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Razer has announced the next location for its global esports series with the Razer Invitational– Europe (RI-Europe), the biggest EU-based open tournament of its kind.

Driven by the substantial success of the inaugural Razer Invitational– SEA previously this year, and the enjoyment and enthusiasm for the continuous Razer Invitational– LATAM, the Razer Invitational series is continuing its trip around the world with the latest event now releasingin Europe Completing in a series of inclusive Fortnite competitions, players of every skill level, whether they are a first time amateur, a knowledgeable gamer or an experienced pro, can team up with some of the region’s most well-known star banners and compete for cash and hardware rewards.

“With the Razer Invitationals in Southeast Asia and Latin America, we brought together thousands of players from 16 countries to compete in open tournaments, which garnered tremendously enthusiastic feedback from the community,” stated Zuber Mohammed, Chief Marketing Officerfor Razer “Bringing this initiative to other regions around the world is a natural next step, and we look forward to European gamers signing up for their very own Razer Invitational. We know they are going to love the competition and the chance to sharpen their skills in a large-scale event. Who knows, maybe we’ll discover the next Bugha or Zayt!”

A significant European esports tournament for every gamer and every fan

Over the last few years, Europe has actually seen the appeal of esports grow tremendously, with the region now home to some of the best esports professional athletes on the world. With developed global teams finalizing regional players, and new teams attaining amazing success on the global phase, esports fans have actually experienced some intense and unforgettablecompetitions Today, Razer is taking esports to the next level with RI-Europe, offering players and the community a new competition set to go beyond the expectations of a standard esportstournament Players from all over Europe can sign up and compete to happily represent their squad, team, and country in a totally online, virtual event.

Keeping access as open as possible, the RI-Europe competitions will be chosen in one of the most popular battle royale games of perpetuity, Fortnite. Razer has actually chosen to support the blossoming European Fortnite community with 6 weeks of extreme competition, with weekly including a tournament for up to 5000 competitors to battle it out for cash and hardware rewards from Razer and co-sponsors, Intel, Seagate and Pringles.

The RI-Europe will kick off on December 5th with what guarantees to be a ruthlessly amusing exhibit match in between star European banners, consisting of Krench Royale, Rogalik, Rafa and numerous others. And to strengthen the ‘open to all’ nature of RI-Europe, each banner’s team will be made up of members of their community, providing their fans a chance for magnificence together with their heroes.

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