All careers and professions you can find in The Sims 4

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EA’s The Sims 4 is a game where you can literally make all of your dreams come true, well, your sim’s dreams. Since its release in 2014, more and more career options have been added to the game, from extraordinary aliens to jobs that pop up close to home, such as influencers. Your sims can participate in just about anything you can in the real world, and more!

All careers and professions in The Sims 4

Additional jobs and career modes are added with new downloadable content (DLC) and add-on packs, which EA calls Expansion Packs and Game Packs.

When you purchase this additional content for the game, you not only open up new worlds to visit and live in, but also new avenues for career advancement. Bored of being a culinary master? Buy the Get Famous pack and become an actor! Finding no more muses for your paintings? Become a detective with the Get to Work add-on!

So, how many professions are currently available in the Simverse? A total of 27 with sub-categories within single jobs, as well as eight part-time jobs.

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Here’s the complete up-to-date list of jobs and careers currently available in the base game and add-on packs.

Basic professions:

Astronaut (comes with the Space Ranger Branch and the Interstellar Smuggler Branch).

Athlete (comes with the Professional Athlete Branch and the Bodybuilder Branch).

Company (comes with the Management Branch and the Investor Branch).

Criminal (comes with the Boss Branch and the Oracle Branch).

Culinary (comes with the Chef Branch and the Mixologist Branch).

Entertainer (comes with the Musician Branch and the Comedian Branch).

Freelancer (comes with the Digital Artist Branch, Programmer Branch, Writer Branch, Fashion Photographer Branch, Crafter Branch, and the Paranormal Investigator Branch).

Painter (comes with the Master of the Real Branch and the Patron of the Arts Branch).

Secret Agent (comes with the Diamond Agent Branch and the Villain Branch).

Style influencer (comes with the Trendsetter Branch and the Stylist Branch).

Tech guru (comes with the eSport Gamer branch and the Start-up Entrepreneur branch).

author (comes with the Author Branch and the Journalist Branch).

Professions in city life:

Critic (comes with the Arts Critic Branch and the Food Critic Branch).

Politician (comes with the Politician Branch and the Charity Organizer Branch).

Social media (comes with the Internet Personality Branch and the Public Relations Branch).

Discover college professions:

Education (comes with the Administrator Branch and the Professor Branch).

Engineer (comes with the Computer Engineer Branch and the Mechanical Engineer Branch).

Law (comes with the Judge and Private Attorney Department).

Eco Lifestyle Professions:

Civil Designer (comes with the Civic Planner Branch and the Green Technician Branch).

Get Famous Professions:


Get started with professions:




Occupations on the island:

Conservationist (comes with the Environmental Manager Branch and the Marine Biologist Branch).

Occupation seasons:

Gardener (comes with the Botanist Branch and the Floral Designer Branch).

Snowy Escape Professions:

Salary (comes with the Expert Branch and Supervisor Branch).

StrangerVille Occupations:

Army (comes with the Covert Operator Branch and the Officer Branch).

Part-time jobs

Basic game:



Fast Food Employee

Manual worker

Retail employee

Life on the island:




After school activities



Become famous:

Theater club

Discover the university:

eSports competitor

Soccer team player

This comprehensive list of jobs and activities will keep you and your sims busy for hours, each path with career goals and milestones, it’s challenging and fun to get through as many as possible! Without cheats of course!

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