the global Fortnite tournament, with local qualifiers kicking off on December 5 from 9 a.m.– 2 p.m. PST and on December 6 from 9 a.m.– 12 p.m. PST. As one of the most popular titles in gaming today, the global Fortnite challenge will be gotten into local qualifying rounds in Europe, The United States And Canada and Asia. This first-of- its- kind customer local qualifier will consist of 2 rounds of competition, with the leading 10 players in each region advancing to the local finals to battle with the best expert teams and influencers.

“Esports is growing faster than anyone expected, so being able to unite pro streamers with fans for the first time ever in this unique three-day tournament is a huge moment for us,” stated Ralph Santana, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at HARMAN. “With billions of people regularly tuning in to simply watch gaming tournaments, JBL is changing the game with the first competition that puts viewers at the center of the action.”


Throughout the JBL Quantum Cup, customers will have 3ways to win Customers that advance through the Fortnite local qualifier rounds the weekend of December 5 will be eligible to win from a prize pool valued at $200,000 during the JBL Quantum Cup finals and be crowned a JBL Quantum Cup Champ. JBL Quantum Cup Champions, in addition to 3rd and Second place finishers in the tournament, will take home part of the cash prize pool and a gaming prize pack including a JBL Quantum headset, JBL Quantum DUO computer speakers and a Samsung Galaxy Book Ion. Those tuning in to the stream will also have a chance to win every hour during the live Twitch broadcast to help equip them for future gaming success andmore Free gifts will consist of JBL Quantum headsets, JBL Quantum DUO computer speakers and autographed gear from 100 Burglars. Throughout the event, customers can check out JBLQuantum.com to find out more about the line-up and share why sound provides the competitive edge in gaming for the chance to win the exact same prize pack as the JBL Quantum Cup Champions.

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