Super Bunny Man PS4, PS5 Release – Will It Happen?

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Super Bunny Man PS4, PS5 Release– Will It Occur? A nutty physics-based platformer with an appeal to extra, lots of folks have actually questioned if Super Bunny Man from developer Catobyte will release on PS4 or PS5.

Super Bunny Man PS4, PS5 Release

Currently in early access on PC, the developers behind Super Bunny Man had this to say concerning porting the game to other platforms:

“Our current plans are to get Super Bunny Man on as many platforms as possible, but this won’t be until after the final release on Steam. We want Super Bunny Man to be available to everyone, so we will do our best to get it onto consoles and other operating systems. Sorry for the wait!”

So a Super Bunny Man PS4 and PS5 might effectively take place. Enjoy this space!

What Is Super Bunny Man?

Taken from its Steam page:

The best game ever made about a person in a rabbit costume leaping through wormholes, passing through time and space on a tough journey in search of something non-particular that will leave you with extreme sensations of [INSERT FAVORITE EMOTION HERE]!

Super Bunny Man is a co-op physics-based platformer where you use rolling, leaping, and getting to get rid of challenges, Beat levels, time attacks, and find hidden carrots, all while averting spikes, stones, risks, and other challenges!

Story mode:

Play single-player, or get together with a good friend (regional or online) for some co-op mayhem! 40 tough levels throughout 4 various worlds (Forest, snow, cavern, beach, and more coming soon!)

Regional multiplayer for up to 4 players!

  • Deathmatch: Kick your friends off cliffs, drag them onto spikes, and break their necks! (Disclaimer: not suggested for stretched or delicate relationships).
  • Basketball: Choose a team, then fight to get the ball into your hoop!
  • Carrot grab: Strap on a jet pack and gather more carrots than the other team!

And more!

  • Controller assistance for up to 4 players!
  • Physics-based character and world.
  • Mind-blowing 2.5 D computer-produced visual images.
  • Expressive musical soundtrack, with grooves so addicting they have been prohibited in dance clubs worldwide.
  • Incredible dance moves.
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