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This week, Fornite finally brings a target to those underground bases placed in different places around the island! One of the commands you get is to scan one of these servers on these hubs. There are three different hubs (and server locations), but you only need to do one to complete the challenge!

Where can I scan a server on a Surface Hub

Since the servers are underground, we cannot pinpoint the exact location on the map. Instead, to clarify, we got opinions from the inputs to each hub, and what your view will be like as you approach the servers! Here’s the full list, from the easiest to the most challenging to find.

Hunter’s Haven

The location of the server in Hunter's Haven.

This hub is located on the western edge of Hunter’s Haven. It looks like a small building with not much going on but it actually leads to an underground section below! Entering this area through the entrance marked above left, walk down the stairs and directly opposite the middle room is the server you need to scan!

Colossal Colosseum

The location of the server in Colossal Coliseum.

This hub is disguised by a door that matches the rest of the Colosseum. Enter the Colosseum from the south entrance, turn left and jump down one level. The approximate location of one of the Colosseum’s metal doors is indicated above. This blocks your view of the stairs to this hub. When you enter, go down the stairs to reach the main room. In the small room on the top floor of this room are the servers that you can scan.

Secret stronghold

The location of the server in Stealthy Stronghold.

This hub is the hardest to find and very well hidden in the ruins of Stealthy Stronghold. If you look at the image above, you will see that we have marked the approximate location of this entrance. There is no door to the lower level. Instead, look for a broken hole in the floor that leads down. Once you go downstairs go down the stairs to the main area. Opposite the stairs is a door on the lower level of the middle room. The servers are there!

With this guide, you should be able to easily find at least one of the servers. Drop by with your team and go to the nearest team to you for some fun, fast XP!

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